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DECEMBER 2008 (pdf)

Like Nature Intended: Strength and Fighting Ability Revealed in Men’s Faces. Health Professionals Corner: Sweet Potato vs Regular Potato. Hone Your Media Skepticism: “Low Carb Diets Increase Memory Loss”. Breaking News: Splenda Woes. Recipe: Pistachio Cookies.  Questions: Weaning – What solids?; Food Pioneer Weston A Price; Lifestyle  and Glaucoma.  Briefing: Some Oily Foods Curb Hunger. Hints & Tips: Bond Tomato Ketchup.  Letters: Seniors Improve Fitness – “Better Late Than Never!” - Joan & Bill Ogden.  Evolution & Human Behavior: Part II – Forager Stepfathers. Bond Briefing Update: What became of the ezine? Events: USA Tour


NOVEMBER 2008 (pdf)

Like Nature Intended: Golf Prolongs Life; Like Nature Intended: In Praise of Sunshine. Evolution & Human Behavior: Part I: Evolutionary Origins of Stepfather Violence. Recipe: Rich Christmas Cake. Questions: Baby Formula. Lifestyle/Disease Links: Greenery Reduces Obesity. Sunshine is Human Food: Parkinson’s Disease; Crohn’s Disease, Colitis; Chronic Liver Disease; Deficiency Affects 36 organs. Briefing: Unraveling Breast Milk. Biological Curiosities: Hardship & Long Life.  Listen to Geoff: Rosie Charalambous. Events


OCTOBER 2008 (pdf)

Food politics: Rolling Back School Junk Lunches (Jamie Oliver). Hints & Tips: Try Raw Beets. Briefings: Thyroid-depressing Plants. Recipe: Lemon & Coriander Chicken. Q&A: Desirability of Digestibility; Fructose is not Preservative; Fish Contaminants Not all Bad. Lifestyle-Disease Links: How to Avoid Enlarged prostate; Mouth Flora in Evolutionary Perspective. News Shorts: Carbs Waken Esophageal Cancer; Omega-3 Deficiency Allows Prostate Cancer to Emerge; Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s more Likely with Sunshine Deficiency; Flavonoids as Vaccines. Letters: Grains Wreck Cats & Dogs. Misbeliefs: Denial about Cancer Causes. Upcoming events


SEPTEMBER 2008 (pdf)

Question of the Month: If Not Sunlight, Why Melanoma? Evolutionary Biology: Mouth Flora Not All Bad. Hints: Reflecting on Values Dissolves State of Denial. Quote of Month: William Castelli. Recipe: Poppy Seed and Apple Gateau. Questions: Thyroid and Iodine Deficiency; Monavie Açai Juice; Black Tea Nausea Effect; Quince; Purslane Availability. Editorial: Apply The Knowledge – It won’t Happen By Itself. Briefing: Night-time Urination (Nocturia); Poisonous Green Potato. News Shorts: Chili Poisoning. Letters: Impressed with Scholarship; Word of Mouth Serendipity. Listen To Geoff: Charalambous Interview. Events


AUGUST 2008 (pdf)

Question of Month: Degenerative Disease in Prehistory. Our Food Supply: USA vs. Mexican Meal Habits. Like Nature Intended: Docs – Sunshine is Not the Cause of Melanoma. Recipe: Hoki Hot-Pot. Q&A: Sugar and Dark Chocolate; Ancient Human Lifespan. PET Scan/Glucose Injection. Name & Shame - TV14: Kefir Good for Bones [Really?]; Soy Fights Cancer [Really?]. Briefing: BPH – Prostate Enlargement. News Shorts: Soy Kills Sperm; Calcium Does Not Prevent Hip Fractures.  Acknowledgements: Readers and Edith Morrey. Web Links: Kids Colon Cancer – TV Commercial. Listen to Geoff: Radio Interview. Events


JULY 2008 (pdf)

Question of the Month: Dr Peat Fish Oil Fallacy. Human Heritage: Walking Saves the Masai. Living Like Nature Intended: Sunshine Benefits Heart Failure, Type 1 Diabetes, Colon Cancer. Bogus Health Scare: Consumption of Nuts in Pregnancy Increases Asthma in Children. Food Savvy: Acceptable Sweeteners. Questions: Canola (Rapeseed) Hysteria; Anti-cancer Broccoli Sprouts; Goji Berry (Wolfberry) Hype. Hunters Food Supply: Grey Squirrel Fricassee. Reader’s Letter: The Real Thing, not Supplements. News Shorts: How Cranberry Helps Cystitis; Fish Oil Benefits Prostate Cancer, Motherhood, Brainpower, Rheumatoid Arthritis. Events


JUNE 2008 (ezine format)

BACK TO OUR ROOTS: Food Scarcity - Mini-livestock Here We Come. OUR COMPLEX BIOLOGY: Ridding Ourselves of the Magic Bullet Mentality. RECIPE: Fruit Clafoutis. QUESTIONS: Calcium Deposits in Blood Vessels. TESTIMONY: Intellectual Honesty Appreciated. NEWS SHORTS: The Secret to Bone Health in Centenarians; Fat Young, Die Young; Breast Feeding Moms Halve Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis; HINTS & TIPS: Simple Veggie Wash is Most Effective. OUR HUMAN STORY: Should Different Races Have Different Lifestyles? (continued). WEBSITE NEWS: Deadly Harvest Online. EVENTS


MAY 2008 (pdf)

Our Human Story: Should Different Races Have Different Lifestyles? Food Supply Insights: Taming Giant Cattle. Food Supply Aberrations: Human Breast Milk Cheese. Food Savvy: Bad Sweeteners. Q&A: Acid-Forming Diet & Cancer; Youngster Protein Intake; Omega-3 Eggs – how Made?; Salt Intake & Sweat; Protein & Metabolic Diet; Flavorless Fruit Good? Hints: Measuring Acid-Alkali Status; Loss of Taste with Age. News Shorts: Plants Preserve Muscle Mass; Obesity & Bad Carbohydrate Predict Esophageal Cancer. Worthy Idiots: Paleolithic Diet “Lacks” Dairy! Quote: Our Complex Biology. Events


APRIL 2008 (pdf)

Bond Effect Resources: Newsletter 10th Anniversary. Lifestyle and Longevity: Limit Sitting Time. Q of Month: Argan Oil. Recipe: Red Berry Fairy Muffins. Q&A: Heat Resistant Canola Oil?; Glucose Fuels Brains; Crazy Kangen Water; Acid/Base and Stomach Acids; Arthritis and Nightshades; Are Vegetables Dog Food? Testimony: Dick Decker. News Shorts: Infants Do Better if Pregnant Mum Consumed Omega-3. Letters: Food Promotion Debauchery; Cycling Not All Bad. Viewpoint: Denial About Parents’ Lifestyle. Quick Fix: Garlicky Beans With Pine Nuts. Resources: Newsletter Retrospective. Events.


MARCH 2008 (pdf)

Meal Ideas: Daily Fruit Ration. Lifestyle & Longevity: How to Live to 100 Years and More. Bond Effect Resources: Landmark 10 Year Newsletter; Healthy Harvest Print Edition. Q&A: Raw Revolution Fruit Bar; Classifying Glycemic Indexes; Limits to Fat Intake?; Why Curry Paste in Recipes?; Why Coconut Milk in Recipes?; Why Soy Sauce in Recipes?; Cycling – Conforming Activity?; Plant to Meat Ratio. Testimony: Lisa Brown – Deadly Harvest Rescues Me From Agonizing Bad Health. Event Report: American Speaking Tour; Acknowledge­ments. News Shorts: Vitamin D – Diet or Sunlight?; Colon Bugs Control Disease. Viewpoint: The Herd Thunders Back.



PRINT EDITION IS COMING: Healthy Harvest Cookbook. QUESTIONS: Are Blueberries a Super Food. HELL AND GOOD INTENTIONS: Folic Acid Jekyll and Hyde. RECIPE: Chile Con Carne. HINTS & TIPS: Unsupervised Children are More Sociable. LETTERS: Teen Body Mass Index; Common Sense on Gut Flora and Climate Change; Population Density and the Lift Effect; Viking Pillaging. DID YOU KNOW? Genes Achieve their Effects in Complex Ways; Evolutionary Trap: Why Squirrels Get Squashed Crossing the Road; Human Herd Behavior GUEST OPINION: Climate Change Humbug and the Resilient Earth. LIFESTYLE- DISEASE LINKS: Sunshine Deficiency and Heart Disease; Sunshine Deficiency and Lung Cancer. EVENTS: USA Speaking Tour and Cyprus Book Signing  



Lifestyle-Disease Connection: Bad Carbs Destroy Vision. Question of the Month: Eggs can REDUCE Cholesterol. Meal Tips: Christmas Canapés. Worthy Idiots: The Salt-Iodine Fix; The Vitamin A – Sugar Fix.  Q&A: Vegetables: Cooked or Raw? Hints & Tips: Breastfed Babies Like What Mom Eats; Don’t Program Your Breastfed Baby for Allergies; Canola Oil Benefits Official; Elderly Tipples OK.  Feedback: Climate Changes and Humbug. Human Nature: Herd Mentality; Aggression Works.  Events: American Speaking Tour; Book Signings. Our Website News: Geoff Bond TV Interviews; Website Updates.


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