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From the Labs: Early HRT Helps CVD. Web News: Video Clip – The Work Appetite Balance. Evolutionary Biology: Chewing Reduces Dementia. Quote: Ancient Dental Wisdom. Advance Notice: Lecture – Scripps. Human Genetics: Evolution of the Gene Pool. Stem Cells the Real Culprit Behind Hardened Arteries. Lifestyle/Disease Links: High Starch Diet – Colon Cancer. Odds & Ends: Belly Fat Provokes Osteoporosis; Pregnant Moms’ Choline Boosts Child’s Genetic Resistance; Killer Whale Grandmothers; Gut Worms help Colitis; Injected Antibiotics Disrupt Infant Gut Flora. Sunshine is Human Food: Low Vitamin D3/Type I Diabetes; Low Vitamin D/Alzheimer’s; Low Vitamin D/Multiple Sclerosis. Evolutionary Behavior: Social Psychologists’ Intolerance; Ethnically Homogeneous Neighborhoods Healthier.



Buyer Beware: Fruitizz. Event: Scripps – 04 Feb 2013. Evolutionary Environment: Hospital Design for Humans. Allergies: Hygiene Good, ‘Old Friends’ Germs, Good. Food Ideas: Not-Nutella Chocolate Spread. Q&A: Coffee & Diabetes; Positive Sources of Omega‑3. Evolutionary Biology: Teenage Heart Disease; ‘Primitive Running’ Beats Injury; Breast Feeding vs. Malocclusion; Briefing: Acid-Base Balance. Sleep: Long Term Sleep Loss – Bone Loss; Sleep Loss – Fat Cell Malfunction. Odds & Ends: Obese Boys, Low Testosterone. Soy in Girls, Adult Infertility. Evolutionary Behavior: Birds of a Feather – Cooperation. Acknowledgements: Graphic Designer; Club Trinidad.



Hints: Control Drinking by Wine Glass Shape. Worthy Idiots: Gluten-free Diet not for all? Evolutionary Psychology: Female Image Appeal Brands Political Party. Antiageing Biology: Dieting Monkeys Son’t Live Longer. Food Ideas: Coconut & Chocolate Gateau. Briefing: Gestational Diabetes. Sunlight is Human Food: Sunshine Helps Beat Tuberculosis. Evolutionary Psychology: U.S. Presidents – Successful Psychopaths; Male Physique Brands Political Party. Evolutionary Human Biology:  Costly Breast Milk Component; Gut Bugs Change in Pregnancy, Change Metabolism. Web News: New Video Clips. Events: USA CME Lecture Tour 2013.



Bond Precept & Health: Great Blood Test Results. Briefing: Type I Diabetes & Gut Worms. From the Labs: Preserving Astronauts’ Bones. Hints: What Would Batman Eat?; Chia Porridge Quick-fix. Food Ideas: Caveman Mix – Which Style? Q&A: Cure-all Alkalizing Nostrum; Coconut Water. Physical Activity Patterns: Hadza Forager Energy Expenditure same as Westerners. From the Labs: List of Wheat Allergens Grows; High Salt – Calcium Depletion; More Triclosan Mischief; No Human Neanderthal Interbreeding after all?; Ancient Native Americans were Diabetes-free. Web News: Latest Video Clips Uploaded.  Unintended Consequences: Calcium Tablets Increase Heart Attacks.



Briefing: Type I Diabetes, Dairy and Antibiotics. Spreading the Word: Simplifying Paleo Cooking. Letters: Raising Public Awareness. Forthcoming Events: Lecture Monday September 17, 2012. Already Happened: Bond Paleo Theme Night. Food Ideas: Kim Lloyd’s Caveman Mix. Q&A: Gluten-free Bread. From the Labs: Prunes for Bone Health; Autism – The Insulin Connection; Organic Tomatoes Beat Intensive; Gut Bugs Mature Immune System. Evolutionary Behavior: Males – Problem Discussing ‘Weird’. Evolutionary Technology: First Use of Fire in Europe. Spreading the Word: Press Interview, Bond Paleo Meal. Letters: Diabetes Survivor.


JULY 2012

Spreading the Word: Successful Bond Paleo Rehearsal; Radio Interview; Coming Soon – Video Shorts Evolutionary Medical Anthropology. Real Food Campaign: Pupil Shames her School Lunches. Q Of Month: Prickly Pear for Diabetics? Food Ideas: Gourmet Chef to do Bond Paleo. Questions: Forager Tubers. Human Cognitive Evolution: Bow & Arrow – Brainy Invention. Briefing: All about Carbohydrates. From the Labs: Male Testosterone in Old Age; Sun Reduces Pancreatic Cancer; Calcium and Vitamin D – Kidney Stones. Humbug Watch: MD Twaddle Creates Confusion. Evolutionary Biology: Forager Breast Milk – More DHA. Events: Lecture – Oxford University.


JUNE 2012

Evolutionary Psychology: Symmetry is Beauty is Health. Spreading the Word: Masters in Evolutionary Medicine; Authoring CRC Handbook. Forthcoming Happenings: Gourmet Chef to do Bond Paleo. Question of Month: Fructose: It’s all in the Dose. Evolutionary Child-Rearing: Foragers Fed Pap to Babies. Q&A: Ketosis: Devoutly to be Wished? Rolling Back Alzheimer’s; Fructose in Fruit; Sunflower Seed, Pumpkin Seed. From the Labs: Baby Food is Mineral Poor; High Blood Sugar Mischief. Briefing: Fructose – Liver Attack. Book Review part IV: Beyond Broccoli. Behavior in our Genes: Educated Women Find Men Scarce; Why Most Engineers are Boys. Deadly Harvest Web Review: “Radical and Unputdownable”. Deadly Harvest Update: Kindle Friendly Best Seller.


MAY 2012

Example to us all: Centenarian Edith Morrey. Spreading the Word: Deadly Harvest Hits Number 1. Letters: Nutella False Claims – Outrage. Human Evolution: Worldwide IQ Variation – are Parasites a Factor? Q&A: Kelp Noodles; Cold Sores. Viewpoint: Soft Science – Rigor and the Heart. From the Labs: Oral Bacteria – Joint-Pain Link; Jury Out – Gum Disease/Atherosclerosis Link; White Rice Provokes Diabetes II; Breast Milk’s Fiber Feeds Infant Gut Flora. Our Changing Food Supply: Cattle Descended from80 Aurochs. Book Review Part III: Schenck – Recovering Vegetarian III. Behavior in our Genes: African Men now Prefer Thinner Black Women. News Shorts: Tetracycline Zaps Sperm; Fast Foods Provoke Depression. Deadly Harvest Web Buzz: The Book has Zero Fluff


APRIL 2012

Buyer Beware: Nutella Fined for False Claims. Human Behavior: Feeding On-Demand Raises IQ. Food/Disease Link: Gluten- and Dairy-free Aids Autism. Appreciation: Diane Lewis. Questions: Alzheimer’s & Ketogenic Diet; Ketogenic Diet Dangers. Viewpoint: Are Pollutants a Worry? From the Labs: Saturated Fats Depress Sperm Quality, Omega-3 Helps; Wine, Coffee, Fish, slow MS. Book Review part II: Beyond Broccoli by Susan Schenck. Behavior in our Genes: Sexual Selection & Handicapping; Extended Family Goes Nuclear. Our Human Story: Neanderthal-Human Sex Rarely Produced Kids. From the Podcasts: Deadly Harvest – Evolutionary Psychology/Massively Researched.


MARCH 2012

Behavior in our Genes: EHBEA Conference 2012. Book Review Part I: ‘Beyond Broccoli’ by Susan Schenck. Food-Disease Links: Starches – Breast Cancer Relapse. Thoughts from the Savanna: Foragers are Fit to the End. Food Ideas: Celia’s Citrus Cake. News from the Labs: Long Reach of Womb Nurture. Small Business Helps Health. The Human Story: Iceman’s Genes Decoded. Buyer Beware: Soy Tablets don’t help Bones. Human Behavior: Prejudice and Aggression Different for Men and Women; Men-Women Personality Chasm. Health Policy: Healthy Lifespan Deteriorates. Viewpoint: MAD Food Supply – Just Say No! Acknowledgments: USA Lecture Tour Spring 2012.



Book Review Part II: The Hadza Hunter Gatherers of Tanzania. Q of Month: Getting Omega-3 into the Eggs. News from the Labs: City Living Disturbs the Brain. Food Ideas: Mock Potato Salad. News from the Lab: Milk is Insulinemic; Africans More Vulnerable to Omega-6 Oils; Baby’s Gut Microbe Diversity Best Defense against Allergies; Crohn’s Less at Lower Latitudes. Food Politics: Congress – Pizza is a Vegetable; Agri-business Exec’s Campaign against GMO’s and Additives. As Nature Intended: ‘Barefoot’ Running. Viewpoint: Sinister Taste Manipulation. Human Behavior: Childhood: Forager Indulgent or Modern Discipline – Coda.



Book Review: The Hadza Hunter Gatherers of Tanzania by Frank Marlowe. Hints: Hide Vegetables in Kids’ Food. News Shorts: Diverse Gut Flora Nix Allergies; Low Vitamin D, Early Menarche. Sidebar: We Think Differently. Food Ideas: Walnut Crackers. Jungle Lore: Whole Food Not Supplements. Human Behavior: Childhood – Forager Indulgent or Modern Discipline? Part V. Mind/Body Connection: Child Maltreatment & Disease. Musings: Child Upbringing – Character Changes. Unintended Consequences: Antibiotic-caused Diseases. Briefings: What are AGEs? Part II; Second-guessing Fats. Mind-Body Connection: Acupuncture not Without Harm. Media Update: German Kindle Edition; Radio Interview; Body Language Article; Video Interview.  

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