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Bond Paleo Lunch


Archontiko Papadopoulou Restaurant

July 2012

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Tel: +357 22531000

Set Paleo Menu:

All dishes are fully Bond Paleo-conforming. 

Dishes marked (*) are from Nicole's cookbook, Healthy Harvest.

Dishes marked (§) are to published in Nicole's forthcoming recipe book

Dishes with  (hyperlink), have been published in a Bond Briefing
(The hyperlink connects to the relevant Briefing)

The remaining dishes are created by the chef, Marios Hadjiosif.


Olive loaf* and Almond bread

Appetizers in small plates

Greek almond dip (Skordalia)*. Mock potato salad. Greene taboulé


Green salad (avocado, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, olive oil lemon dressing). Glistirida (purslane) and rocket salad (capers, red papers, pomegranate dressing)

Main Course (adults)

Grilled seafood combination (sea bass, trout, calamari and shrimps). Marinated grill vegetables with artichokes leek purée sauce.

Main Course (children)

Chicken marinated grill kebab, grilled vegetables

Dessert (adults)

Lemon tart*. Coconut & chocolate gateau§

Dessert (children)

Coconut Ice Cream

Wine (white)

Ezousa Xinisteri 2010


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Marios, Nicole


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  Greene taboulé Almond bread,
Olive loaf
Mock potato salad Green salad Purslane salad  
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  Recipe Index Sea bream platter Coconut &
chocolate gateau
ice cream