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Deadly Harvest Kindle edition is currently ranked number one in Amazon's 'Preventive Medicine' category. See it here: 

"This book is the "Bible" of optimal human nutrition. I'm a medical doctor, and find Geoff Bond's research the best I've ever read on human nutrition. His recommendations have guided me, as well as my patients, to better health & wellness." - Rita J. Stec, MD

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"Author Geoff Bond is a nutritional anthropologist who has for years investigated the diets and lifestyle of our Pleistocene ancestors. 

"Using the latest scientific research and studies of primitive tribal lifestyles, Bond describes this ancient lifestyle and the discovery that we are still living in bodies designed for that far off time. 

"Our biochemistry, our digestive system, our biology and even our mentality has not changed since then, and the mismatch with the way we live today is making us stressed and sick.

"Bond then describes how this mismatch leads to what he calls the ‘self-inflicted’ diseases of civilization such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, allergies, arthritis, obesity, and more. 

"Most important, in Deadly Harvest, Bond offers the blueprint to avoid these diseases, and even beat them back."



Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte run a weekly podcast (on computer security) at the end of which they chat about matters of general interest. Steve has just read Deadly Harvest and this is an extract of the transcript:

... [Deadly Harvest] is a serious piece of work. He and his wife have lived among aboriginal tribes and eaten what they eat. It is massively referenced and researched. The last third of the book is the references to everything he refers to through the book. For people who haven't studied, as I have, things like evolutionary psychology, there's a whole chunk about, like, pressures that, like more than just eating, like societal and familial relationships and interpersonal relationships and how our past formed who we are today. Anyway, it's been a fantastic read. I recommend it without reservation for anyone who is curious about sort of where I've gone with my reading: "Deadly Harvest" by Geoff Bond. MORE



Arnold Sarnel
Your book has been a turning point in my life!  I have been studying health and physical fitness' for thirty years.  I did marathons and still go to the gym and have my normal weight, but your lecture and book COMPLETELY changed my mind and life.  It was a blessing going to your lecture.

Andy Ramsden
Thanks for writing the book, a great read. It feels right, and for that reason alone it stands alone in the industry. For a long time I have felt that anything unnatural, any short cuts, have to be wrong. Weight Watchers, calorie counting, SlimFast drinks, ready meals, food to go - they all feel innately wrong. I enjoyed what Patrick Holford had to say except for the vitamin supplements and Natural Eating has helped me to believe my 'hunch' is actually correct and based on sound logic.  

Teresa Buckley
I cannot emphasise enough what a god-send your 'diet' is for me.  After many years of searching I feel I've finally found 'home'!  I feel really wonderful after only about 10 days of being on it, in addition to being back to my normal weight.

Damian Archbold
I was receiving radiation treatment for a recent bout of cancer.  Geoff's book has been a wonder for me.  I was not sick through one day of the 36 radiation treatments I had and am now back running and attending yoga only two weeks after the end of treatment.  The doctors could not believe the energy level I sustained throughout my treatment.  I attribute this to the change in diet recommended in Geoff’s book.


Rita J. Stec, MD, Director, Women's Wellness.
I am deeply indebted to Geoff Bond for teaching me the correct way to approach nutrition.  His research and keen insights from the anthropological perspective show clearly the connection between how the human body is genetically programmed and the disease consequences of inappropriate eating.
I applaud his courage and his commitment to science that takes us past the misinformation perpetuated by the dairy, beef, fast food, sugar and cereal industries, as well as our own federal government.
This book is a 'must read' for anyone interested in decreasing their risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer." 


Caroline Mansfield, ND, Director, The Naturopathic Clinic, London
Your work is light years ahead of the nutritional hype and the celebrity “experts” of today’s media. I know that your book will one day be the ultimate bible for health --  and the current dietary advice and fads will be viewed as ridiculous and absurd.
One day your work will receive the recognition it deserves: by the educational institutions around the world... to be used in the curriculum for schools, colleges and universities... .that's where your work belongs.”


Dr Gunter Noll, Authority on wild plants as food.
Millions of years of human evolution have formed our roots; they still determine our bodies, our psyches and our social requirements. However, much of the way we live today, cuts us off from our roots.
As Geoff Bond points out in his  new, fascinating and meticulously researched book there are  ways to respect these roots -- and to satisfy our still-present Stone Age needs -- even in the jungle of modern life. In this way we rediscover our capacity for maximum physical and mental health.
It would be highly desirable for growers of plants, breeders of livestock -- and the food industry as a  whole -- to start thinking along similar evolutionary  terms. Something which they have neglected for the past 15 000 years!
In commerce-driven societies like ours, producers supply what sells. It is up to us as consumers -- suitably armed with the insights found in Geoff Bond’s book -- to change “what sells”.




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