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Geoff Bond


Paleo Harvest Information Page



Dangerous Headlines! “Most Cancers are caused by bad luck”. Briefing: Sugar & Sugar Alternatives. Viewpoint: Rebutting the Paleo Deniers. Recipe: Coconut Whipped Cream. Q&A: All Day Alkali (Base) Intake?; Grain Bamboozle. News Flashes: Celiac-It’s not just Gluten; Lactose Intolerants don’t get Cancer. As Nature Intended: Running Prevents Knee Osteo­arthritis. Hints: Leaders: Better to look Healthy than Smart. Straws in the Wind: Mediterranean Diet’s Benefits. Events: Mirage Medical Group; The Vintage; The Bridges.


Revisionism: Is Honey all right after all? Skewering Myths: Got Milk? Die Soon, Brittle Boned. From the Labs: Ancient Europeans still Lactose Intolerant after Agriculture. Physicals: Living my way works for me. Recipes: Christmas Cake, Creamy Cashew Icing. Q&A: Acid/Alkali (Base) Reference Values; Milk Skepticism goes Mainstream; Avocado Oil; Balancing Acid/Base Intake. Bond-Paleo Strategy: Surprise Sweetener Spook III. Amazon Book Review: Analyze West by Dr Nicholas Beecroft.


Human Psycho-sociology: Daylight Talk vs. Firelight Talk. Q of Month: Will the Human Organism evolve to fit with Technology? From the Headlines: “Fashionable Paleo diet cuts bowel cancer risk”. Recipe: Paleo Fudge. Q&A: Star Fruit (Carambola) GI; Optimal Fat Intake; Heart Palpitations; Keeping up the Calories; Acid/Alkali Reference Values; Acid/Base Balance Important? Bond-Paleo Strategy: Surprise Sweetener Spook (cont). From the Labs: Salt drives Autoimmune Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis. Book Review: ‘Watermelons’.



Bond Paleo Strategy: Surprise Sweetener Spook. Living how Nature Intended: Daylight in Office Boosts Health. Evolutionary Behavior: Male-Female Pairing Evolved to Lock in Male Protection for Kids. Bond-paleo Resources: Natural Eating – Revised edition. Questions: Sugary Fruits; Fruit Sugars Metabolisation. News Clips: Morning Sickness Healthy? Do Gut Bugs Manipulate our Behavior? Fasting Renews Immune System; Ultra Running – too much of a good thing; Liver helps Regulate Bone Mass. Web News: Interview with Sam Bearfoot



Evolutionary Physical Activity: Importance of Load Carrying. Don’t Let Your Guard Down: “Five-a-Day is enough” – Really? Evolutionary Sleep Patterns: Breast Cancer & Dim Light. Recipes: Olive Bread. Q&A: Salt and Endurance Athletes; Dairy, Tonsillitis, Nasal Congestion, ADHD. Revisionism: Is Lean Beef OK after all? Feeding Cows Right. News Clips: Solved – Puzzle of wide Variation in Breakfast Cereal GIs; Starch Feeds Col-rectal Cancer; Omega-3 helps Osteoarthritis. Briefing: Why we use Xanthan Gum.


JULY 2014

Evolutionary Physical Activity: 10,000 Steps a Day? Lifespan: Genetic Potential: Longevity Myths. Unintended Consequences: Statin/Lower Activity Link. Recipes: Lebanese Tabbouleh. Q&A: Gut Upsets - Dairy, Starch Wean; Sulfites in Wine; Failing to Lose Weight. Health Policy: Coates/Cordain Chia Debate; Docs Avoid Aggressive End-of-Life Treatment for themselves; Kids on Mediterranean Diet Less Obese. From the Labs: Fiber Suppresses Appetite. Next Month: Carob Bread; ‘5-a-day-is-enough’ study debunked.


JUNE 2014

Evolutionary Physical Activity: Too much Sitting Time is bad for you. Tricks of Human Biology: Protein and Muscle Building. Q of Month: Can one Overdo Omega-3? Unsolicited Testimonials: Michael Virardi; Dana & Jim Melton. Recipes: Paleo Harvest by Nicole Bond. Q&A: Fruit, Fructose & GLUT; Cooking, Antinutrients, Legumes; ‘Blue Zone’ Legumes; Demonization of Sunshine; Ringworm and Diet. Promised Last Month: How do Placebos Work?; The Rise of Glucose Intolerance. Events Report: RAHMS International Conference Medical Lecture.


MAY 2014

Listen to your Body: Glycemia & Runners’ Wall. Biological Adaptation: Morning Sun keeps off the Pounds. Q of Month: Are Red Wine and Chocolate not so Healthy after all? Recipe: Spinach Quiche. Q&A: Do Apples Lower Blood Sugar? Washing Fruit; Antioxidants Boost Lung Cancer; Insect Nourishment. From the Labs: Sunlight lowers Blood Pressure. Human Society: How the Farming Revolution Allowed Despotism to Arise. News Shorts: Australia Officially Debunks Homeopathy. Video Clips: Ugg Caveman on Paleo. Event: July 11th 2014


APRIL 2014

Viewpoint: Glycemic Index – Pros and Cons. Paleo-Biology: Forager Gut Bugs not like ours. Bamboozle Watch: The Truth about Sports Drinks. Recipe: Savory Paleo Crust. Q&A: Women and Starch Intake; Omega-7, Dry Eye, and Sea Buckthorn. From the labs: Kids – What Happened to Play? Cancer Rare In Ancient Egypt; Sunshine, But not Vitamin D Helps Mood & Fatigue in MS; Celiac Disease and CVD. Upcoming Events: Academic Lecture, Paphos, Cyprus.


MARCH 2014

Beyond the Headlines: Heart – Saturated Fat no worse than omega-6; Big Sugar – Scotch’d the Snake not Killed it? Good Food Resources: Ugg bread wind ‘FreeFrom’ Award. Recipe: Avocado & Crab Cakes. Beyond the Headlines: Plant Intake puts off Death – 5-day not enough. Food Politics: Obesity – Don’t Normalize it. From the Labs: Sucralose (Splenda) not Entirely Innocent; Mouthwash Raises Blood Pressure. Reader Beware: Mis-speaking Journalist. Letter: BigPharma – One-size-fits-all. New Bond Videos.



Nature Beats BigPharma: An Apple a Day keeps the Statin Away. Evolutionary Psychology: Green Spaces Deliver Lasting Mental Health Benefits. Question of Month: Paleo – No Easy Options. Recipes: Pizza Crust. Q&A: Chocolate Update; Garlic Pill-pushers; Mulberry Fruit. News Shorts: Blood-type Diet Debunked Again; High Protein Diets – Kidney Disease; Running is best for Breast Cancer Survival; Power Walking Helps Prostate Cancer. Emperor’s Clothes: Doc – 3-Cups Milk Daily – Really? New Bond Videos. Event Acknowledgements.



Naturally-adapted Diets: Bananas bad for monkeys. Bond Precept Resources: Jeanne’s French Cookbook. Imminent Event: Mirage Medical Center. Question of Month: Low Carb Mechanics. Recipes: Next month Paleo Harvest Pizza Crust. Q&A: Resistant Starch; Seeds - Sunflower, Pumpkin; Sesame Seed & Tahini; Wild Boar vs Free-range Pork. Unintended Consequences: High Protein Diet – Kidney Failure. Briefing: Food Type Impacts Body-fats. Siren Song: Xylitol Calumny II. New Bond Videos: Protein Drinks; Mercury in Fish.

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