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Socio-economic Policy: Economics for Human Thriving - Sickness of conventional economics. Evolutionary Fats: Omega-3 Good for Bipolar. News Short: Salt affects Brain. Search for Understanding: Autism Wars Stifling Research. Quote: Healthy Longevity (Carrel). Food Ideas: Our Yuletide Dinner. Quick Recipe: Coconut Whipped Cream. News Shorts: Active Brain Nixes Alzheimer’s; Key Mental Gains with Age; KFC can wreak Havoc; Society Well-being Measurement; ‘Ghosting Linked to ‘Dark Triad’; Brain Basis of Psychopathy; Low GI slows Tumors. Did you Know? Fast Metabolism, Shorter Life?



Food Policy: Futuristic Fresh Food Farming; Autism/Mercury Connection. News Shorts: Meat Substitutes Revisited; Vitamin C Norms too low. Our Genetic Heritage: Book Review – The Genetic Lottery part II. Hints & Tips: Filling Half of Kid’s Plates with Plant Food helps Intake; Teeth & Gum Health Revisited. News Shorts: High-processed foods harm Memory, Omega-3 helps; Low Protein – more Dementia; Small Gut Flora & Ageing; Covid Jabs – Lower Death Rate. Did You Know? Branding the Generations.



Our Genetic Heritage: Book Review – the Genetic Lottery. Part I. Q of Month: Winter, Sunshine Starvation & Vitamin D Supplements. News Shorts: Antibiotics in early life affect baby’s brain development. Q&A: Is Venison OK? Sunlight in Winter. News Shorts: Mom’s Gut-bugs Influence Fetus’ Immune Development; Waxing Moon Disturbs Men’s Sleep; Latest Links- Vitamin D Deficiency & Disease; Omega‑3 helps beat Bipolar. Human Behavior: Workplace – Gender Differences; Kinship Triggers Altruistic Behavior. Hints: 7,000 Steps a day “Good Enough”; Inflammation caused by Obesity promotes Hair-loss.



Ancestral Physical Activity: Book – The Lost Art of Running. Quote: Doctoring – Science or Art? Recipe: Peach Clafoutis. Human Behaviour: Population will Decline due to Stress of Overcrowding? Q&A: Protein – Adequate Intake? News Shorts: Frequent Ejaculation avoids Prostate Cancer; Vitamin K for Heart Health; Ketogenic Diet’s Downside; Baobab Fruit becomes Plentiful? Soybean oil harms metabolic & Cognitive processes. Hints: Migraine Remedy – Fish oil; Meat substitute & Real Meat not Nutritionally Equivalent; Body-clock & Healthy Fat Cells.

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