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Q of Month: Xylitol Calumny. Evolutionary Psychology: High Heels Boost Femininity. Bond Effect Resources: Paleo Harvest Published. Event: Oxford University. Q&A: Slow Cooking; Perlmutter’s 75% Fat Diet. Letters: Mühlfeit – Boost in Life Prospects. Sunshine is Human Food: Sunny Climates Reduce ADHD. Intellect­ual Ammo: Paleo Denial – The Argument II. Videos: Q3 – Grains & Energy; Q4 – Diet for Pregnancy; Ugg Foods Lecture part III. Health Policy: Cancers and Co-morbidities; New Chole­sterol Guidelines; Vegetable Oil Guidelines – Omega-6 Unfriended. News Shorts: Boy Milk Intake-adult Fractures; Magnesium for Brain; Acid Diet/Diabetes; Gluten/Diabetes I. Evolution & Human Behavior: Social Stratification Begat Gay Males.



Intellectual Ammunition: Paleo Denial – the Response. Evolutionary Hard Wiring: Hyper-fast Snake Response. Breaking News: Ugg Wins Small Business Award; Paleo Harvest at Printer; Video: Geoff/George Anderson. Q&A: Diabetes & Alzheimer’s; Mannitol/Beer Problem? Motor Neuron Disease. Behind the Tabloid Headlines: Nuts Help you Live Longer; Alcohol not Fattening? Evolutionary Lifestyle: Sleep Detoxifies Brain; New Bond Videos: Diet for Diabetics; Grains and energy; Ugg Foods Lecture, Part 2 of 3. Hints: Cooked Blueberry Nutrients. Events: Oxford Uni.



Beware Media Hype: Doc – Saturated Fat OK – Really? Recipe: Spicy Christmas Cookies. Cutting Edge Updates: Omega-3 Mega-doses Treat Eye Disorders. Q&A: What can I do About Colds? Biotin & Nail Health; Pumpkin – a 15% Lapse for Halloween. Strategies: The 80-15-5 Rule. Big Pharma in the Dock: Statins affect Memory. Letters: Breast Screening Risks; Clarity on HRT & Menopause. Myth-busting: Melanoma – of the Gums. Recipe News: Paleo Harvest Coming. Events: Droushia; Oxford; California. Bond on the Web: Book Review; Ugg Q&A video #1; Ugg Lecture, part I.


SEPT 2013

Cutting Edge Updates: Exercise for Cognitive Function; Antioxidants as Antidepressants. Evolutionary Biology: Pregnancy – Duration Variation. Viewpoint: ‘Poison is in the Dose’ & the Safe Zone. Recipe: Poppy-seed Coconut Bar. Q&A: What’s for Breakfast? Powdered Egg OK? Is Fluoride Good or Bad? Coconut Aminos: Soy Sauce Substitute? Sugar in Fruits, Mercury in Fish (again) Letter: Rheumatoid Arthritis. Briefing: Breast Cancer Screening – more trouble than it’s worth? High Protein Diet doesn’t Build Muscle. Events.



Briefing: Mediterranean Diet Prevents CVD. Human Psyche: Moonstruck Sleep. Human Biology: Sugar Lights up MRI Scanners. Food Ideas: Cooked Green Bananas. Q&A: Food for Diabetics; Cereals for Energy? Diet for Pregnancy. Briefing: Antibiotics Damage Cells; Outdoor Life for Eyesight. Book Review: The World until Yesterday (part V111). Events: Oxford Lecture October 9 2013.


JULY 2013

Bone Health: ‘Reversal': The Third Bone Cell. Q of Month: Flaxseed Safety. Book Review: The world Until Yesterday (part VII). Recipe: Rocky Road Chocolate Cake/Bar. Q&A: Eat Collagen to Make Collagen? Chlorine & Drinking Water; Protein Breakfast for Testosterone? Acceptable Non-savanna foods; Rapeseed (Canola) Oil Calumny; Fish still OK. Briefing: Thrifty Genotype; Cocoa Powder Beats Inflammation. Viewpoint: Motes & Beams: Prioritizing Right.

JUNE 2013

Q of Month: Only One Diet for All? Sunshine is Human Food: New Sunshine Benefit Factor. Stop Press: Ugg Ready-mixes Launched. Letter: Your Forward Thinking becoming Commonplace. Food Ideas: Kelp Noodle Salad. Q&A: White Chocolate; Coho Coconut ‘Yogurt’; Coffee is not Dehydrating; Pumpernickel Bread – Authentic vs. American Style. Novel Foods: Kelp Noodle Update. Sunshine is Life-giving: Sunshine Needed to Develop Babies’ Eyes. Book Review part VI: The World until Yesterday.

MAY 2013

Hints: For Kids, Make Fruits Easier to Eat. Infant Evolutionary Psyche: Comfort is Being Carried by Mom. Briefing: Not all Calories are the Same. New Cookbook on its Way!: Nicole’s Paleo Harvest Cookbook. Recipe: Dr Rita’s Chicken Marsala. Questions: Avocado’s Calories and Fats. Unintended Consequences: Two-faced Carnitine. More Sugar Mischief: Sugar Hardens Elastic Tissue; High Sugar Triggers Immortal Cancer Cells. Worthy Idiots: Bed-sharing with Baby and SIDS. Book Review Part V: The World until Yesterday. From the Forums: ‘I eat LOTS of vegetables! Viewpoint: Death shall have no Dominion?. Events: London; Oxford.


APRIL 2013

Infant Evolutionary Psychology: ‘Crying it out’ Harms Cognition. Collapse of Human Diet: Food & Ancient Plaque Bacteria. Evolutionary Environment: Tree/Health Link. Buyer Beware: Dr Oetker Wellcare Diabetic Wholemeal Sponge Mix. ‘Simply Orange’ False Advertising. Q&A: Diabetes Drug Invokana; San/Masai Height & Health; Fructose bad in Excess; Sweet Freedom Syrup. Food Integrity: Organic Tomatoes Richer. Worthy Idiots: “Let Infants Cry it Out”. Book Review IV: The World until Yesterday. Letters: Diane Lewis on Geoff Talk.


MARCH 2013

Health Policy: Dementia & American Lifestyle. Question of Month: Why do Humans have Starch Digestion Enzyme Amylase? Unintended Consequences: Calcium Pills Double Death Rate. Spreading the Word: Dr Rita Stec Book on Kindle. Q&A: Dr Oetker Wellcare Gluten-free Sponge & Cupcake Mix; Safety of Almond Bread Toast; Acrylamide Scare; Death-Dealing Processed Meat. Book Review: The World Until Yesterday III. Forums: Weaned off Drug Addiction, Depression, Anxiety & Prozac. Health Policy: Stigmatize Fatties like Smokers?



Question of Month: Body-Building & High Protein Drinks. Briefing: Basic Body Shapes. Evolutionary Biology: Breast Milk’s Innate Bacteria. News: Latest Video Uploaded; Ugg Training Sessions. Recipes: Samia’s Sassy Salmon Patties. Q&A: Eggs – Raw or Cooked? What About Whey Protein? Coconut Shortening; Judging Protein Intake. Book Review: The World Until Yesterday II. Myth-busting: Fear not Melanoma II. Advance Notice: Lecture Larnaca; Lecture London.



Question of Month: Parkinson’s and Lifestyle. Letter: Parent Role Model for Baby Feed. Lecture Feedback: Fear not Melanoma. Good News: Ugg Ready-mix Takes Off. Q&A: Fasting “5:2” Diet. Odds& Ends: Salt Substitute – New Angle. Book Review: The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond. Letter: Priming Kids’ Food Choice Thoughts. Acknowledgements: Diane Lewis; Art Brigman, Yona Aroesti. Editorial: The Sunshine Trade-off; TV Chef Meals Worse than Supermarket Ready Meals worse than Home Prepared Meals. Events.

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