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Jungle Lore: Sugar’s Glycemic Load. Humanoid Behaviors: Why Chimps Sleep in Trees, Why Humans Don’t. Immune Education: Baby’s Allergies: Mum’s Low Omega-3 Status a Factor. Activity Update.  Food Ideas: Chocolate Prune Truffles. Q&A: Coconut Sugar – Jury’s Out; Consume Only Superfoods? Human Behavior: Childhood - Forager Indulgent or Modern Discipline, Part IV. Feeding Patterns: Mediterranean-like Diet for Longevity. Nature’s Way: Outdoor Life Good for Eyesight. Unintended Consequences: Colon Flush – All Downside. Briefing: What are AGEs? Letter: 50-year-old betters her Peers.



Q of Month: Acne is Optional. Human Behavior: Childhood – Forager Indulgent or Modern Discipline? Part III. Hints: Avoid Products with Food Labels. Food Ideas: Yuletide Menu. Q&A: Nuts – Roasted as Good as Raw?; Hydrogen Peroxide Miracle Cure?; Tomatoes and Autoimmune Disease; Cinnamon Helps Fight Diabetes? News: Xylitol Slows Bone Resorption; Inflammatory Toxins, AGEs, in Babies and Diabetes. Letter: Diabetes Wake-up Call. Viewpoint: Vitamin D – From Sun or Food?.



Human Behavior: Childhood – Forage Indulgent or Modern Discipline? Part II. Question: Low Blood Sugar – Time to Slump. Briefing Bonus Supplement: Shopping List – Foods Categorized by Traffic Light Listing. Question: Palm Oil – Friend or Foe?  Recipe: Cauliflower Risotto. Q&A: Coconut Oil Mania; Oily Flours – Baking and Oxidation; Which Foods Best Raw?; Living Enzyme Nutri-babble. Viewpoints: Steve Jobs Dies of Cancer at 56; Self-reliance for Feeling Good. Letter: ‘You keep me Grounded’ – Kim Lloyd. Web News: Body Conference Video Interview; Huffington Post Halloween Article.



Question of Month: America’s First People. Human Behavior: Childhood – Forager-indulgent or Modern Discipline? Part I. Food Ideas: Bread Recipe Variants (Supplement). Human Condition: What do Foragers Die of? Event: Geoff Lecture Nov 5. Recipe: Greene Taboulé.  Q&A: Sweetener Xylitol Natural; Forager Longevity; Heating Various Omega-3 Oils; Jicama OK; Varicose Veins not Inevitable; Carob Update; Sprouted Buckwheat Groats; Wheatgrass Juice. Human Biology: Distance Runners Drink too Much. Supplement: Coconut Flour Bread; Three Flour Bread; Basic Almond Flour Bread.

Question of Month: When it’s OK to Drink a Gallon. Darwin on Orthodontics: Your Jaws are What You Chew. Darwin Label: Nestlé Hot Cocoa Mix.  Early Warning: Men Lean at 18 Live Longer. Recipe: Broccoli Soup. Q&A: Sweetener ‘Just Like Sugar’;  Evolution of Symbiotic Microbes.  Sunshine is Human Food: Least Sun, Stiffest Arteries. Health Politics: The Quagmire – How American Medicine is Destroying Itself. Jungle Lore: Indigestible Fiber Intake. Food/Disease Links: Low Glycemic Diet Nixes Cancer. Evolutionary Psychology: Jobless Husbands Seek Divorce. Events: Geoff Speaks at London Body Conference.

JULY 2011
Food Politics: Doc – Eight Glasses of Day Mantra is Nonsense. Bond Protocol in Unusual Situations: Update – Long Pilgrimage on foot.  Human Psyche: Over­simplifying Complexity.  Cautionary Tale: Dog Chews off Diabetic’s Toe.  Recipe: Coconut Ice Cream. Q&A: Hempseed Conformity; Citric Acid Additive OK; Hempseed Antinutrients; Glycemic Index Double Standard. Food Ideas: Chia Seed Porridge. Jungle Lore: G.I. Briefing. Unintended Consequences: Fat Substitutes, Weight Gain Link. Hints & Tips: Dad’s Influence Kids Junk Food. Evolutionary Psychology: Autism – Good for Foragers? Events.

JUNE 2011
Food Politics: USDA – Gamekeeper and Poacher. Human Behavior: Price of Ideal Female Shape. Human Psyche: Boss’s Gender Impacts Stress. Quote: Vitamin D Targets Too Low. Recipe: Vegetable Loaf. Q&A: Foragers’ Fingernail Trimming. Hints: Drop Caffeine for Weight Loss. Jungle Lore: Beware Magic Bullet Mentality. Medicalization: Medicine’s Manifold Side Effects. Evolutionary Biology: Breast Fed for Right Gut Bacteria. Worthy Idiots: Medicate Oldies Willy-nilly.  Unintended Consequences: Calcium Pills Increase Fractures. Unknown Unknowns: Brain Regulates Bone Mass. Sunshine is Human Food: Sun Reduces Multiple Sclerosis; Sun Reduces Kid’s Asthma; Sun Reduces Kid’s Allergies. Letters: Evolutionary Method Rings True. Events.

MAY 2011
Spreading The Word: Natural Eating 2nd ed on Kindle. Deconstructing Humbug: Analyzing Mercola’s Evidence. Longevity – Bond Protocol: 99 and Still Going Strong. Gut Health: Bacteria Control Immune Cells. Food Politics: USDA Pyramid is now a Plate. Q&A: Bond Protocol – Can Farms Cope? Making Almond Butter; Micronutrients Defined; Teff Flour; Coconut Flour. Darwin Label: Rhubarb Ginger Airline Dessert Evolutionary Behavior: Die Young, Live Fast – Evolution of an Underclass.  Fish Oil: Making more of Fish Livers; Canning and Cooking Fish; How Much Fish Liver Pâté? Food Safety: Plants – Internalized Germs.

APRIL 2011
Masterclass - Deconstructing Humbug: 5-a-day is a ’Myth’ – Part IV. Food Ideas: Conforming Bread. Viewpoint: Myth of a Germ-free World. Getting out the Message: Wheel of Fortune. Evolutionary Behavior: Are Good Looks More Employable? Recipe: Conforming Bread. Questions: Milk or Coffee-Mate? Grapefruit – Pink or White? How much Sunshine? Hints: Mouth­wash Drawback. Microwave Ovens: Analyzing Mercola’s Evidence. New Findings: How Skin Resists UV Damage; Lithium Fountain of Youth? Happenings: Human Behavior and Evolution Society Annual Conference 2011.

MARCH 2011
Briefing: All About Inulin. Bond Protocol in Unusual Situations: Feeding a Long Distance Foot Pilgrim. Human Nature: High Plant Intake – Healthy Glow.  Q & A: Yacon Flour OK; Methyl Iodide Pesticide. Hints & Tips: Cadbury’s Cocoa is Dutched. Intellectual Rigor: Selective with the Evidence?; Mercola on Microwave Ovens. New Findings: Vegan CVD Risk; Depressed? Low Omega-3. Masterclass – Deconstructing Humbug: 5-a-day- is a ‘Myth’ Part III. Food Policy: USDA Dietary Guidelines 2010, Part II.

Q of Month: How to Feed a Pilgrim on the Road. Spreading the Word: Book Signing ExpoWest; USA Tour – Medical Lectures. Food Policy: USDA Dietary Guidelines 2010. Food Ideas: Conforming Bread on its Way; Spinach Roly Poly. Q&A: Mesquite Flour; Maca Root Powder; Arrowroot; Sterilizing with Microwave Oven. Hints and Tips: Cocoa – Best not Dutched. Misleading Media Hype: 5-a-Day ‘is a Myth’ – Part II. Breaking News: Plant Food Nixes Heart Disease. Philanthropy: Art Brigman & Yona Aroesti; Edith Morrey; Gregg Juarez; Dr Rita Stec; Diane Lewis; Other USA Helpers. Web Updates: Healthy Harvest on Kindle. Forthcoming Event: P3A, Paphos, Cyprus.

Question of Month: Stone-Age Grain Eating. Sunshine is Human Food: Rickets Girl Wore Sun Factor 50. Misleading Media: Claim – 5-a-day is a ‘Myth’. Famous Last Words: Montignac - on Exercise. Food Ideas: Conforming Bread on its Way. Questions: Relieving Prostate Troubles; Yacon Syrup; Hemp Seed is Fine; Fruit Sugar Explained. Editorial: Prostate Research Deficit. A Good Month For… Hunter Gatherers in Medical Journals. Fitness Guru Success: Jack Lalanne Makes it to 96. Deadly Harvest Out-takes: Procrustean Bed part II. Sunshine is Human Food: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia; Chubbier Kids. Web Updates: Natural Eating Online in French & German.

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