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Thanks for Writing a Great and Much Needed Book

Just received your excellent book from Amazon and had to skim through it quickly. I signed up for your newsletters and ordered a copy of your book sent to a close friend, a general internist, who like me is very interested in these issues. I've read 70+ books in the last four years on diet, nutrition, food intolerance, gluten intolerance, autoimmune disease and diet, paleo diet, and related medical and nutritional issues. And literally thousands of online medical abstracts and articles. Your "Deadly Harvest" book is the best and most comprehensive to date. I'll be sending copies to others as well and will order more. I'd like to know of any speaking engagements, seminars, or camps/retreats you sponsor.

I've been gluten free, dairy free, and nightshade free for four years after trying an elimination diet to clear up some medical issues. In that time I've been reading everything I could get my hands on relating to the science and developments, and everything tended to lead in the direction you are heading. This was also confirmed last summer when I spent a week with Kenneth Fine MD and Ann Shippy MD at Dr. Fine's gluten free camp in New Mexico. Dr. Fine was the head of the Baylor College of Medicine gastroenterology lab and from a scientific standpoint he personally came to conclusions nearly identical to yours. Dr. Shippy was an engineer for ten years, went to medical school, through an internal medicine residency and practices holistic medicine in Austin Texas where she has a six month waiting list of new patients wanting to see her. She advocates a paleo diet, with great health benefits.  

I have very busy civil law practice in Bakersfield, California, but still spend as much time as possible reading, and especially trying to implement as many paleo diet and lifestyle principles as I can. My father, a physician who died a year ago at age 90, and I had a father-son hobby from 1982 until he died of reading, researching and discussing matters relating to diet, nutrition and health. Despite many early rabbit trails and inconsistencies, the main trail we were following led to where you are now.

Dr. Fine has mentioned the possibility of trying to set up a week-long summer camp or conference on these issues in California, as he has done in New Mexico. That might be interesting. I suggested that he consider a camp near my mountain home in the South Sierra Nevada.

His websites are: and

Thanks again for your excellent work. It has the potential of saving many lives and preventing or halting lots of misery. I'd like to see your message disseminated as widely as possible. I believe it is of absolutely critical importance. Let me know if there is any way that I can help.

Your evolutionary lifestyle material is greatly appreciated as well. I grew up in the Rockies in a small coal mining community where subsistence hunting was still practiced and where rites of passage were important in manhood relative to hunting, providing connections between generations of men.

Andrew Haut, California


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