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Sunshine is Human Food: Sunlight Boosts Immune System. Letter: Paleo Precepts Improve Blood-work. Food Ideas: New Year’s Eve Menu. Ancestral Health:  Dietary Fiber: Successful Ageing. Recipe: Green Banana Flour Pancakes. Q&A: Vitamin D Quandary; Is Psyllium Fiber OK? Food Ideas: Christmas Menu. News Flashes: Mental Health – Sunlight Matters Most; Soda Doubles Risk of Type 1 Diabetes; UK Adolescents Drink a Bathtub of Sugary Drinks a Year. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut - Part VI. Spreading the Word: New Book – Paleo in a Nutshell; Public Talks; Remastered Video.



Unintended Consequences: Abundant UVB – Sharp Eyesight. Memorable Quote: Mackay – Men go Mad in Herds. Human Physical Activity: We’re Born for Heavy Breathing. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – Part VI. Food Ideas: Christmas Paleo Panettone. Q&A: Sea Buckthorn Powerhouse; Hempseed Safety. Unintended Consequences: Excess Folate, B12 in Pregnancy greatly ups Autism Risk; Folate Fortification Failure; Calcium Pills Damage Heart; Prostate Drug/Dementia Link. News Flashes: Minimalist Shoes Boost Leg & Foot Muscles; Walk Faster, Sit Less; How the Heart turns into Bone. Events Diary.



Genetic Programming: Maximum Human Lifespan. Health Heritage: Stunning Bone Health. News Flashes: Fungus & Crohn’s Disease. Jungle Lore: Beware the Bogus ‘Paleo’ Label. Q&A: Protein – seasonal availability. Food Watch: Farmed Salmon: Quality Decline. Briefing: Cliff-edge Mortality and Compression of Morbidity. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – Part V. Ancestral Psyche: Threatened by Diversity. Jungle Lore: Defining Dietary Fiber, Part III. Supporter News: Patrick Garlepp – Ironman. Off the Beaten Track: Smartphone Choice Personality. Spreading the Word.



Jungle Lore: Fulfill Protein Appetite, Fulfill All. News Flash: Paleo Diet Benefits Heart Health. Ancestral Genetics: Genes for Lactose Tolerance Increase Liability to Osteoporosis. Food Ideas: Guacamole Devilled Eggs. Ancestral Biology: Origins of Female Orgasm. Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut = Part IV. Q&A: The Waterside Ape. Brain Health: Obese Brains ‘Ten Years Older’. Health Policy: USA – Prescription Drug Rip-off. Excess Weight Linked to Eight more Cancer Types. Evolutionary Fitness: Women’s Body Image. Jungle Lore: Defining Dietary Fiber – Part II. Spreading the Word: Video Clip



Jungle Lore: Defining Dietary Fiber. Jungle Predators: More Big Sugar Skullduggery. News Flashes: Paracetamol (Aceta­mino­phen) during Pregnancy/Autism Link; Death – Low Physical capacity Second only to Smoking. Beware ‘Off’ Fish-oil Capsules. Food Ideas: Paleo Panna Cotta. Q&A: Lactobacilli & Celiac Disease. Hints: More about Gelatin; Dieting – think Positive;  Meal Size & Timing. Ancestral Health: Mouthpart Under-development in Westerners; Our Living Gut III. Letter: How to Meet Diabetes II & Win. Spreading the Word: New Video clip Q&A mash-up


JULY 2016

Epigenetics: Obesity Programs a Woman’s Eggs for Three Generations. Briefing: Our Living Gut – part II. Health Policy: Diet is shortening U.S. Lifespan. Q&A: Role of Dried Fruit in Paleo; Omega-3 Rich Chicken Meat. Did You Know? Herpes/Chronic Constipation Link. News Flashes: BMI over 20 at age 18: Bigger risk of middle-age heart failure; Stevia Encourages Weight Gain; Sugar Replacement Muffins. Human Nature: Interest in Sport: Mars vs Venus – Evolutionary Insight.


JUNE 2016

Ancestral Health: Our Living Gut – part I. Hints: Dine in Bright Light for Healthy Food Choices. Health Policy: Rehab Units Harm 29% of Patients. Ancestral Health: IQ Reason for Mothers-to-be to Eat Fruit. Recipe: Sour Cherry Clafoutis. Briefing: Fructose Revisited – part II. News Flashes: Bad Genes – or Bad Habits? Splenda Promotes Hunger; Sunshine Holidays for Vitamin D; Olive Oil best for Sautéing Fish.


MAY 2016

Ancient Lifestyle: Sunlight-starved Myopia. Briefing: Fructose Revisited. Health Policy: Medical Error a Leading Cause of Death. Daft Headlines: Daily Mail and Boa Constrictor in the Sun. News Flashes: Paleolithic Diet for Diabetics; Cholesterol Hypothesis Debunked; “Not all Calories are the same”; Obesity & Male Infertility. Ancient Lifestyle: Ocean Views for Mental Health. Spreading the Word: Edith Morrey & Extreme Age.

APRIL 2016

Sunshine is vital Food: Sunbathers Outlive Sun-avoiders. Ancestral Lifestyle: Eat First, Share Later. Health Policy: “When Death becomes Optional”. Q&A: Forager Tooth Cleaning. Headline Hooks: “Why it’s healthier to cook with lard than sunflower oil”. News Flashes: Low Vitamin-D in Pregnancy increases Risk of MS in Child; Gut Worms Boost Immune System; Fat Pregnants have Vitamin D Deficient Babies. Spreading the Word: Radio Interview with Dr Rita Stec, part III.

MARCH 2016

Beware Barmy Headlines: Do YOU have the Fat Gene? Human Behavior: Personality is in the Genes. Human Migration: Out of Africa – Twice. Unintended Consequences: Why Statins are ‘Muscle Toxic’. Q&A: Frozen Berries & Hepatitis-A; Macular Degeneration; Quinoa or Chia for Diabetics? Hints: Tips from the Mindlessly Slim. News Flashes: Paleo Diet Fights Metabolic Syndrome; Genetically Wired for Obesity? Vitamin B12, Brain Health Link. Viewpoint: Is Obesity Optional? Correction: ‘Filches good name’ quote. Spreading the word: Oxford Uni Talk on Ageing Well; Radio Interview with Dr Rita Stec.


Jungle Lore: IHOP Garden Omelette. Beware Barmy Headlines! “Paleo Diet is Dangerous…” Bamboozle Watch: Beware of Cancer Drug Hype. News Flash: Potato-Gestational Diabetes Link; Buyer Beware – GMO Salmon. Q&A: Pseudo Grains pros and cons; Distilled Water; Krill Oil. Hints: Have a shorter Mealtimes Window; Sleep Quality Linked to Diet. News Flashes: Omega Imbalances in Pregnancy Affect Child’s Brain; More Children, Slower Ageing; Low Sunlight, Leukemia Risk; Neighborhood Quality, Cell Ageing Link; Green View Boosts Student Results. Standing Desks Boost Student Cognition. Human Behavior: Male/Female Wayfinding Differences. Spreading the Word: Inaugural Paleo Society Seminar; Radio Interview with Dr Rita Stec.  


Resources: Bond-precept Crib Sheet. Food Politics: USDA Dietary Guidelines 2105. Briefing: Protein in Focus. Recipe: Alexander’s Asian Breakfast. Questions: Sprouting Grains & Pulses. News Flashes: Gut Bugs – West vs Foragers; Antibiotics fatten kids; Statins Impair Memory; Barefoot as Nature Intended. Hints: Kitchen Cues Fatten. Human Behavior: Women Wired for Stranger Danger. Spreading the Word: Radio Interview KPSI.

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