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Healthy Harvest Information Page


Surprising Secrets: Potbelly Inflammation. Savvy Insights: Slim People Might Not Be as Healthy as They Appear. Free to be Human: Docs – Sleep Evaluation Vital. Deadly Harvest: Pre-Orders. Recipe: Chocolate Petit Four. Q&A: Chocolate; Sleepless Baby; B12 Deficiency; Seaweed and B12; Gorilla and B12; Poppy Seed Oil; Kidney Stones. Food-Disease Links: Cellulite. Hints & Tips: To Lose Weight, Slow Down. Editorial: Human Brain and Behavior. Latest News: Sugar/Pancreatic Cancer; Short, Intense Exercise; Wherefore Green Eyes. Laughter: Back Seat Driving. Events.


Social Anthropology:
Male Sexual Jealousy. New Book: Deadly Harvest Available Soon. Quote of Month: Slimming the 3rd World Way. Make-Over: The Bond Effect. Social Anthropology: Blue Eyes and Paternity. Recipe: Hunter’s Goat Stew (II). Q&A: Mad Cow Disease Dormant. Case Notes: Natural Eater and Colic. Food/Disease Links: Macular Degeneration (2). Human Pedigree: Neanderthal Genes Update. Good to Know: Vitamin C in a Nutshell (3). Food Politics: ‘Merde’ in our Plates. Latest News: Bread/Kidney Cancer Link; Wheat Gluten/Dementia Link; Calcium Tablets Don’t Prevent Children’s Bone Fractures; Cola Rots Older Women’s Bones; Brain’s Antioxidant Defense. Hints & Tips: Work on the eating Clues. Laughter: Blonde Rapid Transit.


Social Anthropology: Ramadan & Fasting. Food Safety: Corn-feed upsets Cows and Us. Food Policy: Campaign against Sneaky Oil. Q of Month: Our Pedigree - No Neanderthals. New Book: Ready in Feb 2007. Recipe: Hunter’s Goat Stew (1). Q&A: Mixed Nuts & Seeds; What Seed Variety; Sulfites for Gut Problems; Nuts & Other Oil; Cinnamon not Toxic; Vegan: Subs for Animal Flesh. Case Notes: Natural Eater with Uric Acid. Chart: Human Pedigree Food/Disease Links: Macular Degeneration. Human Heritage: Landscape for Mood. Food Policy: Health Warning for Milk? Good to Know: Vitamin C (2). Chuckle: Family Values.


Q of Month (1):
Upsets can have many Causes. Recipe Photo: Zucchini Dug-outs. New Book : Foretaste. Q of Month (2) : Vitamin C – How Much ?. Quote: Orwell - Prescient about Processed. Recipe: Zucchini Dug-out. Q & A: Vitamin C and Colds; Raw Foods and Seeds. Food Disease Links: Candida, Candidiasis. Good to Know: Vitamin C in a Nutshell (1). New Book – What they Say: Rita Stec, M.D. Food/Disease Links: Magnesium Deficiency/ Diabetes. Laughter the Best Medicine: Water into Wine. Events.


Q of Month:
Omega-3 with Everything. New Book Title: Deadly Harvest. Human Heritage: Masculinity and Mating Strategy. Food Marketing to Kids: It’s all Junk; Insidious Internet Game Ploys. Thought of the Month: Struggle for life -- Gazelle and Lion. Food Ideas: Roast Fowl with Vegetables. Q&A: Vitritis – Eyeball Inflammation; Omega Oil: Snake Oil. Sucralose – Insulin Raising?; Menopause; Keep Tooth Enamel Healthy; Food/Disease Links: Premenstrual Tension – PMT-H. Letters: Altman -- Shed Drugs, Shed Weight. New Book – What they Say: Dr Günter Nöll. News Short: Scientific Journal Cleans up Sleaze; New Kid on the Block – Salvestrol. Laughter: Count the Diners. Events.


JULY 2006
Human Heritage:
Babies – To Cry or not to Cry? Human Senses: Being Watched. Quote of the Month: Mencken – Politics is Hobgoblins. The Month in the News: Gut’s-ache Flora; Our Aggressive Cousins; Stone Age Aggression; Equivocating Supplements; Moms’ Porky Denial; Pesticide/Parkinson’s Link. Recipe: Nicole’s Fruit Pie. Q & A: Prostate and Pomegranate; Vegan Food Poisoning. Food/Disease Links: Premenstrual Tension; Prostate Cancer. Letters: Natural Eating Diploma Needed. Food Safety: The Trouble with Soy (3). New Generation Hope: Alexandre to Have Sibling. Unintended Consequences: Supplements and Epigenetics -  Sins of Mother Visited on Sons. Public Event: Rancho Mirage next February/March. Food Politics: Inventing Mental Disease – IEAD. New Book: What they Say. Laughter: Blue Nun.


JUNE 2006
All Paths Lead to Natural Eating. Quote: The Biter Bit. Party Ideas: Ziploc Omelets. Stop Press: Latest Book on its Way. Q of Month: Malformed Tooth Enamel. Recipe: Curry Stir-Fry Chicken Breast. Q&A: Stevia “Natural” Sweetener; Coconut Oil; Eggs, Nuts and Bone Health; Vitamin K, Beta Carotene and Precursors; Fat Substitute Olestra; Flax-seed oil – Oxidation? Flax-seed Oil for the Vegan; Omega-3: Plant vs. Fish. Food Policy: The Trouble with Soy (2). Food/Disease Links: Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence). Laughter the Best Medicine.


MAY  2006
Human Heritage:
The Trouble With Soy (1). Human Nature: How to Spot a Rich Man. Chuckle With Message: Woman’s Annual Physical Exam; Obese People Don’t Know It. Quote of the Month: Extraordinary Popular Delusions. Recipe: Strawberry Mousse. Q&A: Gout; Food as Conviviality; Endurance Energy Bars. Letters: Yogurt, pizza, Gender Politics. Being Human: Defecation Dynamics. Food Policy: Aspartame Cancer Clearance. Human Food: Eggs are Great Human Food; [sidebar] Multiple Personality Cholesterol. Food/Disease Links: Obesity/Prostate; Menopausal Dry-eye/Omega-6. Human Society: Alpha-male Police


APRIL 2006
Human Heritage: Policing the Forager Band. Legacy Foods: Medlar Fruit. Food Policy: Soy Health Claims Nixed. Quotation: Manipulating the Masses’ Mass. Recipe: Onion Indulgence. Q&A: Osteoporosis Drugs; Daily Protein Intake; Weaning from Dairy Products; Goats’ Milk; Conserving Fish Oil. Letters: Natural Eating – Humbug-Free Information; Vegetable Soup Safely Cooked. Editorial: Humbug-free Information. Hints & Tips: Eggs – Keep Cool not Cold; Eggs – Cage-free. Human Nature: Cheats – Revenge or Compassion. Being Human: Exercise adds 3 Years of Life.


MARCH 2006
Food Policy:
Guidelines: Cut Back on Soda. Human Heritage: Blondes got the Blokes; Family Meals Beat Obesity. Lifestyle/Disease Links: Doomed in the Womb – low sunshine, low bone health; Bully Victims – Brain Changes. Breaking News: Book Manuscript Finished. Recipe: Nicole’s Pizza. Q&A: Carrot Glycemic Index; The Yogurt Deception; Labels – and Nuts in Chocolate; What is a Stitch?; Creatine and Shriveled Leg. Letters: Party Favors; Rapeseed Unjustly Vilified. Fascinating and Important: Healthy Colon Briefing (6). Hints and Tips: Eggplant Dip. Human Heritage: Why Women Needed a Man. Events.


Emulating the Savanna Model:
Roadkill Recycled. Ignoring the Savanna Model: Killed by Bread and Fries. Chuckle. Evolutionary Weaning: Conventional Advice is Flawed. Success Stories: PMS Migraine Gone. TYMBI: Magnetic Bracelets Don’t Work. Odd But True: Farmed Fish Deplete Wild Stocks. Recipe: Banana Pancake. Q&A: Urine Color; Acne and Lifestyle. Food/Ailment Connection: Menstrual Cramps and Pain. Fascinating and Important: Colon Briefing (6). Mind Body Connection: Hunger Helps Mental Agility. Food/Disease Connection: Low Calories Keep Heart Young. Editorial: Our Scott Martin Dilemma. Human Heritage: Origins of Warfare (5).


Human Values:
Gift-Giving. Human Zoo: Lightness of Being. Savanna Lifestyle: Night Light and Cancers. Chuckle. Recipes: Cinnamon and Apple Tart. Q & A: Inflammation and Anemia. Fascinating and Important: Healthy Colon Briefing (5). Medical Politics: Big Pharma Disease Mongering. Buyer Beware: GMO Omega-6 for Trans-fat. Mind-Body Connection: Marital Squabbles Harm Health.  Food Honesty: Glycemic Index Labels; FDA Nixes Tomato Cancer Claim. Human Heritage: Origins of Warfare (4). Evolutionary Psychology: Glass Walls of the Mind.


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