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Speedwell 2016 03 16

My talk at Oxford Uni went well. Mary Perryman, Speedwell organiser reports this feedback from the audience:

- "Geoff was at his best last night. He speaks with passion, conviction and a thoroughly good knowledge of his subject matter. A first class orator." MORE

Michael Virardi

Geoff's passion, knowledge for his subject as well as his delivery when addressing audiences around the globe make him unique! His story and fact-telling move from the very first steps man has taken on this earth to today's fast-paced and technologically advance world. Within this journey Geoff makes sure that the listener understands and comprehends the do's and don'ts of healthy eating and as a true professional and a real gentleman he forces no one to follow his preachings. He merely relies on common sense which it is indeed not so common. Highly recommended!

Jim and Dana Melton

You are prolific! Although we have received your newsletter for years and have read them and enjoyed them, we have seldom commented on what a wonderful job you do in gathering this important and relevant information for our healthy lifestyles.

Believe it when we say, Geoff, that you are a true and valuable teacher. You are influencing more people than you may even realize. The work you are doing, although deaf to some, rings loudly in the ears of others…who will benefit from and share your words of wisdom.

You and Nicole have made such a positive impact in our lives and we will be forever grateful. J

Today is a fabulous day and we are so pleased that the two of you are in our lives.

Your fans, Jim and Dana

Stanimir Ivanov

Your book is fantastic! I have recommended it to many of my friends and they love it. I heard about it from my computer security podcast SecurityNow with Steve Gibson from GRC. I know, the podcast has nothing to do with nutrition, and that’s why I trust it. Now I’m trying to live very close to your guidelines that you set in your book. You sparked my curiosity in evolutionary biology and I went ahead and read ‘The Moral Animal” by Richard Wright which is another eye opener.

Thanks for your hard work! I also have your wife’s cook book which has excellent recipes that me and my family enjoy every day!  

Diane Lewis - Happy Talk Hostess, The Bridges, Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

"...Geoff, I thought your presentation was outstanding! You were impassioned, your points were so very clearly presented and your knowledge base is astounding!..." MORE

Sellin – Diabetes survivor  
I have always had a fascination with Deadly Harvest and knew there was priceless information about nutrition and how it can improve your health without the necessary need of medications. After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in November, I turned to Geoff Bond and his Deadly Harvest book as a guide to help... MORE

Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte run a weekly podcast (on computer security) at the end of which they chat about matters of general interest. Steve has just read Deadly Harvest and this is an extract of the transcript. 

... [Deadly Harvest] is a serious piece of work. He and his wife have lived among aboriginal tribes and eaten what they eat. It is massively referenced and researched. The last third of the book is the references to everything he refers to through the book. For people who haven't studied, as I have, things like evolutionary psychology, there's a whole chunk about, like, pressures that, like more than just eating, like societal and familial relationships and interpersonal relationships and how our past formed who we are today. Anyway, it's been a fantastic read. I recommend it without reservation for anyone who is curious about sort of where I've gone with my reading: "Deadly Harvest" by Geoff Bond. MORE

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Larry Jones
The work of Geoff Bond stands head and shoulders above any other work I have read on the subject of proper diet. The book is incredible well researched, and very well written. More than that it contains cutting edge information that can literally save one's life. Lose weight, gain energy, enjoy eating more, live a longer and healthier life. This one is a must read!

Steve Sellin: Diabetes Wake-up Call

November 4, 2011 was a bad day for me as I was told by my doctor that I had type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, I can get rid of it and I intend to do so. With the help of people I know and trust I have told myself that it will be easier with any help I can get. For that reason I have entrusted Geoff Bond, author of Deadly Harvest, to assist me getting over diabetes...

Lisa Brown: 

... To make this long story short, the diet worked. I’ve been pain free for weeks. For eleven years I’ve been in pain and all I had to do was fix my food intake. All I can say is read the book. Don’t skim it looking for answers, read the book for WHY you need to change your diet.

Thank you Geoff Bond for all your research and for giving me an opportunity to live pain free... FULL TEXT

Andrew Haut

... Thanks again for your excellent work. It has the potential of saving many lives and preventing or halting lots of misery. I'd like to see your message disseminated as widely as possible. I believe it is of absolutely critical importance. FULL TEXT

Samia Arroyo

... I tell everyone I know about your books and this natural way of eating. You would not believe how many people are interested in knowing all the valuable information in your books. After telling a cousin about your books, she ordered "Deadly Harvest" for herself. When a friend came to visit her and started to read it she begged my cousin to let her take it home with her. My cousin has now ordered another copy for herself and four more copies for each of her children... FULL TEXT

Richard Broome
Hello and thank you for bringing natural eating to the public!! I have dropped 12 pounds of fat and 6% body-fat since starting two weeks ago! My energy is up there too- no more mid-afternoon slumps.
Sheree Brown
By the way, I loved the book myself.  I had been going through a lot of respiratory infections over the past several years and ran a fever in Jan-Feb for about 8 weeks (as high as 104.5!)  Nothing seemed to work, including every antibiotic.  I cut out the wheat and dairy and most of the sugar (which is hard because I'm a sugar-holic) and it really seems to help.  I was faithful to the food combining for the first few weeks and lost about 15 pounds, too, but that is the hardest part for me.  I'm going to try to stick with it better.  I really believe it works.  My Mom is having a lot of health problems that I believe would be really helped by following the info in the book.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Burnett (To TV show host Dr Rita Stec who had Geoff Bond as a guest)
Dear Dr. Stec,
How refreshing to hear about a health issue, that is not only well thought of by many, but presented by such a knowledgeable gentleman. Mr. Bond's straightforward approach to what he strongly believes to be true was very interesting and informative.   It is rare these days, when someone can speak their minds, based on well thought out research and make it palatable to an audience.

You too, must be commended for have the foresight to present issues that bring other views to the table.  My husband and I hope you continue these wonderful interviews and that you will bring Mr. Bond back to speak on other areas of his expertise. Please be sure your interviews are well publicized, we wouldn't want to miss them. Thank you again, for your terrific show.

Sue Dyrness
Back in February I came across a book called "Natural Eating" and found that of all the various books and theories I have read, this one intuitively made the most sense to me. Since that time I have adopted many of the principles put forth in Geoff's book and have lost 11 lbs., while having more energy and a greater sense of well being than I've had in a long time. I'm so convinced that his theories on nutrition are the right ones, I've been spreading the word to many of my friends and family. The best is that this isn't a "diet" but a change in the way I approach food. As such I feel strongly that this will be a permanent change in my life.
Seth Foley
I love the method.  Since I have started following it (and I'm not following all of the rules perfect yet)my face has cleared up and I am less hungry enabling me to eat less in general.   I'm not obese, but I have lost about 5 pounds in 2 weeks. I ordered 2 sets for my dad or for anyone of my friends who might become interested in the plan.
Donald Groneberg
My 68-year old body seems to enjoy the emphasis on fruits and vegetables and I haven't really missed the red meat that Joyce and I have cut out.  In any case, Dr. Brown likes the results:  I've taken 80 points off of my cholesterol and 20 pounds off my weight in the 5 months since he told me to read Natural Eating.
Virginia Hanson
Ron was very impressed with your lecture and lost 10 lbs. so quickly that I begged him to eat more.  He did not need to lose any.  I however had lost some weight starting January 1, before we heard about your book.  It took me a little time to accept it.  I was sure I could not live on fruit only  until noon because I would treadmill for an hour each morning and pump iron every other day.   While we were still in the desert we had our cholesterol checked and sugar checked.  My cholesterol  dropped 40 points from June of 2002.  I had a colonoscopy in March which showed no problems at all compared with 2 years earlier, when I had a sigmoidoscopy, which showed, hemroids and diverticulosis.  Oh, and by the way, I have lost 16 lbs. and plan to keep going.
Daniel Hazlett
I love "Natural Eating".  I picked it up by chance on vacation in Florida and it makes perfect sense to me.  After only two weeks, my body feels great and my love handles which have plagued me for years are starting to disappear.  Not only that, but my energy level has evened out during the day.  It feels wonderful not to feel like I need a nap every afternoon.  I ordered another copy because I gave mine to my parents who desperately need the information.  Even if they just change a few aspects of their eating it will be worth it.  I can't wait to get the rest of your products.
Russell Higdon
How did I hear about Natural eating?
I was at a public pool sitting it the jacuzzi when I noticed a very lean muscular, not big, guy in the jacuzzi. I thought to myself "I wonder what that guy eats?" because it obviously was working. Later in the change room I overheard this guy talking to someone about nutrition and how he wished his sisters would change to this method of eating. As he got up to leave I had to stop him and ask the question. He told me about the book Natural Eating. I committed it to memory and went home to the internet to check it out. I ordered the book, and now 1/2 way through have decided to buy the manual and cook book. My first motivation was rather vain, but now I am looking forward to all the healthy benefits once I get started. (Review on
This book has totally changed my views on eating and I am so glad I happened apon it. I read the book and went hard-core from the start.In the two weeks since I have began the 'diet' I have lost 12 pounds and 6% body fat, while my energy level has shot up dramatically. NO MORE MID-AFTERNOON, DEAD TIRED FEELING!!! Also a point of interest is that I lost this amount of fat without any real cardio workout(which I must begin). All I do for a workout is Yoga. This book is outstanding in all aspects and ties together health, fitness and well-being. Great stuff!!  
Kirsty Lloyd
I happened to come across the book at Barnes and Noble and was hooked on it as soon as I opened it. I had often thought about many of the guidelines for proper (genetic) nutrition in the book, but it gave me factual and scientific justification for following those ideas. It's just amazing how much society can influence our views of what is acceptable, regarding all aspects of life - not just eating. So, I think it is a great book, and I haven't seen anything that compares. I've been telling all my friends and family about it and ordered the four copies to give to those closest to me. I know many more people who are interested in reading it.

 I just like the book so much that I want to buy it for everyone I care about, but I know that some people would become "defensive" because it is such a radical way of thinking relative to what we all have been taught by culture. But I guess we could just think of this phenomenon as type of natural selection: those who are not strong enough to open their minds to new ideas (well, old ideas) will suffer the consequences of bad health. It's a shame though, since we waste so many resources on healthcare that could be avoided by proper nutrition.

I came to see you last Nov with some digestion/sugar level/painful swollen small bowel/ problems.  You took me off wheat and changed my diet and I took the Bond effect Natural eating book.  I have been meaning to contact you for ages to let you know how things progressed but have been terribly busy.

I left you and immediately adopted the new regimen.  Within a couple of days I already started to feel better and I was quite astonished.  Very quickly I felt like a different person and I have not looked back since.  I was about nine and half stone when I came to see you and am now eight stone five (don't want to loose any more though) and although I wasn't concerned about my weight I do love being lighter.

I feel fantastic and have no sugars level problems, the bowel issue is virtually gone and isn't painful anyway.  I was always a keen gym person and worried I won't have the energy without my pasta, bread., pots etc, but in fact the reverse has happened and I am totally energised and building on my fitness more and more. Just wanted to let you know and extend my sincere thanks for your advice and help which has helped me enormously and put me back in shape!

Lynn Borg Mavrakis
The lecture was wonderful! I came home so excited that I sat up and read the book until midnight. Everything makes so much sense. I intend to become a convert, which shouldn’t be too difficult as I already consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables. My grain consumption is WAY too high, however; I’m sure that that accounts at least in part for my mid-to-late-afternoon “crash”.

I feel that Geoff has opened a door to an exciting new way of life, and I can’t wait to embrace it. Thank you both so much!

June Mohns
We started following Natural Eating after I researched ways to help my husband's recently diagnosed high blood pressure. It was 168/110. We did not want him to start on medicine, because here in the US, once you start on that medicine there is no doctor that wants to take the 'risk' of taking a person off of the medicine. So I did a lot of reading and we talked to the doctor about delaying the start of the medicine for a month while we tried another approach.

When my husband returned to the doctor, 3 weeks later, his blood pressure was 118/95 and he's dropped 19 pounds (probably a lot of water.) The doctor could not believe the improvement, and my husband told him what we were doing... The doctor then suggested a low cholesterol diet. (Why didn't he do this instead of the medicine, at the beginning if it's an effective eating approach to health management, we wondered.)

In any case, we he returned (after 6 weeks of Natural Eating), his blood pressure is now at 110/90 - absolutely ideal for a man of 56 years. Since then, we have helped our niece and her family start applying the eating style, as well as my brother. In any case, we've bought several books among us!

Charles Smith
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book. I totally agree with much of the things you talk about. Since being diagnosed with epilepsy 6 years ago I have been searching for a cure to my disorder. I have come to believe the most important thing we can do for our health is to watch what we eat. 

I just can't believe how little the medical community pays attention to our diets. Neither my doctor or neurologist has asked me one question about what I eat. I left a five star review for your book (on and now preach to others to wake up to what we are doing to ourselves. 

We've become a race of food junkies. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into sharing your work with everyone by writing your book.

Joely Manes
I have to tell you, that I feel so lucky to have found this book! I loved reading this book and it really hit home with me. I am a lacto-ovo-vegetarian and I hadn't been feeling all that well and knew that it had everything to do with my eating habits. Too many processed foods and a very large sweet tooth. I am also overweight. It amazed me how I happened to find this book at just the right time!



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