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December 2004
Human Nature: Teeth show Eskimos had harder time than Neanderthals. Quote: FDA: The Watchdog Captured by the Watched. The Human Condition: Eskimo - Extreme Survival. Question of Month: Heated Oil is not Transfatty. Viewpoint: The Problem Doctor -- or the Problem Patient? Recipe: Gazpacho. Q&A: Mothers Milk -- Fat Fallacy; Rice Flour -- No Answer; Microwave Ovens OK; Irritable Bowel Calmed; Power Breakfast. Book Review Part 2: Carbs from Heaven, Carbs from Hell by Dr. Krystosik. Hints and Tips: Eggs in Reserve. Food/Behavior Connection: Transfat Damages Learning. Food/Health Connection: Gazpacho Fights Cell Damage.

November 2004
Human Nature: Feeding Patterns and Ethnicity. Human Food: Roasted Summer Vegetables (picture). Human Migrations: Invader Farmers Spread their Genes. Medical Quotes: Research Evidence Twisted; Dirty Tricks. Spreading the Word: Natural Eating comes to France. Recipe: Roasted Summer Vegetables. Q&A: Rabbit Food; AIDS; Omega-3 Fish Oils from Food; Potatoes Toxic?; Diverticulosis; South Beach Diet; Natural Supplements - Noni Juice, Pollen, Algae. Opinion: Antibiotics - A Precious Resource Squandered. Book Review part 1: Carbs from Heaven, Carbs from Hell. Hints: Pester-free Shopping. Food/Behavior Link: Omega-3 deficiency/Dyslexia.

October 2004 Newsletter
Human Nature:
Breeds and Intelligence. Human Nature: Athletic Equals Feminine. Quote: Immune Reaction to Abnormal Self; Denial. Food Policy: Obesity is not Taboo; Trans Fat Kill off. Hints: Slow Down Eating. Recipe: Peach Flan. Q&A: Grape Juice Sugar; Cancer Genes not Fatal; Leg Weakness and Vitamin D; Raw Food in Mainstream; Eggs Improve Bad Cholesterol; Guava Fruit. News Shorts: Tackling Child Obesity; Alzheimer’s Lifestyle Links. Book Review: Stopping Inflammation. Buyer Beware: Ground Meat Fat Content False. Events

September 2004 Newsletter
Human Nature: Breeds and Parenting. Human Food: Purslane the Wonder Salad. Book review: The Magnesium Solution for Migraine Headaches. Recipe: Wahoo Steak and Vegetables. Q&A: Colon Cancer Diet; Period Headaches; Hodgkin’s Disease; Early Menopause/Irregular Monthly Periods. News Shorts: Chinese Vacuuming the Oceans; UK anti-Salt Drive. Hints: Knowing Salt from Sodium; Know your Sugars. Unto Thine Own Self Be True: Beautiful Outward, Within Unclean? Vegetable Briefing - part 3: Summary and Consequences.

August 2004 Newsletter
Human Nature: Human Breeds and Temperament. Lifestyle Reprogramming: Cyprus N E Holidays. Food Porn: Starbucks Frappucino. Food Politics: New Food Pyramid Special Pleading. Q of Month: Are Tanning Salons Useful? Myths: Calcium and Bone health. Quickfix: Spinach Hash. Q&A: Cramps, Wine, Magnesium; Foods not Depleted of Magnesium; Diabetes and Caffeine; Gluten Allergy and ADHD; Gallstones and Diet. Hints: Vaccinate Kids against Propaganda. Letter From Cyprus: Mellow Fruitfulness. Vegetable Briefing, Part 2: Above ground Vegetables.

July 2004 Newsletter
People Say: No more Arthritis, Indigestion, Fatigue. Human Nature: Evolutionary Suicide Bombing. Lifestyle Development: Residential NE Courses. Human Potential: Centenarian 100 meter Record. Q of Month: Benecol no Alibi. Quick Fix: Emma’s Zucchini and Tuna Gratin. Q&A: Breastfeeding, Chocolate and Bread; Pumpkin Seed; Detox Diet -- What Happens? News Shorts: Diabetes/Alzheimer’s Link. Hints & Tips: Hard Boiled Eggs Reserve; Kids’ Party Time. Food Policy: Atkins Corp Sued. Vegetable Briefing: Part I -- Underground Vegetables. Genetics: Dog Breeds and Human Nature. Special Announcement: New Center of N E Operations.

June 2004 Newsletter
Anthropological Briefing:
Barbie shaped Women More Fertile. Food Policy: Natural Eating Food Pyramid. Q of Month: Calcium Pill for Bone Health? Activism: Sue for Soy Sickness. Recipe: Eggplant Caviar. Q & A: Sainsbury’s ‘Freefrom’ Anti-allergy Crispy Bars; Rye Crispbread Not a Solution; Knees, Jogging and Arthritis (Continued); Poulain’s ‘Ligne Gourmande’ Chocolate with 2% Sugar; Period Pains. Buyer Beware: Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate Drink. Hints: Lose the Bread. Food Policy: Transfat Unsafe at Any Level; Carbohydrate Limits Lowered. News Shorts: Atkins Had Heart Disease.

May 2004 Newsletter
Readers Say: Lee Dauby. Anthropological Briefing: Neanderthals Matured Quickly. Modern Challenges: Teenage Fat. Question of Month: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Diet. New Developments: Residential NE Courses. Food Additives: Gaudy Chicken Tikka Masala. Cooking Tips: Jazzing up Eggplant. Q&A: No Alibi for Organic Cheese; Wheat Grass Juice; Juicing – What are Teeth For?; Nitrates and Radish; Hot Climates and Salt; Knees, Jogging and Arthritis. Editorial: Kids are not Born with the Ability to Make the Right Food Choices. Hints: Get your Teeth Fixed. Food Policy: New USDA Food Pyramid. News Short: Obese Children’s Arteries Same as Heavy Smokers’.

April 2004 Newsletter
Dietary Experiment: 24/7 McDonald’s wreaks Havoc. Quote of Month: Plants Build Bones (Thoreau). Human Origins: How we Looked 6,000 Generations Ago. Q of Month: Lifespan Prolongation. Recipe: Grilled Lime and Pepper Ocean Trout. Q & A: No Alibis for Fat Child’s Parents; Choosing Fine Tuning Priorities; Fructose Drawbacks; High Fructose Corn Syrup; All About Jerusalem Artichoke; Pink Lady Apples, Fruits and Blood Sugar; Sustainability of World Food Supplies. Hints: Leave Some on Plate for Later. Nutri-Anthro Briefing: The Sweet Tooth Curse – Part 4 Conclusion. Food Policy: Genetically Modified Food Labels in Europe. Organic is Still Not Perfect.

March 2004 Newsletter
Nutri-Anthro Briefing: The Dairy Story, Part 3 The Habit Sickens. Health of the Nation: Child Obesity Time Bomb. Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Antibiotics/Breast Cancer Link. Buyer Beware: Coco-Cola’s Expensive Cancerous Tap Water. Recipe: Grated Turnip Salad. Questions: Supplements/Food Nutrients; Fruit and Fruit Sugar; Fruits and Conflicting Theories; Lungs - No Magic Bullets for Smoke Damage; Stature of Ancient Humans; Ideal Standard Diet?; Water not a Miracle Cure; Europeans’ Cold Adaptation. Hints and Tips; Get Control of Your Food Supply. Nutri-Anthro Briefing: Inulin Rich Roots. Buyer Beware: New Milk-fat Gimmick. Nutri-Anthro Briefing: The Sweet Tooth Curse - Part 3 - Aspartame.

February 2004 Newsletter
Nutri-Anthro Briefing:
Dairy Story 2 - the habit spreads. Food Leadership: Democrat Candidates’ Diet. Food Safety: Cursed Scots Salmon. Q. of Month: Protein and Insulin Levels. Recipe: Devilled Eggplant Pâté. Q&A: Cancer and Roasting; Canola Lesion Baloney; Apple Seed Toxic?; Sucralose not Carcinogenic; Prions Madden, not Canola; Glycemic Load Index; Glycemic Load in Mixed Meals; Blood sugar/insulin. Metabolic Diet not Confirmed. Hints: Demolding NE Loaves. Buyer Beware: Organic Label Savvy. Strategies: Fat Eating Hunger Pangs. Jungle Lore: Apricot Kernel Cyanide. Food Policy: Big Sugar Killer Lobby. Nutri-Anthro Briefing: Sweet Tooth Curse 2 - Dealing with the Habit. Honesty in Labeling: Wal-Mart’s Place-of Origin Labels

January 2004 Newsletter
Anthropology: Neanderthals and Vitamin C. Misconception: Fat Makes you Fat? Quote: PC Gluttony. Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Medical Treatment Leading Cause of Death. Quick Fix: French Beans with Tomato. Q&A: Saccharine and Head­aches; Dairy Propaganda; Olive Oil vs. Ghee; Life Expectancy at 15; Sprouted Spelt Bread; Oil in Plants. 5 Years Ago: Aflatoxin. Briefings: The Dairy Story; The Sweet Tooth Curse. Food Supply: Fruit Diversity. Buyer Beware: Food Health Claims. Hints: Canapé Ideas. Food Policy: Wartime Rations best for Kids. Food/Disease: Omega-3 beats Hostility.


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