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January 2002

Testimonial: Richard Broome . Q of Month: Splenda. Parents Beware: Cadbury’s Yowie. Food/Disease Link: Seizures; Stomach Cancer. Simple Fix: Bodensee Blette Loaf. Q & A: Carob; Tuna and Iodine; Dandelion Coffee; Rapeseed Oil; Supermarket Plant Food; Browning Onions; Fat Diversity. Fast Facts: Omega 6 Oils and Arteries; Milk and Crohn’s Disease; Plant Consumption; Cholesterol Enzyme/arteries. Policy: G.I. Labeling; New G.I.’s; Quorn Approval. Food/Mood: selenium. Sheep’s Clothing: Soy allergy.


February 2002

Testimonial: Joely Manes. Get Published! Call for recipes. Q of Month: Dr Laura ’s Soy Mistake. Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Coenzyme Q 10. Recipe: Curried Cabbage. Farm Fare: Prime Time Int. Q&A: Atkins , Eczema, Grape Seed Oil, Depression, Tired Bodybuilder. Functional Food: Agave Nectar. Parents Beware! Heinz Horror Fries. Feeding Diary: Seth Clayton . Food Policy: 900 Tons Salt Gone. Food Awareness: Label Illiterates. Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2): Vitamin A and Hip Fractures. Events.


March 2002

Testimonial: Rick Broome . Food/Disease: Fish/Full Term. Origins: Female Stress. Detective: What Killed Herod . Food/Disease: Alzheimer/Plant Food. Recipe: Avocado Salad. Questions: Mayo’s Soy, Carnitine-Lipoic Fad, Solid Breakfast, Meat Instinct, Human Milk Fallacy, Calcium Kidney Stone Myth. Lifestyle: Stress and Triglycerides. We are What we Eat: Breast Milk. Funny Food: Crocodile. Food Policy: Hemp’s In. News Flash: Apples and Dentists. Parents Beware: Heinz Horrible Fries. Events.


April 2002

Reviews: Purpose Magazine. Republished Cookbook: Healthy Cooking with the Bond Girl . Buyer Beware: Burger King Veggie Burger . Anniversary: Newsletter’s Four Years. New Foreign Edition: Russia . Q&A: Human Growth Hormone Scam; Soy/Prostate Cancer; Eggs/Cholesterol. Buyer Beware: Heinz Spaghetti ‘vegetables’. Infant Nutrition: Beech-Nut’s Healthier Formula. Natural Eating Planner: Daily Meal Planner. Events. Resources.


May 2002

Witness: Chris Clayton . Lifestyle: Smoking deranges. Public Health: Obesity costs. Food Supply: Poultry Antibiotic. Food/Disease: Omega 6 deranges; Grain Fungus Cancer. Q&A: Chimp meat and Foliage; Quorn; Apple Sweetness. Food/Disease: High Carb Myopia; Gluten Ataxia; Low Calorie Cancer Reduction; Oily fish/Arrhythmia. Hints & Tips: Kids Produce; Wild Fish Savvy; Label Laziness. Vanity Fair: Botox. Exercise/Cancer: Cancer and Fitness. Talk Report: Cancer Victors . Exercise Planner.


June 2002

Tribute: Sharee Brown. Anthropology: Human Cat food. Platitudes: ‘Moderation’. New Publication: Planner. Recipe: Jicama salad. Q&A: Rye Bread; Penta Water. Canola Calumny: Mustard Gas. Fad Diets: Atkins . Food/Disease Links: Protein/Dehydration; Sugar/Dehydration. News: Purple Carrots; Soy/Immune system; Kidney Cancer; Anti-Cancer, Anti–Diabetes Grape. Food/Disease Link: Salt/Osteoporosis; Crucifer helps Cancer. Babies: Omega-3 Egg. Briefing: Cancer.


July 2002

Tropical Origins: AIDS. Prevention: Medico-industrial complex. Complacency: Kile’s Sudden Death. Recipe: Tomato and Zucchini. Q&A: Bee Pollen, Fluoride, Rye Bread, Omega-9 Oil, Sulfur, Macrobiotics. Twisted by Knaves: Canola Calumnies (2) – Transfatty acid slur, Bad Breeding. Buyer Beware: Slim Fast. Cancer Briefing: Pancreatic Cancer. Food Policy: Buttered Politicians. Tailpiece: Donkey Meat.


August 2002
Emotional Memories. Chuckle: Monica Lewinsky. Q of Month: Racial Differences. Recipe: Tuscany Vinaigrette. Q&A: Palm Oil, Hot Omega-3, Lymphatic Cancer, More Sulfur, Sugar Instinct, Microwave, Caffeine, Hormone Replacement. Canola Calumny: Bribing the FDA, Lubricating Oil. Cancer Briefing: Prostate 1. Processed Food: Chinese Chicken. News Shorts: Trans-fat Labels.

September 2002
What They Say:
Dr Stec. Counter-Intuitive: Allergies. Obesity Update: Children’s Time Bomb. Modern Myths: “8 glasses a day”. Recipe: Onion Sauce. Q&A: Cling Film, Polystyrene, All Bran, Cider, Sports Drinks, Milk -Substitutes, Flax Bioavailability, Nuts and Omega-6, Breast Milk Fallacy, Oxidized Oil, Lactaid/Milk/Substitutes, Nut Protein. Twisted by Knaves: Canola/Mad Cow Defamation. Hints: “That’s all there is”. Cancer Briefing: Prostate III. Viewpoint: Expertise. Exotic Foods: Bison. Stop Press: Russian Edition

October 2002
Success Stories:
Prostate Cancer. Announcement: New Cancer Site. Farm Policy: Meat Madness. Ancient Diet: Egyptian Quarrymen. Q&A: Goat’s Milk. Poll: Fat Foolery. Lifestyle: Kid’s TV. Blood Sugar: Vietnamese Foods: Buyer Beware: Kellogg’s NutriGrain. Canola Myths: Insect Killer. Letters: Cahn’s Geoff Bond Beer. Hints: Chocolate Rations. Cancer Briefing: Breast I. Food Policy: Organic Symbol. GMO’s: Soy Allergy. Tailpiece: Out of Body. Events.

November 2002
Top chef. Heritage: Mating Urges. Longevity: Sardinian Centenarians. Q&A: Hydrogenated Canola Oil; Bad Sticky Rice; Wheat Germ; Walnut Briefing; Mushroom Protein; Sarcoidosis fix; Thin Riposte; Tendon Fix; Eczema. Food Resources: French Eggs. Marketing Trap: Got Milk? Farce. Eating Strategies: Raw Carrots. Cancer Briefing: Breast Cancer II. Food Policy: Junk Ingredient Law; G.I. Labeling. Body Discord: Milk and Insulin. Tailpiece: Obesity Name Change. Advance Notice: London

December 2002
Human Hunting Arm. Obesity: Fat Soldiers, Fat Kids. Origins: Dogs. Recipe: Herby Mushrooms. Q&A: Additives/hyperactive kids; Whey; Fruit/Acidity; Grains/Depression. Foolery: Cooking Wine. Food/Disease: Starches/Acne; Junk Food/Unruly Kids. Food/Cure: Cocoa/Cough. Cancer Briefing: Breast III. Food Policy: Salt and Children. Hint & Tips: Brussels Sprouts; Child Vegetable Psychology. Tailpiece: Obesity Costs. Events. Resources


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