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JULY 2021

Human Behaviour: Origins of Religions. Letter: Plant Food – Starting Young. Human Dimorphism: Size & Shape of Sexes Unchanged. Buyer Beware: Overconfident False-news Victims. Spreading the Word: Anna Taute. News Shorts: Early Obesity ups Dementia; “Psycho-biotics” & Mood; Afternoon Napping Boosts Brain; Red Seaweed Fights Cancer; Psoriasis – Sugar & Fat link; Leafy Greens lower CVD risk; Omega-3 DHA poisons Tumors; Fasting Undermines Gut Bugs; Calories on Food Labels; Unreplicatable Studies. Ancestral Microbiome: Ancient Gut Bug Insights.


JUNE 2021

Letter: Cruciferous Overload – Dave Parrish. Briefing: Limits to Protein Intake. Ancestral Food Fetishes: Food Taboos. Food Ideas: Send us your Recipes! News Shorts: Check your Risk of Dementia; Forager Lifestyle slows Brain Ageing; skin enzymes quench Eczema. Human Behavior: Assassinating Bullies. Hints: Morning Protein Builds Muscle; Lifestyle to Reverse Ageing. Ancestral Physical Activity: High Intensity Aerobic Exercise.


MAY 2021

Q&A: Vitamin Supplements. News Shorts: Neurologist with Alzheimer’s. Did you Know? High Intake Lean Protein Sickness. Q&A: Eat Glucosamine to make Glucosamine? News Shorts: Mushrooms lower Cancer Risk. Human Behaviour: Monogamy & Partner Scarcity. Briefing II: Sunscreen – Unintended Consequences II. Ancestral Physical Activity: Modern Inactivity. Health Policy: USDA Dietary Guidelines 2020.

APRIL 2021

Briefing: Sunscreen – Unintended Consequences. Resources: Darwin’s ‘Descent of Man’ 150th Anniversary. By the Way: Prince Philip’s Cause of Death. News Shorts: Eczema – Restoring Skin Microbiome. Evolutionary Physical Activity: How Geoff stays Paleo-fit III. News Shorts: Stair-less Homes less Healthy; Parental Burnout in the West; Covid worse if Gut-health Poor; Low Glycemic peas?; Childhood diet has lifelong Impact. Ancestral Physical Activity: Persistent Hunting (Daniel Lieberman). Did You know?: Huge Virus load in our guts.

MARCH 2021

Letter: Harris – Getting Kids Fitter. News Shorts: Med Diet linked to Better Thinking in older age. Q of Month: “Holy-fat” Energy Snacks. News Shorts: Male/Female Wayfinding Update. Evolutionary Physical Activity: How Geoff stays Paleo-fit II. News Shorts: High Fructose Intake Depresses Immune System; Gut worms – Anti-ageing Therapy? Personality & Lifespan; Outdoor Working, lower Breast Cancer; Fruit & Vegetable Protocol for Maximum Lifespan. Back to our Roots: Arabian Sands – Thesiger VII – End of a World. By the way: Climate Change & Megafauna Extinction.



Evolutionary Physical Activity: Paleo-fitness today; How Geoff stays Paleo-fit. Q of Month: Coconut fat for Alzheimer’s? Quote: Dr Willliam Osler. Food Ideas: Artichoke & Broccoli Frittata. Q&A: Monk Fruit. News Shorts: Mediterranean Diet decreases risk of Prostate Cancer; Language adapted to soft diet; Lo-carb Diet/Diabetes II Remission; Vegan Diet in Young Children. Briefing: Erythritol and other Polyols. Back to our Roots: Arabian Sands – Thesiger VI – Fatalism. The Long View: When the Earth was Warmer.


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