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DECEMBER 2007 (ezine)

FORCES OF NATURE: Human Evolution Speeds Up. HUMAN FRAILTIES: Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe; Why Women Worry So Much. RECIPE: Zucchini Curry Quick Fix. QUESTIONS: Gut Recovery From Antibiotics; Body Mass Index for Growing Children; Fibroids and Lifestyle. HINTS & TIPS: How to Encourage Children to Eat Right; Make Inertia Work For You; Battle "Mindless" Eating - Keep Visual Clues; Present Sacrifice for Future Benefit. EARTH ECOLOGY: Humans Consume a Quarter of the Earth's Natural Productivity. OPINION: Climate Change and Humbug - part II. FOOD-DISEASE CONNECTION: Flavonoid-poor Diet Allows Ovarian Cancer to Flourish; Poor Bone Health Linked to Obesity; Increased Glucose is a Strong Risk for Colorectal Cancer. EVENTS: USA Speaking Tour.


NOVEMBER 2007 (pdf)

Our Fickle Earth Environment: Climate warming Cycles; Carbon Dioxide Down the Ages. Intellectual Honesty: Canute - Tide Only Turns When It’s Ready. Christmas Gift: Deadly Harvest.  Recipe: Rich Christmas Cake. Questions: Chili; Periodontal Problems; Do Prawns Feel Pain? Health Professionals’ Corner: Plant Diarrhea; Sugar Addiction. News Shorts: New Way Omega 3 Fights Prostate Cancer; Ritalin Stunts Growth. Hints: Cutting Onions; Taboo Tactics.  Opinion: Climate Changes and Humbug. Events: American Speaking Tour. Web Update: Geoff Bond Demo Video. Help Support Our Mission: Books and Speaking; Contribute via Amazon System.

OCTOBER 2007 (ezine)

AS NATURE INTENDED: Sunlight is Human Food. Low Sunshine, Increased Broken Hips; Low Sunshine, Increased Pre-eclampsia. AS NATURE INTENDED: Physical Activity. Only 3% of UK 11-year Olds Get Enough Exercise. AS NATURE INTENDED: Sleep. Lack of Sleep Doubles Risk of Death. QUESTIONS: Are Sprouted Grains Better? Economical Consequences of the Savanna Model. HINTS & TIPS: Pregnant Women Should Eat Fish After All; Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Retain Goodness Long after Purchase; "Take The Stairs" Signs Work; Don't Let Your Guard Down in "Healthy" Restaurants. CHRISTMAS IDEAS: Signed and dedicated Deadly Harvest. MANIPULATION WATCH: Official Statistics Misused for Political Ends; "Disrupt-then-Reframe" Technique Increases Sales; The Sound of a Name Sells. FOOD-DISEASE CONNECTION: Garlic Helps Relax Arteries; "Fruity Vegetables" and Fish Reduce Asthma and Allergies; Omega-3 in Flaxseed Reduces Hot Flashes. EVOLUTIONARY SOCIO-BIOLOGY: Babysitting and Caring Grandmothers; Why Grandfathers Matter; Career Women Will Die Out; Step-Children Care less For Step-Parents; Ethnic Diversity is Not How Nature Intended. READER APPEAL FOR SOUL MATES: Peter Harris. DEADLY HARVEST REVIEW: Dr Günter Noll


SEPTEMBER  2007 (pdf)

Q of Month: Psychology of Change. Back to Our Heritage: Return to Safer Watermelons. Folly of Month: Chinese Fall to Milk Lobby. Did You Know?: Fizzy Drinks are Moreish; Deadly Harvest Review.  Recipe: Hot & Sour Chicken Soup. Q&A: Is Washing Necessary; Endometriosis Matters; Busy Working Mum. Hints: Women’s Work; Tuna & Tomato Quick Fix. New Developments: Foreign Language Editions; American Speaking Tour. Web Update: Newsletter Archive; Healthy Harvest Update.


AUGUST 2007 (ezine)

As Nature Intended: Childhood Sunshine Reduces Multiple Sclerosis Later. Medical Politics: Obesity Taboo Broken. Quote of Month: Challenge the Limits. Questions: Fruit, Fructose Overdose, Colic; Learning to like vegetables; Retinol, Cancer and Face Creams; Cinnamon Sunscreen Ingredient. Meal Idea: Peabody's Sautéed Chicken Salad. Hints & Tips: Long Time Organic Farming. News Shorts: Obese Girls - Less College; Apple Peel Healthiest. Good News: Red Wine Fends off Prostate Cancer; Milk in Tea: Antioxidants OK. Second Guessing Nature: Selenium Supplements and Diabetes. Disease Connections: Crucifers Fight Prostate Cancer. Did You Know?: Sperm Speed Competition. Feedback: Tony Marowitz. Book Review: The Dig Tree (VII). Laughter: Unintended Howlers.

JULY 2007 (pdf)
Nutritional Heritage: Study: Bond Effect Best for Diabetics. Object Lesson: Maggots Cure Diabetic Ulcers. Points to Ponder: Fat Workers Cost Employers. Living Like Nature Intended: Sunshine Vital for Health – Asthma – Senior Fitness. Quote of the Month: Food’s Impossible Complexity. Recipe: Chicken & Thai Basil Stir-fry. Q&A: Gout and Shellfish; Foie Gras – Why “Danger”?; Intestinal Virus; Scheduled Meals; Coca-cola and Phosphorous; Supplements in Extremis; Unleavened Bread. News Shorts: Fish Oil From Plants. Hints: Salt Substitute. Urban Myths: Hydration Obsessed Culture. Geoff's Review: The Dig Tree part VI. Laughter: Japanese Microsoft Haiku.

JUNE 2007 (ezine)
Publisher's Note:
Our First Ezine. Quote of Month Churchill on Truth Questions How Much Protein?; Breast Feeding at Will; Coconut Oil; Water for Baby?; Chemicals on our Skins; Childhood Skin Problems; Sensitive Scalp; Boosting Vegetable Taste; Meal Idea: Peabody's Breakfast. Hints & Tips
Microwave OK for Brassicas; Doom Decided in the Womb: Pregnancy Weight Gain Decides Baby's Future Obesity. Diet in Pregnancy Decides Child's Asthma and Allergies. Second Guessing Nature Babies Overfed to Meet Flawed Ideal. Disease Connections:  More Prostate Cancer Insights. Feedback Partner with Attitude. Deadly Harvest Plaudit: Kathy Wade Book Review: The Dig Tree, part VI. Laughter: Microsoft Haikus.

MAY 2007
Subscriber update:
10th year Newsletter Arrangements. Living Like Nature Intended: Low Sunshine, More Prostate. Quote of the Month: Success and Failure. Sign of the Times: Obesity Hits Crematoriums. Q of Month: Partner with Attitude. Recipe: Nacho Cheeze Sauce. Q&A: Retinol Face Creams; Nutrition of Sprouted Beans; Fruit Juice vs. Bottled Water; Sunscreen and Sun Protection. Editorial: “Sunlight as Human Food”. Evolutionary Well Being: Landscapes/Mental Health. Hints and Tips: Table Manners Matter. Geoff's Review: The Dig Tree part V. Laughter: Japanese Microsoft Haiku.

APRIL 2007
Q. of Month: Raw Eggs. Evolutionary Psychology: Masculine Sense of Purpose. Quote of Month: Common Sense - Really? Now Published: Deadly Harvest. Recipe: Emma’s Ratatouille. Q&A: All about Omega-3 Eggs; Vitamin B12 Dosages. Fermented Soy; Prostate Cancer and Omega-3; Rice Syrup; Heritage Grains – Spelt; Multivitamin Supplement?; Pre-menstrual Syndrome; Tropical Fruits. Hints: Sterile Kitchen Sponge. Geoff's Review of Books: The Dig Tree – Part IV. Laughter: Lawyers Cross Questions (2).

MARCH 2007
Q of Month:
Fish Oil – Snake Oil? Community: New Bond Effect Addition. Quote: Special Pleading. Rant of the Month: Airline Meals. Recipe: Mock Cheese Flan. Q& A: Nut Combining; Alternative Cancer Therapy; Flaxseed-Prostate Cancer?; The Take on Soy; Banana Combining; Farm Fish vs. Wild Fish; No Succor in Molasses; Macro- Micro- Nutrients. Hints: Do Plant Food with Fruit; The 80-15-5 Principle. News Shorts: More Ways to Get Fat; Plant Omega-3 Builds Bones. Book Review: The Dig Tree III. Events Reports: Cancer-Lifestyle Seminar; Medical Staff Lectures; 3rd Grade Presentation.

Evolutionary Behavior:
Beauty is in the Eye of Your Friends. Rant of the Month: The Medicalization of Everyday Life. Now Published! Deadly Harvest by Geoff Bond. Major Event! Beat Cancer Seminar. Children’s Packed Lunch: Lunchbox # 1. Quote of the Month: Peasant Priorities. Recipe: Sarah’s Moroccan Eggplant. Questions: Tea with Milk. Hints: Nutritional Yeast Flakes. News Shorts: Too Many Ways to Get Fat; Stress Hormone Grows Cancer; Acid Stoppers Stop Bone;  Anxious Spouses Hinder Heart Surgery Recovery; Omega-3 Fortified Fad; Obese at 18, Die at 48. Review: The Dig Tree (Part II).  Laughter the Best Medicine: Judge’s Alimony. Upcoming Public Events. Geoff Bond’s Speaking and Book Signing Tour.

Evolutionary Behavior: He’s The Image of His Father! Companion to Deadly Harvest: “Healthy Harvest Cookbook. Myths & Fallacies: Meat Eating and Canine Teeth. Major Event: Deadly Harvest Beat Cancer Seminar. Book Review: The Dig Tree. Release Imminent!: Deadly Harvest. Healthy Harvest Recipe: Artist’s salad. Questions: Basis of Food Combining; Weight Loss, Hair Loss. Food/Disease Links: Gloom/Kidney Cancer. News Shorts: Cohosh Futile for Hot Flashes; Bush in Good Physical Shape; Teacher’s Gender and Learning; Drugs: Medical Roulette; Workplace Co-opted into Healthy Lifestyle; Teen Sports, Strong Bones. Hints & Tips: Basic Vinaigrette. Evolutionary Sociology: Separate Gender Roles Beat Gender-neutral Neanderthals. Public Events: Book Signing March 4; Book Signing March 7; Book Signing March 10; Seminar March 14.



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