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Steve Gibson

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Geoff Bond

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Healthy Harvest Information Page

Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte run a weekly podcast (on computer security) at the end of which they chat about matters of general interest. Steve has just read Deadly Harvest and this is an extract of the transcript.

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Steve: ... So I do, however, have a book recommendation.

Leo: Oh, good.

Steve: I'm at the end of this book. I am so impressed by this book. It's funny, too, because as I was reading it - and this is the one I've mentioned a couple times that was about nutritional anthropology, essentially - I was thinking, wow, I hate the title of this book because it's just not serious enough. And I was telling people, in fact I may have mentioned it to you on the podcast, that I would imagine that, when this book was first written, the author, whose name is Geoff Bond - actually his middle name is James, so Geoff James Bond. He is from the U.K., but it's G-e-o-f-f Bond. I could imagine that, when he submitted his galleys to the publisher, it was probably titled "Nutritional Anthropology" or "Applied Practical Nutritional Anthropology" or something, and the publisher said, uh-huh, yeah, well, we'll never sell it if that's what we call it”. What's funny is that this is his second book. And I did find his first book, which is titled "Natural Eating," and then the subtitle is "Nutritional Anthropology: Eating in Harmony with Our Genetic Programming."

Leo: Oh, see, this is the new thing everybody's talking about.

Steve: Well, and frankly, I'm now self-conscious about ever having mentioned Gary Taubes because I ran across a quote from him about what he eats, and it's like, oh, boy, that's nothing that I'm able to endorse from all the research I've done. Anyway, the book is unfortunately titled "Deadly Harvest."

Leo: Oh, dear.

Steve: Which is, I know, which is meant to sell copies.

Leo: Absolutely, yeah.

Steve: But it is a serious piece of work. He and his wife have lived among aboriginal tribes and eaten what they eat. It is massively referenced and researched. The last third of the book is the references to everything he refers to through the book. For people who haven't studied, as I have, things like evolutionary psychology, there's a whole chunk about, like, pressures that, like more than just eating, like societal and familial relationships and interpersonal relationships and how our past formed who we are today. Anyway, it's been a fantastic read. I recommend it without reservation for anyone who is curious about sort of where I've gone with my reading: "Deadly Harvest" by Geoff Bond.

Leo: I've ordered it, yeah.

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