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December 2005
Our Ancient Heritage:
The Human Zoo. Our Biological Heritage: Friendly Parasites. Q of Month: Farming – double edged Sword. Chuckle. Recipe: Spinach Soup Almond Flavor. Q&A: Cancer & Weight Loss; Fish oils – essential?; Vitamin D3 Dismantles Bones; Roasting Nuts – Good or bad? Food Faddism: Raw Food. In the News: Not all Exercise is Good; Breast Feeding Beats Diabetes. Fascinating & Important: Healthy Colon Briefing (4). Human Heritage: Origins of Warfare (3). Physical Activity: One Minute Per Day. Events.

November 2005
Question (1) : Farming – Double Edged sword. Human Heritage: Female Attractiveness. Question (2): Protein & Calcium Sources. Thought: Nature Designed us for Scarcity. Tour Report: Walter Stec Foundation. Recipe: Moroccan Carrot Salad. Q&A: Cancer-fighting Nutrients; Damaged DNA repair; Prostate Cancer, Milk and Soy; Olive Oil is not “Essential”; Milk Shake Substitute; Hungry for Health, Long Life; Serving Sizes Defined. Terminology. Jungle Lore: Bitterness (3). Fascinating and Important: Colon (3). Human Heritage: Origins of Warfare (2). Food Politics: USDA Whistleblower (2). Food for Thought: Do as I say, not do as I do. Testimony: A lifetime of progress. Tail-end Chuckle. Events.

October 2005
Food politics: Junk Food makes Unruly Kids. Immortal Genes: Europeans descended from 7 Women. Human Heritage: 6,000 Generations Ago. Quote: Health – the Greatest Good. Event: Walter T Stec Seminar. Echoes of our Past: Women Respond to Stress Differently to Men. Cooking Tips: Jazzing Up Eggplant. Kids’ Corner: Breast babies Brainier; Obese Children’s Arteries Same as Heavy Smokers’; Autism -- Dairy, Grain Link; Fat Kids = Diabetes; First natural Eating Child. Female Focus: Female Emotional Memory Best; The Curse: Menstrual Cramps Turned on by “Bad Oils; Fruit Feeds Candida; Gender Asymmetry: Women have Harder Time Keeping Slim; Oily Fish Prevent Preemies; Hormone Replacement Therapy; Breast Cancer Risk – Early Periods, Late Menopause. Myths: “Drink at Least 8 Glasses of Water a Day – Really?; Mother’s Milk Good for Babies – but Adults?; High Fructose Corn Syrup – Sugar by Another Name; Cocoa Butter – Good or Bad; Cling Film OK for Microwave; Microwave Ovens OK; Sunshine Beats Cancer; Food Cholesterol OK; Canola Oil Myths; Avoid Fruit to Avoid Pesticide? Food Policy: Natural Eating Food Pyramid. Hints: Know Your Sugars; Canapé Ideas; Breakfast Ideas. Food/Disease Links: Cancer is Optional; Vitamin C feeds Cancers; Cancer “Genes” no Alibi; Insulin Increases Colon Cancer; Soy Link to Cancer Womb; Mega Vitamin C Damages DNA; Antibiotics/ Breast Cancer Link; Osteoporosis; Soy Induced Disease; Alzheimer’s. Companion Animals: Cats’ Natural eating pattern. What People Say: Dr Rovena Kessinger. End-piece Chuckle: A Short History of Medicine.

September 2005
Food Politics: USDA Whistleblower on the Food Guide Pyramid. Human Heritage: Origins of Warfare. Facts & Fallacy: Harmless Homeopathy. Q of Month: Milk Indoctrination at School. Recipes: Cynthia’s Eggplant & Tahini Pie. Q&A: Vegans and Endurance Sports; Irritable Bowel - Diet Matters; Breathing and Diet. News Shorts: Bitter Chocolate Best; Non-epidemic of Melanoma. Fascinating & Important: Healthy Colon Briefing (2). Jungle Lore: Dr Noll’s Bitterness is not all Bad (2). Child Rearing Hints: Saturday Morning Commercials.

August 2005
Food Politics:
Truth in Labeling. Conforming Foods: Apricot Tart. Jungle Lore: Bitterness is not all Bad (1). Food Policy: Monsanto Lies about GMO. Conforming Catering: Cocktail Party Refreshments. Q&A: Know your Malts; Diet and Rosacea; Cervical Spine Spondylosis; Citric and Malic Acid; Cataracts are Optional; Pancreatic Cancer (5). Fascinating and Important: Healthy Colon Briefing (1). Hints and Tips: Saving Almond Milk. News Shorts: Sesame Seed Oil Contains Omega-6 Antidote; Cobblestones for Heart Health; Cocoa of Low Blood Pressure. Breakfast Ideas: Fridge Door Summary. Upcoming Events.

July 2005
Human Genetics:
East African Endurance Genes. Human Biology: Water Intoxication Kills. Human Heritage: Nature Reduces ADHD. Longevity: Herrings for Life. Food Safety: Soy for Infertility. Quote: Habit Changes Need Effort. Recipe:  Conny’s Meatloaf “Pizza”. Q&A: Benecol Cholesterol; Apple Skin Bonanza; Hearing loss and Diet; Hunger hormone Control (5); Pancreatic Cancer (4). Lifestyle-Disease Connections: Sunless Men get Prostate Cancer; Sunless Teens get Rickets. Frankenfoods: Human Genes in Rice Detoxify Weed-killer. Food Policy: 2005 Food Pyramid (4). Breakfast Ideas: Nicole’s Cookbook Dinner Dishes.

June 2005
Question of Month:
Canola versus Flax Oil. Evolutionary Biology: Smaller Molars thanks to Softer Plants Human Heritage: New World Settled by One Small Tribe. Evolutionary Psychology: Social Behavior Hormone. Quotes: Aristotle; Rabelais. Recipe: Apricot Tart. Q&A: What Exercise for Diabetes?; Hunger Hormone Control - 4; Fresh Food vs. Processed; Pancreatic Cancer - 3. Food Policy: Food Pyramid - 3; The USDA contradicts its own Food Pyramid Advice. Breakfast ideas: Natural Eating Continental Breakfast. Abstract but Important: Pregnancy Lifestyle can Change Fetus Genes. Lifestyle-Disease Links: Cataracts/Omega-6 Oil. Buyer Beware: Big Pharma Subverts NIH Watchdog. News Shorts: Syndrome X Costs $4,000 per Year.

May 2005
Our Genetic Heritage:
You are What your Mother Ate. Lessons From Primeval Peoples: Health and Longevity in Shangri-La. Food Disease Connections: Milk Doubles Parkinson’s; Processed and Red Meats up Pancreatic Cancer Risk. Quote: The Healthy Duped on Drugs. Recipe: Cauliflower Bake. Questions: Fish Oil for Children; Modern Foods, Their Micronutrients and PaleoBars; “eye q” fish oil, GLA, Law of Unintended Consequences; Calorie Defined; Hunger Hormone Control - part 3; Sunshine Beats Cancer; Pancreatic Cancer - part 2. Food Policy: USDA Pyramid -- part 2. Breakfast Ideas: Seafood Salad

April 2005
The Welfare State We’re In: Overeating 45 years ago. Food Policy: New USDA Food Pyramid Unveiled. Human Nature: Farming’s not for Everyone. Our Food Supply: Chickens are getting Fatter. Recipe: Jeanne’s Marble Cake. Q&A: Hunger, Hormones & Lifestyle (2); Bloating on Starting NE; Milk Enzymes; Pancreatic Cancer (1). Food to Die For: Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips. Hints: Almond Milk. Breakfast Ideas: Traditional Haddock Breakfast. Human Development: “Imprinting” Babies to Eat Right.

March 2005
Evolutionary Psychology:
Sleep Patterns and Campfires. Our Complex Bodies: Chaos: The Butterfly Effect. Q of Month: Hunger and Fruit Dilemma. Stop Press: Natural Eating in French. Recipe: Conny’s Moussaka. Q&A: Hunger, Hormones and Lifestyle -- Part 1; XanGo and Mangosteen Review; Bone Cancer Pain; Life Expectancy Delusions. Breakfast Tips: Eggs Any Style. Odd But True: Sunlight Prevents Cancer.

February 2005
Nutritional History:
Earliest Winery in China. Fact for Thought: Losing 219 Farms per Day. Success Story: Weight and Cholesterol Better. Food Technology: Rainbow Carrots for Health. Food Policy: New Dietary Guidelines 2005. Recipe: Carrot Salad. Questions: Grapes Seed Extract; Oil/Starch Combinations; Mammary Glands and Running; Sudan 1 Dye -- Dangerous? Best Fruits? Fat, calorie Intake for Women? Calcium: Fact or Faith. Book Review: Looking for Spinoza. Jungle Lore: The PLU Code -- Know Fine Food from FrankenFood. Hints: Breakfast: Shrimp Stir Fry; Restaurant: Stick to Sides. Food/Disease Link: Saturated Fat/Gallstones. Public Events

January 2005
Question of Month:
Pasta is not for Runners. Spreading the Word: French Edition takes Shape. Fact for Thought: The 6.5 Minute Dinner. Book Review: The Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure. Food Politics: Olive Oil “Heart Health” Claim. Recipe: Mulled Wine. Q & A: Preventing Pancreatic Cancer; Candida and Fruit; Does High Cholesterol Matter?; Chocolate Harms Dogs. Food Porn: Soy Sabotages Male Fertility; Soy -- The Ghost at the Feast. Abstract But Important: Insulin Control and its Index. Hints and Tips: Breakfast Ideas -- Blended Plants. Events


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