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The Bond Effect
The science and art of living the way nature intended

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Geoff Bond
Evolutionary Lifestyle Anthropologist

Witty and fascinating speaker for CME lectures, seminars, TV, radio, etc. See our speaker page.

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A simple hand book to living and eating the way Nature intended

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Also  E-book!

Kindle Edition
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Deadly Harvest Cover.jpg (293631 bytes) The Bible to Paleo Lifestyle

ALSO: remastered
Kindle Edition

  Geoff's first book, Edition II. Info:

Kindle Edition!
  The original 32 page Guide. Free online:
Natural Eating in a Nutshell

For millions of years our bodies were basically in equilibrium with their environment. In the space of only 400 generations (an eye-blink on the evolutionary scale) our lifestyle patterns have changed out of all recognition! Yet our bodies -- and mentalities -- are still the same as they were when our ancestors were tropical creatures browsing the savannahs of East Africa...


Live in harmony with the way our bodies were designed - and find:


Life and Vitality
High Powered Immune System
Cancer Control
Weight Control
Degenerative Disease Banished

The Bond Effect means living in harmony with the way nature designed our bodies and our minds. Its fusion of healthy eating with healthy thinking could not be more important, dealing with the absolute fundamentals of human nature. It feels good to know at last that you have a coherent and focused road map for humbug-free bodily nutrition. It is a relief to be clear about where you have to go, and you’ll feel better about yourself for taking control of your destiny.

In the Bond Effect you will find the secret to what it means to be a human being living in close connection with our natural lifestyle. Everyone can use these ideas to enhance their image, inside and out. It contains the easy-to-learn skills of how to harmonize your eating with human genetic programming. We can make adjustments to our ways of eating, our ways of thinking, and our lifestyle so that they coincide as closely as possible with our inherited natural traits: they are the key to a healthy and harmonious life.

Recent Unsolicited Testimonials
"Your work is light years ahead of all the nutrition hype and celebrity experts that we are faced with via the media today. I know that your book will one day be the ultimate bible for health and all the current dietary advice and fads will be looked upon as ridiculous and absurd. One day your work will receive the recognition it deserves by the educational institutions around the be used in the curriculum for schools, colleges and universities....that's where your work belongs.”
Caroline Mansfield N.D., Director, The Naturopathic Clinic, London”

"At last, we finally have a manual for Life! The Bond Effect is an outstanding combination of natural eating and healthy thinking. How could something so simple go unnoticed for so long? These ideas can literally change your life - and the beauty of it is, the methods presented will begin to work instantly! Everyone can use these ideas to enhance their image -inside and out."
Dr. James Melton, California, USA."

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