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Worthy Idiots: Egyptian Mummy Heart Disease. Hints: Young Parent Guide to Baby Food. The Long View: Climate Never Stops Changing. Imminent Event: Talk Speedwell Trust. Recipe: Chunky Winter Veggie Soup. Questions: Quail’s Eggs; Agave Syrup and Molasses; Hemp Seed. Thoughts from the Savanna: Stress of Jobs for the Boys II. Letters: Deadly Harvest – Life Changing; Lisa’s Waffles. Unintended Consequences: Risks of Folic Acid Supplements; Two-faced Oxytocin. Forthcoming Events: USA Tour. The Natural Eater Website: Google Local Site Search Engine. From The Web: Blogs; Websites



Question of the month: Paleolithic Diet – clinical Trials? Letter: Bond Protocol - Acne Solution. Christmas Ideas: Deadly Harvest; Healthy Harvest. Upcoming Events: Public Lecture, Green Templeton College. Recipe: Salmon Loaf. Q&A: OK to Mix Fruit; Seafood, Iodine and Thyroid; How Many Nuts?; Bain Marie to Thaw Berries; Mixing Salad Vegetables OK. Health Professionals’ Corner: Chia is a Seed – So is it OK? Thoughts From the Savanna: The Stress of Jobs for the Boys. Insight: What’s in a Name? Human Nature: Story-telling in Evolution, Part II. Correction: Hyper and Hypo. Forthcoming Events: USA Tour February-March 2010. From the Web: Blogs and Websites.



Human Nature: Story Telling In Evolution. Letter: Doughty Girl Braves Dairy Herd. Q. of Month: Heart Association Advisory: Facts & Fallacies. Food Ideas: Moroccan Tomato Sauce. Q&A: Greek Centenarians – Facts and Fallacies. buyer beware: American Heart Association Logo. letters: Chronic Fatigue On The Mend. Siren Song: Latest Miracle Antioxidant – Pterostilbene. news from the lab: Type I Diabetes Linked To Wheat. health politics: Swine-Flu Bonanza. bizarro: Colas Cause Potassium Deficiency. Christmas ideas: Deadly Harvest & Healthy Harvest. upcoming events. from the web: Blogs & Websites.


Spreading the Word: London Antiageing Conference 2009. Letters: Toddler’s Great Start in life. Human Nature: Health Shows in Skin Tone. Facts & Fallacies: Kefir Ineffective as Probiotic. Sunshine is Human Food: Daylight Controls Fat; Millions of U.S. Kids Low on Vitamin D; Low Vitamin D Hardens Arteries. Questions: Nuts – Raw or Roasted?; Sprouted Bread; Artery Elasticity. Blood Sugar Control: Glycemia Hikes Blood Pressure; No-Carb Diet Best for Diabetes; Glycemia Hikes Dementia; High Insulin Hikes Breast Cancer. Human Suggestibility: Faked Acupuncture Works. Lifestyle Mismatch: Overpopulation. Health Heritage: Arterial Stiffness. Quote: Confused Science Reporting. Hints: Gender Affects Food Choices; Slimming – Choose Your Companions.



Evolutionary Activity: Active at 5, Healthy at 11. Future Events: CME Tour USA. Event Now! London Antiageing Conference. Evolutionary Sociology: Fathers Favor Lookalike Kids. Humbug: Organic vs. Intensive Foods. Recipe: Peach Upside-Down Tart. Q&A: Constipation; Fish Stock Sustainability; Instinctive Eating; Supplements; Mercury in Fish. Sunshine is Human Food: Vitamin D Deficiency Widespread; Vitamin D3 Curbs Colon Cancer; Vitamin D Curbs Alzheimer’s. Hints: Heart – Fresh Garlic Beats Dried; Antioxidants – Processed Garlic OK. News Shorts: Celiac Disease Epidemic. Viewpoints: Lockerbie Death Sentence; Surveillance and Privacy. Letters: Mass Information and Hokum. Web: Blogs; Sites


JULY 2009 (pdf)

Question of the Month: Water Intake for Child Athletes in Hot Weather. Letter of the Month: Lisa Brown. Sunshine is Human Food: Vaginal Discharge; Heart Disease & Diabetes; Intensive Care Morbidity. Food Policy: New USDA Food Pyramid 2010. Recipe: Chia Banana Cookies. Q&A: Narcolepsy; Coconut; Porphyria; Vegetarians and Vitamin B1; Cooking Helped Evolution? Our Evolutionary Heritage: Make of your Gut a Herb Garden, part VI – Probiotics; Feeding the Good Guys. Hints & Tips: Chia Flour Thickener. Viewpoint: Alienation of Modern Life. Future Planning: USA Tour 2010. Upcoming Events: London Antiageing Medical Conference. From the Blogs.


JUNE 2009 (pdf)

Sunshine is Human Food: Vitamin D supplementation cannot substitute for sunshine. Dairy is Not Human Food: Milk Hormone Mischief. Letter of the Month: Welcome Natural Eater Adele! Food Safety: Estrogen-like Food Additives. Question of the Month: Fruit and Fructose Overdose. Reinventing the Wheel: Diabetes Preventable – Duh! Food Preparation: Chia Seed Flour Update. Q&A: AB Blood Group Origin; Lactose Intolerance & Yogurt; Bras & Breast Cancer. From the Blogs: Best Paleo Book on the Market; Your Health Will Thank You. Our Evolutionary Heritage: Make of your Gut a Herb Garden – Part V: Antibiotics. Hints: Beware Strong Wine; Microwave, Griddle Cooking Best. Silly Science: Gut Bacteria in Twins. Letters: Raw Cabbage – Pros and Cons. Viewpoint: Tsunami of Health News. Food Policy: Health without Hectoring?


MAY 2009 (pdf)

Sunshine is Human Food: Low Sunshine, More Alzheimer’s; Mom’s Low Sunshine, MS in Kids; Low Sunshine, More Teenage Ills; Low Sunshine, Fat Teenagers.  Hints: Parents Underrate Pester Power. Bone Health: Alkalizing Diet Stops Bone Loss; Astronauts’ Bone Loss; High Impact Activity Best for Bone Health; A Little Alcohol Helps Bone Mass; Mediterranean Diet Builds Bones.  Q&A: Bone Health & Vitamin B2; Resveratrol Supplements; Are Multivitamins Worth It? Dried Fruit; Alcohol and Losing Fat; Sweetener – Acesulfame K; Raw Cabbage, Upset Guts; MSG (Monosodium Glutamate); Exotic Foods – Nutritional Value. Letter: Greg Harrington. Our Evolutionary Heritage: Make of your Gut a Herb Garden – Part IV Bones and Pelvic Pain. Hints: Toddlers Eat up Veggies with Catchy Names.  Silly Science: Vitamin D Doesn’t Fix SAD. Did You Know? Eggs Reduce Blood Pressure.


APRIL 2009 (pdf)

Question of Month: Magnesium, Alcohol and Cramps. Spreading the Word: La Quinta Middle School. Geoff’s Review of Books: A Woman’s Home Health Companion. Recipe: Pecan Nut Cake. Questions: Stevia Update; Quinoa: Unfairly Belittled? Fish Oil Dosage; Gelatin: Good or Bad? Calcium specks/Breast Cancer. Spreading the Word: Call for Deadly Harvest Reviews. Our Evolutionary Heritage: Make of your Gut a Herb Garden – II. Future Planning: London Anti-ageing Conference; USA Tour 2010. Acknowledgements: Andrew Haut; Steve Sellin. Press Announcement: Geoff Elected to International Institute of Medicine and Science.


MARCH 2009 (pdf)

Thoughts from the Savanna: Female Safety. Resources: Book – A woman’s Home Health Companion. Sunshine is Human Food: Deficiency – Diabetes, Dementia. Spreading the Word: USA Tour Report. Intellectual Integrity: Evidence Collides with Faith. Health Professional’s  Corner: Aspartame Wars part II. Letters: Deadly Harvest Compendium – Diane Lewis. Book Review part I: A Woman’s Home Health Compendium by Rita Stec MD.  Spreading the Word: Amazon – Call for Deadly Harvest Reviews. Our Evolutionary Heritage: Make of Your Gut a Herb Garden – Part II. News Shorts: Cholesterol Levels Mean Little.  Future Planning.


FEBRUARY 2009 (pdf)

Thoughts from the Savanna: The Stress of Tidiness. Hints: Quick Mixed Salad. Question of the month: Antibiotics and Tonsillitis. Quick Fix: Spicy Okra (Ladies’ Fingers). Our Food Supply: Over-neglected Okra. Q&A: Microwave and Cling Film. Health Professionals’ Corner: Aspartame Wars Part I. Humbug Busting: Russell’s Celestial Teapot.  Health Film Review: Sicko – Part II. Spreading the Word: Amazon Book Reviews. News Short: Cancer Myth: It’s Not My Fault! Our Evolutionary Heritage: Make of your Gut a Herb Garden – Part I. Hints & Tips: Sore Throat Relief; Sesame Dip: Tahini Dip. Briefing Update: Why Early Edition? Events.


JANUARY 2009 (pdf)

Letter of the Month: “Thanks for Writing a Great and Much Needed Book”. Genetic Meddling: Purple Tomatoes. Well-Intentioned Meddling: Overdosing on Folic Acid. Sunlight is Human Food: Diet Alone Cannot Manage Vitamin D Levels. Recipe: Tangy Quince and Chicken. Q&A: Balsamic Vinegar & Ketchup; Is Longevix Snake Oil? Health Film Review: Sicko by Michael Moore – part I. Hints & Tips: Save Money on Prepared Lettuce. Our Food Supply: Splenda Sweetener Woes. Evolution & Human Behavior: part III Stepfather Psychopaths. Bond Briefing Update: Why this Early edition? Events: American Tour 2009

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