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Buyer Beware: Study: Cocoa Flavonols lower blood pressure… Star Letter: Cholesterol & Genes. Paleo Climate: Alaska comes out of the Ice Age? Recipe: Caramelized Brussels Sprouts, Kale etc. Q&A: Hunger – Craving or Vague Urge? Health & Temperature Extremes. News Flashes: Cold Changes Gut Bacteria; Autism-Glycemia Link; Paleo Endurance Athletes Incredible Fat Burners. Human Behavior: Star-crossed Mars & Venus.


Humbug Watch: “Everything is all right in Moderation” [Really?]. Counter-intuitive: Soybean Oil is Obesogenic. Hints & Tips: Weigh Daily for Weight Loss. Q&A: Ganoderma – a Magic Mushroom? Health Policy: Dealing with Obesity Stigma. News Flashes: Antioxidants Boost Melanoma; How Hunger Controls Bone Mass; Myopia and Time Indoors; Short sleepers Catch Cold; Muscle Molecule Builds Bone; Diabetes linked to Bone Health; Antibiotics Linked to Diabetes. Upcoming Events: Palm Springs; Bucks, UK; Oxford, UK .


Briefing: Sleep in a State of Nature. Q of Month: Magnesium Deficiency Anxiety. Paleo-psyche:  Nervous System Diseases Rocket. Did You Know?: Where does the fat go? Recipe: Okra & Tuna Hash. Misleading Headlines: “Processed Meats Rank alongside Smoking as Cancer Causes”. Viewpoint: The Black Hole of Healthcare. Briefing (Cont): Potatoes and Resistant Starch Revisited, part II. News Flashes: School Starts too early; Daylight Savings Stupefies Teens. Letter: I Wish I’d Started Younger! (Joe Thompson MD). Advance Notice: Lectures - Palm Springs; Oxford.


Briefing: Potatoes & Resistant Starch Revisited. News Flashes: Ahiflower – New Omega-3 Source. Q&A: Bio-identical Hormones. Evolutionary Sleep: Sleep Posture Clears Brain Waste. Recipe: Zucchini Clafoutis. Q&A: Sleep & Melatonin. News Flashes: Gut Bugs & Uveitis; High GI Diet – Depression Factor; Gut Bugs Potentiate Fish-oils; Salt a Factor in MS; Statins Double-edged Sword. Evolutionary Sleep Patterns: Nature Improves Sleep; Bright Screens Blight Teen Sleep; Siestas Good for Blood Pressure; Naturalizing Primordial Sleep. Misleading Headlines (Cont): Starchy Carbs advanced the Human Race [Really]. Human Behavior: Break-ups – Mars/Venus Contrast. Advance Notice: Lectures: Palm Springs, Oxford .


Misleading Headlines: “Starchy carbs, not a Paleo diet, advanced the human race” [really?]. Modern Foragers: The Kitava Study. News Flashes: Paleo Diet best for Diabetes. Recipe: Cashew Pudding. Q&A: Bone Broth; Bitter Almond Safety. News Flashes: Why Peoples of Developing Nations are Liable to Diabetes; Humans have Stomach Acidity like Scavengers. Human Behavior: Female Bosses Trouble Men. Unintended Consequences: Why Fish-oil Supplements Work Poorly. Lectures: Palm Springs; Oxford UK

JULY 2015

Basic Instincts: Terrible Twos/Gut Bug Link. Brain Health: Fat & Sugar Gut Bug/Brain Link; Fish Oil/Cognitive Flexibility. Recipe: Lebanese Tabbouleh. Q&A: Maltitol Glycemic Reaction; Flaxseed – Golden vs Brown; Low Fat Sesame Seed Flour. News Flashes: Doc – Eat as much fat as you like (really?); Grandparent support helps reduce child obesity; Sunscreen in our DNA; Hospital Danger – Sepsis; Official – Drink to your Thirst; Fish Oil Shortfall/Criminality Link.

JUNE 2015

Immune System Defenses: Cancer-killer T-Cells in Action.  Basic Instincts: Spider Threat Awareness. Frankenfood: Cows Genetically Modified to Yield Fish Oils. Recipes: Avocado Butter. Headline Critique: Could Alzheimer’s be Type 2 Diabetes? Policy: Corruption of Health Care Delivery System. News Flashes: Vitamin D Advice Low-balls; Sunny Coastlines; Obesity Bacterium is Diabetes Factor. Letter: Corruption of GMO Science. Evolutionary Activity: Shift to Farming Weakened Bones; Treadmill Desk. Worthy Idiots: Stopping Grannies Retiring Early. Unintended Consequences: Statins Strongly Linked to Diabetes.

MAY 2015

Human Activity: Kids think better on their Feet. Human Nature: Telling Time of Day by Color. Human Biochemistry: Salt- Yet more Mischiefs. Recipe: Fluffy Savoy Lemon Cake. News Flashes: High Fiber Diet Controls Weight; Antioxidants Boost Cancer (II); Sunlight Starvation a Factor in Pancreatic Cancer; Potassium Aids Bone Health. Misleading Headlines: ‘Why Healthy Eating may be the new Eating Disorder. Worthy Idiots: Bad Salt-Potassium Ratio Fix. Unintended Consequences: Many Probiotics taken for Celiac Disease contain Gluten.

APRIL 2015

Hints & Tips: Getting Back on Message. Q of Month: Mindful Thinking (& Fats). Jungle Lore: Blinded by non-science. Recipes: Nicole’s Mug Bread. Q&A Purium Plant Extracts. News Flashes: Male Erectile & Sexual Function Depends on Physical Fitness; More on Excess Sitting. Viewpoint: Synthesizing Torrents of Info. Our News: Radio Interview with Dr Rita Stec – part II.

MARCH 2015

Beware BigPharma: Statin - Two-faced Harlot; Human Behavior: Awe Quenches Inflammation; Thoughts:  MD - Prevention Better than Cure (Dr Alexander Leak); Synthesizing Torrents of Information (E.O. Wilson). Recipe: Pam’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust. Q&A: Male/Female Egg Gathering; Does Xylitol Digest to Fructose? What about Buckwheat? News Flashes: Omega-3 Restores Serotonin. Hints & Tips: Beware the Drift off Course. News: Radio Interview with Dr Rita Stec.


Q of Month: Three Meals a Day – Really? Human Behavior: Men Prefer Women’s Back Curved. News Flashes: Doc: Diet's Role in Mental Health. Recipe: Egg-free Pumpernickel. News Flashes: Feeding Sheep Right; Mercury in Fish OK (yet again); Too much Salt Reprograms Brain; Gut Bugs Manipulate Brain. Human Nature: Women Emote more Intensely than Men. Our News: Talk at Mirage Medical Group; Magazine Article: “Paleo Living”.


Human Ancestry: Bushman – Oldest Lineage. Ageing Well: Centenarian Edith Morrey. News Flashes: Midlife Diabetes, Dementia Later. Prenatal Exposure to Household Chemicals drops Child’s IQ. Recipe: Mock Mashed Potato. Q&A: Almond Flour Substitutes; High Oleic Sunflower Oil. News Flashes: Omega-3: Curcumin aids ALA conversion to DHA; Phosphorus – Wretched Excess; Foot Strength & Fitness; Red Meat Inflammation Molecule. Siren Songs: Televised Medical Talk Shows. Human Nature: Why Men Take Idiotic Risks. Event Remarks.

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