The Bond Effect
The science and art of living the way nature intended
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Paleo in a Nutshell

A simplified handbook to living the way Nature intended. An updated and simplified version of Deadly Harvest. $15.95

Deadly Harvest Cover.jpg (293631 bytes) Deadly Harvest
The original 'Bible' to living and eating the way nature intended. Now a popular book with Paleo enthusiasts.
Paleo-Harvest-72x72.JPG (295698 bytes) Paleo Harvest
Nicole's long awaited new cookbook. The companion to Geoff's new book, Deadly Harvest. Over 170 tasty recipes in accordance with the Bond Effect (Paleo) precepts.
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Bond Briefing Subscription

One issue a month for 12 months. Plus access the PRIVATE archive of preceding Briefings.

The Briefing takes no advertising and so we are free to give an honest, straight-from-the-shoulder, Bond Effect viewpoint. It typically contains packed pages of hints, tips, health updates, food/disease connections, readers’ questions and answers, recipes, the Bond Effect view of breaking news, marketing campaigns de-bunked, and much more.

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