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January 2001
Iceman’s Goat. Q of Month: Fungus and Mushroom. Success Stories: Sleeping Tight. News Flashes: Saccharine. Organic Rules; Bad Eggs. Recipe: Eggplant and Tomato Medallions. Q&A: Organic Pathogens, Rancid Oils, Digestive Enzymes, Face Creams, Lentil Toxins, Fiber Savvy, Insulin and Exercise, Bodybuilding III, Snake Oil: Coenzyme Q10. Siren Song: Fat Free Shop, Cherry Tablets. Food/Disease: Dogs Dinner, Premenstrual Arteries, Hints & Tips: Know Thyself, Negotiate. Events.
February 2001
Anthropology: Termite Dinners. Q of Month: Sweet Stevia. News Flashes: Milk Machines; Genetic Code; Bleeding Time. Food/Disease: Porky Kids and CVD. Quick Fix: SuperVeg Spaghetti. Q&A’s: Apricot Kernels, Hominid Origins, Peas and Beans, Face Creams Again, New Food Adaptation, Macro­biotic Diet, FAQ’s: Blood Group Diet, Microwave cooking, Sprouted Bread. Hints & Tips: Eating Policing. Events: Radio Shows, Seminars. Resources: Books, Cookbooks, Manuals, Memberships etc.
March 2001
Stop Press: German NE Book. Anthropology: Mealy bugs. Darwin Label: Taco Bell’s Nachos. Month’s Q: Canola Safety. Food/Disease: Breast Milk/Blood Pressure. Simple Recipe: Stuffed Mushrooms. Event Report: Desert Hospital. Q & A: Maltitol Chocolate, Omega Egg Lore, Unwanted Calcium. Common Questions: Pesticides, Raw Salads. Strategies: Lead by Example. Hints and Tips: Osmosis. Debate: Hunting Genes. Children’s Food: Nutritional Disasters, Nestlé’s Junk. Voice of Kaa: Nutribread. GMO Update. EU nixes Antibiotic Plants. Supplement Sense: Amino Acids.
April 2001
Stop Press: French NE. News Flash: Harmful Bone Supplement; Ozzie Ant Dinner; Rickets Returns. Virtue Label: Manitoba Harvest Hempseed. Q of Month: Fruit Sugar Smart. Food/Disease: Bad Carbs./Pancreatic Cancer. Recipe: Fennel in Cumin. Q&A: Salt Swindle; Clean Water; Squash; Egyptian Grains. Debate: Extreme Meat Eaters Health. Hints: Chinese Food. News Flash: Smoker’s Collagen Gene. Biotech Update: FrankenSpuds. Get Them Young: Sainsbury’s Junk Kids’ Lunch. Events
May 2001
Sheridan Success: Lynn Mavrakis. News Flash: Lean Kids. Siren Song: Milk Mustache Razored. Bad Food: Walong Soymilk. Recipe: Sautéed Celeriac. Food Policy: Sugar Labeling. Q&A: Japanese Stature, Weaning Matters, Wheatgrass Snake Oil. Food/Disease Link: Autism. GMO: Flashing spuds. Hints and Tips: Banana Snack Savvy, Garlic Bread Disaster. Debate: Canola Oil. Events. Resources
June 2001
What People Say: Charles Smith. Eating Heritage: Cro-Magnons. Foods to Die For: Fettuccini Alfredo. Recipe: Onion Curry Sauce. Questions: Start-up Troubles, live Oil Fallacy, Cow’s Milk and Babies, Bone Building and Loss, Know your Onions. Opinion: Choice not ‘Balance’. Reader Debates: Objectivity of Medical Foundations. Hints & Tips: The Popeye Solution, Workplace Anti-diet Environment. Fixit Syndrome: Fluoride Fails. Snake Oil: Chelation Therapy. Parents Beware: Daddies Tomato Ketchup
July 2001
Food/Disease: Obesity/alertness. Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Soy Estrogen and cancer. New Disease: Sedentary Death Syndrome. Food to Die For: Carrot Cake. Humanity’s Heritage: Primate Peril. Recipe: Braised Celery. Questions: Apple Sugar, Gut Feeling, Olive Oil for Hearts?, Substitute Breast Milk. Fixit Mentality: Daily Diuretics. What People Say: Jeannie Kirk, Create an N.E. Network, Trusting Conventional Medicine. Thought for the Month: Carlos Casteñada. News Flash: Fruit for Heavy Breathing. Pet Corner: Dogs for Dog Food. Label Lore: Chicken Run. Moving the Goal Posts: Cholesterol Guidelines. Talk Report: Harrow U3A. Events. Resources
August 2001
Plaudit: Richard Volk. Book Review: Fast Food Nation. Comments: Commercial Medicine. Parents Beware: Food Play. Q of Month: Aspirin Supplement. Recipe: Grated Carrot. Questions: Thyroid, Purslane, Vitamin E. Policy: Salty Bread, Phantom Fat. GMO’s: E.U. labeling. Flashes: Margarine Fat, Fit Employees, Aspirin in Fruit. Buyer Beware: Stoneyfield, Quaker, Betty Crocker, Nissin. Fools Gold: Ginseng. Exercise/Disease: jogging/Osteoporosis.
September 2001
Plaudits: Dr Rovena Kessinger. Parents Beware: Cadbury Scandal. Ancient Foods: Fruit Alcohol. N.E.News: Baby Bouvet. Food Fix: Vegetable Potluck. Q&A: Fruits and Candida; Rogue Pizza; Yogurt Myth; Antioxidant Pills. Hints: Gender Weight Inequality. Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Vitamin C Villainy; Fruitarian Tragedy. Intensive Farming : Cattle Holocaust. News Flashes: International Portion sizes; Feverfew. Food Policy: Medical Honesty. New Developments: e-book; German NE Book
October 2001
International: German edition. Ancestry: arachnophobia. Parents Beware: Mr. Men Curry. Talk Report: Ethical Society. Food Fix: Cucumber Salad. Q&A: Goose Fat, Fruit Alcohol, Sore Throats, Prostate/calcium link. Geoff Bond: Beating the Odds. Sorcerer: GMO’s/Bugs. Food/Disease: Olive oil/eyesight. Thought: Life Happens. Policy: Label Tightening, Label Loosening. Buyer Beware: Milk commodity. Fixit: Omega-3 Lamb. Hints: Weight Loss, Exercise Age. Upcoming Events
November 2001
Q of Month: Human Dwarfing. Parents Beware: Trolli Gummi Pizza. Stop Press: New e-book site. Christmas Offer. Buyer Beware: Braggs Aminos. Recipe: Chicken Pot-au-feu. Q&A: Toxic Cocoa?; Toxic Wine?; Egg Cholesterol; Hints: Veggie Wash. News Flashes: Vitamin K and bones; Cocoa is Good. Geoff Bond Replies: Low fiber diet; Food Obscenity: ConAgra’s Pink Margarine. Talk Report: The Oaks. Restaurant Savvy: Know what you are Eating
December 2001
Thoughts: Affluenza, Root to Root. Parents Beware: BBC Mess of Pottage. Recipe: Raspberry Delight. Q&A: Drink and Fruit, Swede Name, Buckwheat for Candida, Pilchard, Pumpkin Seed, Seaweed, Supplement Mania, Vegetable Oil Savvy, Zinc. Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Tofu for Tumors. Label: Sportea. Geoff Bond: Weight Training. This America: Porky Soldiers. Policy: King Sugar. Food Deception: Bragg’s Mystery Salt. Anthropology: America Breakup. Talk: Edelen Seminar. Hints: starch to sugar



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