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Lung Function Test: 

October 3, 2017

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Incorporate short sprints into your daily physical activity pattern...

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Getting back on message regimen. Food Diaries (pdf)

November 12, 2014. Results of recent check-up measured by Dr Stelios Michaelides, Panthea Clinic, Limassol, Cyprus

Blood pressure: 119/79

Resting heart rate: 42 bpm

Blood oxygen saturation: 100%

No medications of course, these figures are in hunter-gatherer territory… 

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Frédéric Bouvet, (YOB 1965) of Annecy, France has been, with his family (see March 2007) a Bond practitioner for some 15 years.

He recently had a blood test after a period of what he terms ‘work burnout’. 

Fred was delighted to find that his results are all perfectly aligned in the ‘normal’ range. Click here

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Geoff's ESTeck Health Appraisal

Non-invasive Digital Body Scan by Get Life Health Scan. Hooked up to electrodes around the body, the computer analyses the signals of electrical resistance. The vital signs are uniformly good - too good in one case - my vascular age came out as that of a 25 year-old! The machine operator thought that there is something wrong with the computer program. I prefer to think that it is thanks to practising what I preach!


Geoff's Bio-clip Vascular Ageing Appraisal
Using a finger clip which measures:
heart rate, Stiffness Index (a measure of large artery stiffness), Reflection Index (a measure of small artery vascular tone), blood oxygenation levels. By International Antiageing-systems. This simple procedure also produced a remarkably young vascular age.

Then (age 17)


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It is vital to be skinny throughout youth. In that era it happened without trying... Preparing a badminton smash, Atromitos Club, Paphos, Cyprus

Chin-ups by the sea

Running up a mountain path in Rancho Mirage, CA
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'Barefoot' running in Toledo Avenue, Palm Springs.






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