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Ancestral Habits: “Sleep Divorce” for Healthy Sleep. Our Physical Heritage: Daniel Lieberman Quotes. Q of Month: Eating Banana Skins. In the News: Coastal Living aids Mental Health. Spreading the Word: ARTZT Public Lecture.  Q&A: Pegan Diet. Book Review Part III – Stonewylde Novels. Ancestral Biology: Constipation Part I. Daylight Saving Time – Long Term Brain Damage; High Blood Sugar Mutates DNA. News Flashes: Infant Gluten & Type 1 Diabetes. Ketogenic Diet Worsens Psoriasis. Deep Sleep Requires Anxious Brain. Climate Watch: Breast Feed to save the Planet? Hints: Before-breakfast work-out burns more fat. Spreading the Word: Lecture – Oxford University.



Bond-Paleo Health: Nicole – Good Lung Function Lessons. News Flash: High-salt Diet & Alzheimer’s. Our Human Homeland: Human Origin near Zambezi? Climate Watch: Population Pollution & Contraception. Question of Month: Secret to Strong Bones with Age. Book Review (part II): Stonewylde Novels. News Flashes: Melatonin Disruption, Free Radicals & Inflammation; Low Acid Diet slows Ageing. Overweight Young – Cancer Later. Our Physical Heritage: Climate Instability is the Norm. Spreading the Word. Lectures & Course



Bond-Paleo Health: Geoff – “Bones of an Ox”. Hints: “A can of Sardines a day keeps the Doctor away”. Faddish Eating: Blinded by diet of Bread & Fries. News Flash: Sedentary Humans have Chimp-like Hearts. Book Review (1): Stonewylde Novels. Q&A: Palm Oil Shortening; Allulose Sweetener. News Flashes: Tea Improves Brain Health; Mouthwash Drawbacks; Mushrooms lower Prostate Cancer Risk. Our Physical Heritage: From Strong Backs to Back Pain. Health Policy: “Rewilding your Kids”. Lectures.: ARTZT Feb 1st 2020.



Bond-Paleo Health: Nicole’s Omega-3/Omega-6 Healthy Status. News Flashes: Choline Deficiency Crisis? Climate Watch: Carbon Footprint of Obesity. News Flash: Gut Bacteria to Reverse Food Allergy. Food Ideas: Spicy (Zaatar) Wafers. News Flashes: Low Choline – Cognitive Decline; CV Health needs Intense Light, Our Physical Heritage: From Fructivore to Omnivore. News Shorts: World Population Doomed to Rise. Health Policy: Over-aggressive Medical Intervention. Public Lecture: Feb 1, 2020, The Paleolithic lifestyle for optimum health and fitness, ARTZ Symposium, Montabaur Castle, Frankfurt, Germany.



Bond-paleo Health: Bowled over! Nicole’s Blood-work. Evolutionary Misfit: Fat Mom – Childhood Leukemia. Paleo-conforming Restaurant: Chris Burt – Paleo Chef. Primal Brain Wiring: Non-individuation of Out-group Faces. Our Food Supply: Quorn Protein better than Milk Protein to build Muscles. Human Behavior: Maternal Instinct is Female. News Flash: Chilies Linked to Dementia. Our Savanna-bred Psyches: Grandmother Therapy – Zimbabwe’s ‘Friendship Benches’. Our Physical Heritage: Barefoot Running. Q&A: Tomato best Cooked. Hints: Fish Roe best for Omega-3; Evening Bath for better Sleep. Spreading the Word.


JULY 2019

Q of Month: Regularity of Omega-3 Intake? Our Restless Climate - The Good News: Squid Thrive with Climate Change; Siberia – New ‘Garden State’. Evolutionary Physical Activity: Older women  10,000 steps per day not needed. Evolutionary Bio­chem­istry: Omega-6 bad for Pregnancy. Q&A: All about Whitebait; Fluoride – Update? More about Carbohydrates. News Flashes: Dawn-to-Sunset Fasting; Forceful Chewing Stimulates Bone-building Cells; Statins Increase Diabetes Risk; Avocados as ‘Carb’ Replacement can Suppress Hunger. Our Savanna-bred Biology: Obesity – Ancient Anti-starvation trick gone wrong. Our Food Supply: Battery Hens – Sunshine Starvation .


JUNE 2019

Q of Month: Human Species Brain Shrinkage. News Flashes: Food Whitener E171 – Gut Attack. Reinventing the Wheel: Hunter-gatherer life is easier. Quote: Food as Medicine. Q&A: A2 Milk. Ancestral Sleeping Patterns: Sleeping-in doesn’t Mitigate Sleep Deficit. News Flashes: Mother-to-be Benefits Offspring by Replacing Steak with Fish; Exercise is Psychiatrist’s Primary Prescription; The Problem with Sunscreen. From the Labs: Number of Starch Digestion Genes makes a Difference. Health Policy: Prioritizing the Important things in Life. Spreading the Word.


MAY 2019

Conference Report: Chronic Sugar Intake Harms Cognition and Behavior. Hints: Eggs for Breakfast control Blood Sugar for the Day. Recipe: Cinnamon & Ginger Cake. Health Policy: “Crowd-Sourced Lies, Fake Experts, and Misleading Leaders”. Q&A: Constipation & Parkinson’s; Tagatose Sugar – New Kid. Ancestral Sleeping Patterns: Sleep in the Workplace; Later School Start Times. News Flashes: Autism – Fecal Transplant Works; Glucose Damages Arteries; Red Meat Intake Generates Heart Disease Molecule “TMAO”. Health Policy: Docs – Poor Nutritional Training. .Spreading the Word: Lecture – ARTZ Symposium .


APRIL 2019

Ancestral Social Dynamics: Seven Universal Moral Rules; “Shame” Basic to Human Biology. Ancestral Sleeping Patterns: Immature Adolescent Brain Wiring. Ancestral Child Development: The Science & Art of Mothering. Q&A: Fasting & Dysfunctional Sleep; Blue Light Blocking Glasses; Konjac Flour Noodles. News Flashes: Lifestyle causes 80% of Cancers; Flour Main Cause of Work Asthma; Mushrooms Reduce Cognitive Decline; Choline Fights Alzheimer’s. Hints: Teas: Maximizing Antioxidants. Ancient Bacterial Friends: Bacterial General Cleaner; Mars Mission – Astronaut Gut Bugs. Conference Report: Medicine Man Magic Cures. Advance Notice: Lecture ARTZ.


MARCH 2019

Recipe: Strawberry Mock Cheesecake. Unintended Consequences: Antibiotics Weaken Bones. Q&A: Decaffeinated Coffee. Ancestral Health: Forager Blood Pressure low at any age. Ancestral Human Behavior: Well-being: social fabric more important than economic factors. Quick Hint: High Protein diet to lose weight. Q&A: Purfefit Keto Capsules. Health Policy. Compulsory Waist Measurement for Japanese. News Flashes: Lose Weight by Replacing Starches & Sugars by an equal calorie intake of Plant Food; Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) & Breast Cancer Harms; Breast Milk, Baby Saliva Synergy. Unintended Consequences: Probiotics no help. Ancestral Sleeping Patterns: Siestas for Health.



Food Ideas: Tuscan Baked Cod. Quackery Watch: Dr Oz Rated Pseudo-science. Spreading the Word: Book-signing: Paleo in a Nutshell. Human Behavior: Children seek their In-group. Hints: Short Bouts of Stair-climbing are Healthful. Recipe: Tuscan Baked Cod. Q&A: Bragg’s Aminos vs Soy Sauce.; Chemicals in Personal Care Products; Serrapeptase Supplement; Metabolic Changes with 50 hour Fast. Myth Busting: Goat’s Milk & Cheese; Ghee (Clarified Butter). News Flashes: 24-hour Fast Suppresses Body Clocks; Sleep Deprivation Clogs Brains. Ancestral Sleeping Patterns: Daylight Savings & Heart Attacks. Spreading the Word: Talk in Oxford; Video Clips.



Fad Diet Watch: Vegan Diet – Baby gets Rickets. Ancestral Sleeping Patterns: What does Sleep Do? Deficiency Link with Alzheimer’s. Debunk of the Month: “Butter is a Health Food”. Human Behavior: Hierarchy, Structure & Personal Responsibility for Mental Health. Q&A: CO2 (Fizz) in Sodas – Harmful? [Alzheimer’s] Is Alzheimer’s an Autoimmune Disease? Unintended Consequences: Role of Womb in Memory. News Flash: Infant Girl Soy Feeding – Severe Menstrual Pain in Adulthood. Human Behavior: Stereotyping - Judging Personality from Body Shape. Spreading the Word: Book Signing of Paleo in a Nutshell in Anaheim, CA; Illustrated Talk, Green Templeton College, Oxford University.



Today’s Food Supply: Steps in the right Direction. Obesity Watch – USA. Ideas for Party Nibbles: Avocado Stuffed Egg. News Flashes: Fatty Fish fight Asthma. From the Labs: Mom’s gut bugs- Child Autism; Mediterranean diet fights AMD. Recipe Feedback: New adherents Bake Paleo. Q&A: Diet Coke Mischiefs. Health-span: Poor Outlook for UK Health-spans. News Snippets: Short, Intense Activity Benefits Cell Mitochondria; Obesity is shifting Cancer to young Adults; Exercise Improves Gut Microbes. Ideas for Party Nibbles: Simple Smorgasbord. Health Policy: Life Expectancy is falling in Rich Countries – part II. Nature Trumps Nurture: Genes – Key to academic success. Ideas for Party Nibbles: Cod-liver pâté Paleo Bread. Spreading the Word. Video: Commute through nature for your mental health.



Seasonal Dish: Ugg Paleo Christmas Pudding. Jungle Lore: Artificial Sweeteners Toxic to Good Gut Bugs. Evolutionary Physical Activity: When Fathers, Children are Healthier. Evolutionary Mental Harmony: Commute through Natural Environments for Mental Health. News Snippets: Marine Omega-3 – Healthy Ageing. Muscle-mass should be Vital Sign. Quote: Studies of Studies – Achilles Heel. Q&A: Organic Foods fight Cancer? High Oleic Sunflower Oil. News Snippets: Viruses kill Gut Motility Neurons; Life Expectancy falling in Rich Countries; Fish Oils, Probiotics in Pregnancy reduce Childhood Allergies; Living in Foreign Cultures Clarifies sense of self; Low Sunlight/OCD Link; Osteo-arthritis as a Lifestyle Disease; Book Review - part 2: Blueprint by Robert Plomin. Spreading the Word: Video on Blueprint; Advance Notice: Book Signing - Anaheim; Talk - Oxford.



Fake News Headlines: “Low-carb diet linked to early death”. Book Review part 1: Blueprint by Robert Plomin. Resources: Yuletide Gift Ideas; Rich Christmas Cake. Recipe: Apricot Bliss Balls. Q&A: Is Maca an Aphrodisiac? From the Labs: New Sunshine Effect on Brain; Gluten in Pregnancy linked to Diabetes Type 1 in Offspring; Dietary reduces Brain Inflammation; Probiotics Upset Colon Health. Evolutionary Behavior: Forager Sharing. Viewpoint: Nature rolling back Nurture. Plaudits: Diane Lewis; Margot Woodman. Spreading the Word: YouTube Videos – Population Studies; Mouth Flora not all bad.



Letter: Ageing Muscles – Hard to Build, Easy to Lose. Scientific Credibility: Population Studies - Finding the specks of Gold in the Mass of Dross. Insight: Gut-bugs are a Hormone Factory.  Ancestral Diet: Cricket Meal Helps Gut Health. Hints: Salmon Species – Fish-oil Content; Beware Restaurant Muzak; Infant Allergy Triggers. From the Labs: Mushrooms control Glucose; Calorie Restriction Nixes Degenerative Diseases; Egg Choline Builds Baby Brains. Viewpoint: Paleo-conforming Physical Activity. Food Security: Weed-killer in Granola, Crackers. Spreading the Word: YouTube Videos



Our Roots in Nature: Green-space Deficit Disorders. Ancestral Physical Activity: Run to Stay Young. Recipe: Damson Plum Tart. Human Social Dynamics: Attractiveness – Women’s/Men’s Engagement Ring Strategies.  Q&A: Paleo Halts Cognitive Decline; Coconut Oil – Poison? News Shorts: Antioxidant Deficit link to Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD); Sunlight, not Vitamin D, Protects Brain Health; Hand Designed for Bone-breaking. Ancestral Hard Wiring: Men/Women Navigate Differently. Hints & Tips: Salmon & Tuna Fish Oil Review.


JULY 2018

Health Policy: Young Cooks Fare best Later; Plus-size Normalization Risks. Scientific Integrity:  “Climate Scientists are Giving Science a bad Name”. Ancestral Environment: Hygiene & Mental Disorders. Physician’s Corner: Cretan Bread OK? News Shorts: Adult Male Testosterone Depends on Childhood Environment; Leg Exercise vital for Brain Health. Universal Human Behavior:  Six Types of Disgust. Team Sports have Ancient Roots; Social Bonding and Soccer Violence. Human Social Dynamics: Out-group & Anti-social Behavior; Tyranny of the Minorities – Social Change Tipping Point.


JUNE 2018

Ancestral Eating Patterns: Eggs not linked to CVD. Human Behavior: Psychopathic East & West Coast. Question: What is the Fish Oil DPA? Hints: Flavonol-rich Cocoa Products. Briefing: Mediterranean Diet: Fact & Fiction. Q&A: Turmeric and Alzheimers; Autoimmune Pancreatitis. From the Labs: “Extreme” Diet nixes Diabetes II; Low Carb Diet Nixes Diabetes I. Human Behavior: Enforcing Social Norms. Spreading the Word: Lecture Availability.


MAY 2018

Ancestral Lifestyle: Forager vs Modern Light Exposure. Afterword: Causes of Death and ‘Old Age’. Quote: Anthony Bourdain: “Pale, doughy masses…” From the Labs: Dark Chocolate Calms Stress and Inflammation. Back to our Roots: Nixing “Nature Deficit Disorder”. Q&A: Gallstones. Briefing: Potato Plant Poisons – Lectins. From the Labs: Raw Fruit & Veg for Brain Health. Viewpoint: Old Timers’ Story-telling. Health Policy: Epidemic of Diagnoses; More Big Pharma, Quicker Death; Youthful Sun Reduces MS.


APRIL 2018

Spreading the Word: #BondBriefing 20th Anniversary. Savanna Psyche: Self-employed Better Adjusted. What we don’t know: 99% Microbes Unknown to Science. Celebrating a Life: Farewell: 105-year-old Edith. Savanna Brainpower: Dim Light makes us Dumber. Q&A: Konjac Root (Elephant Yam). From the Labs: Sucralose Inflames Crohn’s; Skin Microbiome Battles Cancer. Ancestral Psyche: Maximum Group Size for Comfort. Achieving Natural Lifespan: Army Discipline Helps. Proof of Pudding: Ideal Omega-3 to Omega-6 Blood Ratio. Spreading the Word: Lectures; Paleo Products Judging. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut XXI – Holocaust by Antibiotic.


MARCH 2018

Ancestral DNA: Pre-Brits – Blue-eyed, Dark Skin. Q of Month: Lectin Cure-all – or Snake-oil? How to be Human: Old-timers Story-telling. Q&A: Mayan Corn-grinders had bad backs; Erythritol Source Nit-picking; Baby Spacing. From the Labs: How Sat-fat Damages Cells; Pea, Bean & Wheat Lectins – a Factor in Parkinson’s? Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part XX – Fecal Transplants. Quote: Food Better than Supplements. Breaking News: Palm Oil Depression. Ancestral Child Development: The ‘Nested’ Human – part IV. Spread the Word: Lectures (Bastyr); Book Signing (Anaheim); Acknowledgements: Lewis & Brigman.



Q of Month: Are all Nightshades Deadly? Ancestral Health: Paleo Diet Good for Fat Women. Buyer Beware: GMO Gluten-free Wheat. The Human Journey: First Farming Women – Bones Stronger than Elite Rowers. Fake News: Paleo Calumny. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part XIX. From the Labs: Salt a Factor in Dementia. When to put Baby on Solids. Fish Oils best Fight Cancers. Briefing: Epigenetic Effects – part VIII. Letter: Childhood Social Life. Ancestral Child Development: The “Nested” Human – part III. Hints & Tips: Sunbeds Ok after all. Siren Songs: Maca Root Update. Events: Talk at Oxford University.



Human Origins: Out of Africa – Again & Again. Letter of the Month: Stanimir Ivanov on Hunter-gatherer Socializing. Successful Ageing: Italian Centenarian Secrets. Q&A: Natural Sleeping Positions. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part XVIII – Gut-worm Helpers. Hints: Erectile Dysfunction - CVD Flag; Muscle Building - Whole Egg Best. Briefing: Epigenetic Effects – part VI – Absence of Feeling Hungry. Health Policy: The Costs of Sickness. Ancestral Child Development: The “Nested” Human – part II. Celebration of a Life: Dr Svetlana Rubakovic. Events: Book Signing – Expo West, CA; Public Talk: Oxford University.



Q of Month: Paleo-climate & Warming. Ancestral Child Development: The “Nested” Human. Ancestral Environment: Sound of Nature relaxes us. Recipe: Greek Almond-Garlic Dip (Skordalia). Q&A: Glyphosphate (Roundup) Mischiefs; Yogurt GI & Insulin Index (II). Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part XVII. Hints & Tips: Red Onions Quench Cancer Cells; Mushrooms for Antioxidants. From Forager to Astronaut: Keeping Mars Pioneers Alive – part V. Briefing: Epigenetic Effects – part V – Pollutants. Spreading the Word: Radio Humarian Podcasts; Book Signing; Talk Oxford University.




Paleo-ageing: Healthy Elderly - Young Gut-bugs. Paleo-research: Paleo Diet Studies. Paleo-climate: Out of Africa – Climate Change? Optimal Body Functioning: IQ and Good Health are Genetically Linked. Recipe: Irish Whiskey Cake. Ancestral Biology: Load-bearing for Cartilage. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part XVI. Ancestral Behavior: Risk-taking Forager Males. Paleo Climate: Vulnerable Civilizations: -Volcanoes Triggered Revolts, Famines, etc. From Forager to Astronaut: Keeping Mars Pioneers Alive (IV); Greenery for Astronauts; Forests Healthify Amygdala. Briefing: Epigenetic Effects (IV).



Paleo Food Supply: Save the Planet – Eat Kangaroo! Health Policy: Cookery Lessons for UK Fatties.  Ancestral Lifestyle Research: Paleo Diet Reduces Inflammation; Space Travel: Immune Dysfunction. Q&A: Calories in Dietary Fibers. Barmy Headlines: “How soya and almond milk may put health at risk!” When it Started to go Wrong: Jaw-dropping Birth of Farming. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part XV. Seasonality of Gut Bugs – part II. From Forager to Astronaut: Keeping Mars Pioneers Alive (III). Briefing: Epigenetic Effects – Part III. Spreading the Word: Humarian Radio Interview; USA 2018 Book Signing.



Food Security: Sustainable Ocean Food for All. Ancestral Gut Health: Seasonality of Gut Bugs. Our Sunlit Heritage: Chrono-nutrition and Sun-Skin Repair. Questions: Prickly Pear. Barmy Headlines: Cities Older than we Thought! Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part XIV. From Forager to Astronaut: Keeping Mars Pioneers Alive – part II. Epigenetic Effects – part II. Supplements, Sunshine Deficiency, High Fat Diet. From the Journals: Plant Hormones – the New Micronutrients. We Practise what we Preach: Geoff Lung Function Test. Spreading the Word: Radio Interview: Humarian; Judging UK Paleo Awards - Report



Human Nature: Sleeping Patterns – Age Changes. From Forager to Astronaut: Keeping Mars Pioneers Alive (I). From Nature to Human Zoo: Zoo Monkeys get Human Gut Bugs. Human Behavior: Grandparent Sentinels; Night Owls – ‘Fast-Life’ Histories; Polygyny Triggered Viking Raids? Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part XIII. Viewpoint: Peer-review Science Tainted. From the Journals: Most People lack Vitamin D – Sunscreen to Blame; “Five-a-Day” Good, “Ten-a-Day” Better. Briefing: Epigenetic Effects – part I. Spreading the Word: Radio Interview – Dr Shawn Benzinger; UK Paleo Awards 2017 - Judging Paleo Products.


JULY 2017

Q of Month: Need to put on Weight. Human Behavior: Co-sleeping with Children. Evolutionary Lifestyle: Golf Fights Cancer. Q&A: Green Plantain OK? Hints: Waist Height Ratio beats BMI. Human Behavior: Muscled Men more Militant. Intermittent Fasting Revisited. Humbug Watch: NASA calls ‘BS’ on Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest GOOP product. Letters: re: ‘Are Liberals Physically Weak?’ Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part XII. From the Journals: Magnesium nixes Depression. Spreading the Word: Judge for UK Paleo Competition.


JUNE 2017

Primal Social Connectedness: Ageing Productively in a State of Nature. Reality Check: Life Expectancy Increase Slows. Human Condition: Over-structured Lives. Q&A: Tuna Varieties. From the Journals: Omega-3 seals Leaky Blood-Brain Barrier; Fish Oil, Alzheimer’s & Cognition; Child Obesity – Adult Sickness; Evolution of Menopause; Breast Milk Seeds Infant Gut Microbiome; Milk Increases Fractures, Inflammation and Death. Ancestral Psycho-sociology: Are Liberals Physically Weak? Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part X.. Spreading the Word: Radio Interview with Josh Lane.


MAY 2017

Q of Month: Gwyneth’s Raw Food Diet Fatal? Human Climate History: Comet Strike starts Mini-Ice-age. Curiosities: Is Obesity Genetic? Depends on your Political Affiliation. Spreading the Word: Paleo in a Nutshell is here. Questions: Osteoporosis and Vitamin K. From the Journals: Walking Triggers Brain Waves; Amazon Indians – Healthy Arteries. Human Behavior: Group Tolerance Linked to Perception of Fairness & Harm; Wide-eyed – Sexual Interest; .Does FGC Control Female Sexuality? Generational Epigenetics: Autism – Mum’s Mom Smoking. Constructing Paleo Lifestyle: Forager Mobility Measurement; Climate always Changes – Live with it! Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part X


APRIL 2017

Q of Month: First Humans in America. Recipe: All Banana Cake. Spreading the Word: Paleo in a Nutshell is here! Quote: Life  Strait-jacket – Break Free! Hints & Tips: Step-count on Prescription? Q&A: Practising Paleo-Veganism; Eating before Exercising. Health Policy: Healthier Diet would Reduce Greenhouse Gases. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) – What to Believe? Media Hype, Journal Hype. Generational Epigenetics: Cocaine Users Father Dopey Sons. Unintended Consequences: Probiotics have Perverse Effects. Globalization – New Cause of Death. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part IX .


MARCH 2017

Human Behavior: Men’s Cross-cultural Breast Preferences. Buyer Beware: Females – Thin Lips out, Pouts in. Hints: Lifestyle Sabotage by Entourage. From the Journals: Motherhood Sickness Suggests Embryo Quality; Viking Revenge Murder – Lessons; Men’s Good Diet Attracts Women; The Crowded Life is a ‘Slow’ Life. One More Thing to Worry About: Titanium Nanoparticles Attack Small Gut. Healthcare Jungle: BigPharma Rigs Drug Dosing. Human Behavior Follow-up: Volcano Selects Personalities. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – Part IX. Spreading the Word: Bond Paleo Video Clip; Paleo in a Nutshell here.



Health Policy: Most of the World’s People are ‘Overfat’; Healthy Urban Living Reconnects with Nature. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – Part VIII. From the Journals: Interval Training Slows Cell Ageing; Sitting Ages Cell Telomeres. Human Ancestry: Inuit Genetic Adaptation. Human Psyche: Playfulness Releases Stress. Quote: Fast Food Deadlier than the Crazed Zealot. Spreading the Word. Our 104-year-old still Going Strong. Events: Paleo Society Meeting, March 28th 2017



Health Policy: USA Spends Double on Health Care for Less Reward. Human Cognition: New Moms’ Brains Shrink. Opinion:  Eating Paleo – Benefits vs Costs.  From the Journals: A Handful of Nuts Nixes many Diseases. Health Policy: USA Subsidizes Big Food and Poor Health. Q&A: Xmas – Turkey vs Wild Boar; Status of Miso Paste. From the Journals: Splenda in Kids’ Blood. Human Psyche: We Favor Our Own Group. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut VII: Gut Bugs and Behavior, Mood, Brain. Hints: Food Combining Revisited. The Word – Feedback. Spreading the Word: Events


Prior Newsletters: 1998 to 2016 (Open source)