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JUNE 2017

Primal Social Connectedness: Ageing Productively in a State of Nature. Reality Check: Life Expectancy Increase Slows. Human Condition: Over-structured Lives. Q&A: Tuna Varieties. From the Journals: Omega-3 seals Leaky Blood-Brain Barrier; Fish Oil, Alzheimer’s & Cognition; Child Obesity – Adult Sickness; Evolution of Menopause; Breast Milk Seeds Infant Gut Microbiome; Milk Increases Fractures, Inflammation and Death. Ancestral Psycho-sociology: Are Liberals Physically Weak? Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part X.. Spreading the Word: Radio Interview with Josh Lane.


MAY 2017

Q of Month: Gwyneth’s Raw Food Diet Fatal? Human Climate History: Comet Strike starts Mini-Ice-age. Curiosities: Is Obesity Genetic? Depends on your Political Affiliation. Spreading the Word: Paleo in a Nutshell is here. Questions: Osteoporosis and Vitamin K. From the Journals: Walking Triggers Brain Waves; Amazon Indians – Healthy Arteries. Human Behavior: Group Tolerance Linked to Perception of Fairness & Harm; Wide-eyed – Sexual Interest; .Does FGC Control Female Sexuality? Generational Epigenetics: Autism – Mum’s Mom Smoking. Constructing Paleo Lifestyle: Forager Mobility Measurement; Climate always Changes – Live with it! Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part X


APRIL 2017

Q of Month: First Humans in America. Recipe: All Banana Cake. Spreading the Word: Paleo in a Nutshell is here! Quote: Life  Strait-jacket – Break Free! Hints & Tips: Step-count on Prescription? Q&A: Practising Paleo-Veganism; Eating before Exercising. Health Policy: Healthier Diet would Reduce Greenhouse Gases. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) – What to Believe? Media Hype, Journal Hype. Generational Epigenetics: Cocaine Users Father Dopey Sons. Unintended Consequences: Probiotics have Perverse Effects. Globalization – New Cause of Death. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part IX .


MARCH 2017

Human Behavior: Men’s Cross-cultural Breast Preferences. Buyer Beware: Females – Thin Lips out, Pouts in. Hints: Lifestyle Sabotage by Entourage. From the Journals: Motherhood Sickness Suggests Embryo Quality; Viking Revenge Murder – Lessons; Men’s Good Diet Attracts Women; The Crowded Life is a ‘Slow’ Life. One More Thing to Worry About: Titanium Nanoparticles Attack Small Gut. Healthcare Jungle: BigPharma Rigs Drug Dosing. Human Behavior Follow-up: Volcano Selects Personalities. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – Part IX. Spreading the Word: Bond Paleo Video Clip; Paleo in a Nutshell here.



Health Policy: Most of the World’s People are ‘Overfat’; Healthy Urban Living Reconnects with Nature. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – Part VIII. From the Journals: Interval Training Slows Cell Ageing; Sitting Ages Cell Telomeres. Human Ancestry: Inuit Genetic Adaptation. Human Psyche: Playfulness Releases Stress. Quote: Fast Food Deadlier than the Crazed Zealot. Spreading the Word. Our 104-year-old still Going Strong. Events: Paleo Society Meeting, March 28th 2017



Health Policy: USA Spends Double on Health Care for Less Reward. Human Cognition: New Moms’ Brains Shrink. Opinion:  Eating Paleo – Benefits vs Costs.  From the Journals: A Handful of Nuts Nixes many Diseases. Health Policy: USA Subsidizes Big Food and Poor Health. Q&A: Xmas – Turkey vs Wild Boar; Status of Miso Paste. From the Journals: Splenda in Kids’ Blood. Human Psyche: We Favor Our Own Group. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut VII: Gut Bugs and Behavior, Mood, Brain. Hints: Food Combining Revisited. The Word – Feedback. Spreading the Word: Events



Sunshine is Human Food: Sunlight Boosts Immune System. Letter: Paleo Precepts Improve Blood-work. Food Ideas: New Year’s Eve Menu. Ancestral Health:  Dietary Fiber: Successful Ageing. Recipe: Green Banana Flour Pancakes. Q&A: Vitamin D Quandary; Is Psyllium Fiber OK? Food Ideas: Christmas Menu. News Flashes: Mental Health – Sunlight Matters Most; Soda Doubles Risk of Type 1 Diabetes; UK Adolescents Drink a Bathtub of Sugary Drinks a Year. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut - Part VI. Spreading the Word: New Book – Paleo in a Nutshell; Public Talks; Remastered Video.


Unintended Consequences: Abundant UVB – Sharp Eyesight. Memorable Quote: Mackay – Men go Mad in Herds. Human Physical Activity: We’re Born for Heavy Breathing. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – Part VI. Food Ideas: Christmas Paleo Panettone. Q&A: Sea Buckthorn Powerhouse; Hempseed Safety. Unintended Consequences: Excess Folate, B12 in Pregnancy greatly ups Autism Risk; Folate Fortification Failure; Calcium Pills Damage Heart; Prostate Drug/Dementia Link. News Flashes: Minimalist Shoes Boost Leg & Foot Muscles; Walk Faster, Sit Less; How the Heart turns into Bone. Events Diary.



Genetic Programming: Maximum Human Lifespan. Health Heritage: Stunning Bone Health. News Flashes: Fungus & Crohn’s Disease. Jungle Lore: Beware the Bogus ‘Paleo’ Label. Q&A: Protein – seasonal availability. Food Watch: Farmed Salmon: Quality Decline. Briefing: Cliff-edge Mortality and Compression of Morbidity. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – Part V. Ancestral Psyche: Threatened by Diversity. Jungle Lore: Defining Dietary Fiber, Part III. Supporter News: Patrick Garlepp – Ironman. Off the Beaten Track: Smartphone Choice Personality. Spreading the Word.



Jungle Lore: Fulfill Protein Appetite, Fulfill All. News Flash: Paleo Diet Benefits Heart Health. Ancestral Genetics: Genes for Lactose Tolerance Increase Liability to Osteoporosis. Food Ideas: Guacamole Devilled Eggs. Ancestral Biology: Origins of Female Orgasm. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut = Part IV. Q&A: The Waterside Ape. Brain Health: Obese Brains ‘Ten Years Older’. Health Policy: USA – Prescription Drug Rip-off. Excess Weight Linked to Eight more Cancer Types. Evolutionary Fitness: Women’s Body Image. Jungle Lore: Defining Dietary Fiber – Part II. Spreading the Word: Video Clip



Jungle Lore: Defining Dietary Fiber. Jungle Predators: More Big Sugar Skullduggery. News Flashes: Paracetamol (Aceta­mino­phen) during Pregnancy/Autism Link; Death – Low Physical capacity Second only to Smoking. Beware ‘Off’ Fish-oil Capsules. Food Ideas: Paleo Panna Cotta. Q&A: Lactobacilli & Celiac Disease. Hints: More about Gelatin; Dieting – think Positive;  Meal Size & Timing. Ancestral Health: Mouthpart Under-development in Westerners; Our Living Gut III. Letter: How to Meet Diabetes II & Win. Spreading the Word: New Video clip Q&A mash-up


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