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Bond Precepts in Practice: Geoff’s Health Status. Brave New World: Too Fat to Join Military. Nature Trumps Our Hubris: Breast Milk – Nitrite Boon. We should be Told: Diet Gurus’ Health Status. Deadly Harvest Outtakes: Procrustean Bed (Part I). Food Ideas: Yuletide Feasting Review. Q&A: Cooking Canola (Rapeseed Oil); How to Raise the Bond Cakes?; Xanthan Gum is OK; Watercress Beats Breast Cancer; Play Down Magnesium Pills. Unintended Consequences: Ancestors’ Lapses Visited on Us. Health Policy: Aspirin OK But not Drug for Life. Buyer Beware: Agave Syrup Yes, Maple No; Jam – Diabetic vs. Fruit Syrup. Did You Know? Most Cholesterol is Body-made.



Christmas: Last-minute Gift! Cancer Watch: Breast-cancer Healthy Lifestyle Works. Evolutionary Psyche: Fifth of Second to Fall in Love. Thoughts from the Savanna: Memorizing Life’s Essentials. Christmas Recipe: Kim’s Seasonal Carrot Cake. Questions: Sprouted Spelt Bread; Hard Water and Calcium; Menopause Strategies; Grapeseed Oil Status; Vitamin D Supplement View; Gallstone Prevention; Canned Fish vs. Fresh Fish. News From the Labs: Fish Oils Reduce Gum Disease. Health Policy: Palliative Care Better for Cancer. Events: USA Tour February-March 2011. Hints & Tips: Cod Liver: Load up on Fish Oil.



Evolutionary Brain Wiring: Meal is Mouthwatering – Why? Evolutionary Physical Activity: Lifelong Physical Activity Works. Did you Know? Arabic Script Numbs Brain. Imminent Event: Geoff Speaks: Oxford, Nov 10, 2010.  Q&A: How Much Fish For Infants? Inside Info on ‘Low Density’ Diet; How Much Fish Oil in Tuna? Cooking With Splenda – or Diabetic Jam. Sweeteners and Hunger. Unintended Consequences: Calcium Tablets & Heart Attack.  Sunshine is Human Food: Tanning is Nature’s Dimmer; Skin’s Self-Repair Mechanism. Hints: Finding the Right Priority; Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables. Cancer Watch: Breast Cancer Risk Tied to Grandmother’s Diet; Vegetable Diversity/Lung Cancer. Amazing popular Delusions: Scientific Consensus – a Herd? Web Update: Geoff’s Audio Downloads.



Evolutionary Mothering: Infants Need Fish Omega-3’s. Worthy idiots: Big Mac with Statin Sides. Editorial: Herd Mentality. Public Event: Geoff to Speak at Oxford University.  Did You Know: Dietary Pesticides 99% Natural. Q&A: Sunflower Seed; Salt Substitute OK. Amazing Popular Delusions: Gallon of Water Kills Mom. News: White Button Mushrooms Aid Immune Function; Olive Oil’s Helpful Micronutrients; Swedes – Lactose Tolerant Tribe. Unintended Consequences: Statins Guilty Secret. Hints: Brewed Tea Not Bottled is Best. Update: Montignac – Cause of Death. Book Review II: The Spirit Level Delusion.



Common Wisdom – Unreliable: When Babies were Fed Soda. Dietary Guideline Policy Doctor rethinks Food/Disease Link. Retrospective: Diet Guru Michel Montignac Dies Young.  Recipe: Peperonata Provençal.  Q&A: Good and Bad Seeds; All about Tigernuts. What’s Best - Fish or Chicken?; Most Healthful Lettuce. Sunshine is Brain Food: Low Vitamin D – less Cognition;  Less Vitamin D, More Parkinson’s. Editorial: Amazing Popular Delusions. Scientific Integrity: Spotting the Humbug – Part II of the Spirit Level. Geoff’s Book Review: The Spirit Level Delusion. Unintended Consequences: More ‘Good' Cholesterol Not Always Good.


JULY 2010

Q of Month: Corroborating the Bond Precepts. Common Wisdom is Unreliable: When Doctors Backed Smoking. Scientific Integrity: Spotting the Humbug. Recipe: Spicy Aniseed Cake. Questions: Getting off Medications; Cancer Grows Blood Vessels (Angiogenesis) to Feed  Itself. Buyer Beware: Carrefour “Agir Organic Cookies”.  Health Professionals’ Corner: Blood Sugar Test. Bond Precepts in Practice: Nicole’s Status. Letters: Deadly Harvest Info Provides Best Context. Health Policy: Think-tank Brain-storming. Laughter the Best Medicine: America’s Wackiest Warning Label 2010.  From The Web: Blogs; German Blogs; Websites.


JUNE 2010

Recipes: Jeanne’s Jam Roly Poly.  Evolutionary Human Behavior: Psychopaths Born that Way. Question of Month: Electrolyzed Water for Cancer? Our Genetic Heritage: Attractive Neanderthals? From The Blogs. ..  Heritage Human Diet: Turtle, Crocodiles and Hippopotamus. Q&A: Alcohol and Sleep; Stealthy Codex Alimentarius; Quit Smoking Medication. Worthy Idiots: Obesity “Caused by Poverty”. Sunshine is Human Food: New-found Factor in Sunlight Helps Multiple Sclerosis. Did You Know? Last Suppers Getting Bigger. Male Competition in Evolution: Fights for Women Yet Fiercer. Hints: Sprouting Cuts Back Bean Toxins; Beware the Indulgence Effect. Letters: Healthy Harvest ‘Masterpiece’.  SUPPLEMENT: Jeanne’s Jam Roly Poly.


MAY 2010

Our Genetic Heritage: Neanderthal Genes in Us? Evolutionary Human Behavior: Low female Waist-Hip Ratio Best. Hints & Tips: Soccer for Health & Wellbeing. Did You Know? Good Health in Extreme Old Age. Recipe: Spicy Moroccan Chicken. Questions: Green Bean Safety. Health Policy: Green Spaces lower Anxiety and Depression. Sunshine is Human Food: Our SWAT Team Killer Cells; Sunlight Lowers Kidney Cancer; Sunshine Deficiency is Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, Brain Atrophy. Did You Know? Fat Cell Numbers. Evolutionary Psychology: How Chimps Deal With Death. Letters: How I Got My Husband on Board.  Did You Know? Jaws Change with Age. It’s not all Bad: Shop Light Boosts Veg Nutrients.


APRIL 2010

Question of Month: What is a Serving Size? Evolutionary Human Behavior: Toys – Boys Will Be Boys. Our Genetic Heritage: “Bad” Genes Don’t Doom Us. Quote: Last Line of Origin of Species. Recipe: Grilled Eggplant with Chili Oil & Vinegar. Myths & Fallacies: Cold Drinks are Cooling. Evolutionary Human Behavior: Male Shopping is Heart-felt. Food Politics: Changing Food Buying Behavior – Tax vs. Subsidy. Testimony: Ted Slanker “The Real Diet of Man is Very Simple”. From the Labs: Lack Magnesium, Lack Memory – Supplements Don’t Work; Zinc Deficiency Damages DNA. Briefing: Ketogenic Diet. Reconnecting With Nature: Low-Carb Diet Beats Medication. Letters: Ferrari in a VW Body. Our Social Networking: Facebook Group; Twitter; LinkedIn.


MARCH 2010

Q. of the Month: Telomeres and Antiageing? Human Genetics: Extinct Paleo-Eskimo Revived. Unintended Consequences: Sunscreens Cause Skin Cancer. Q & A: Aspartame Alarm; Grass-fed vs. Corn-fed Beef; Vitamin D Supplementation; Duck vs. Cornish Game Hen; Puberty & Mood Swings; Olives; Wild Meat Intake. Human Heritage: Most Ancient Tribe – DNA Done. We Are What We Eat: How to Make Good Body-fat. Evolutionary Biology: Apples Promote Friendly Bacteria. Myth –Busting: Soy Isoflavones Don’t Help Bones. Health Professionals’ Corner: Blood Sugar Test. Worthy Idiots: Fruit & Veg/Cancer.  Letters: Fascinating Anthropology/History.



Event Report: Walter T Stec Seminar. In a State of Nature: Running – Why the Shoes? II. Humanity: Mating Games: Female Fancy – Foot Language. Laugh With Palin: Alaska’s Animals on a Plate. Event Report: Book Signing at Natural Products Expo West. Q&A: Alternative Sweetener – Somersweet; Vitamin B12 Sufficiency; Bond Diet Baffles Health Visitor; Tanning Beds Good for Vitamin D; Online Community of Followers. Thoughts from the Savanna: Stress of Jobs for the Girls. Hints: Eating – Keep the Rules Simple. Sunshine is Human Food: Sunshine, Race & Cardiac Deaths. Worthy Idiots: Life Expectancy/”Sun Damage”. Event Reports: CME Lectures; WT Stec Seminar – Photos; Cancer Talk, Oxford University. From the Web.



In a State of Nature: Menstruation Mysteries.  Quote: Meat – Laugh with Palin. Unintended Consequences: Running – Why the Special Shoes? Health Politics: What to do about Obesity? Questions: Alternative Sweetener – Xylitol; Yeast – Good or Bad?; Cancer Protein Intake. Evolutionary Biology: Gut Bacteria Help Immune Cells. Thoughts from the Savanna: Stress of Jobs for the Boys III - Employers. Letters: No Humbug in Deadly Harvest. Hints: Muscle Building: Eat Proteins Moderately but Regularly; Eat Quickly – Overeat; Dark Chocolate – Stress Relief. Disease Connections: Wheat & Osteoporosis. Worthy Idiots: Sun Deficiency/Breast Cancer. Further Resources: Author Page. Events: USA Tour. Event Report: Oxford University.  

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