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January 2000
Ancestral Insulin; Blood Type Debunked; Darwin’s ‘Healthy Choice’; Recipe: Tomato Ketchup; Q&A: Chicken Feed; Sweet Tipple; Natural Eating for Cats; Cracking Wheat; Tuna Cholesterol; Feature Article: Cholesterol/Food Connection; ‘Healthy Choice’ Revealed; Messages .
February 2000
Ancient Grog; Nipple Tipple; Amy’s Virtue; Affluent Malnutrition; Recipe -- Real Pumpernickel; Hints – QuickVeg, Safe Fast Food; Q&A – Salt of the Earth, Molasses, Death by Chocolate?, Chocolate Source, Anemia, Baby Corn; Lobby Fodder: Pyramid Scheming; GMO’s: Labeling, Revolting Shareholders; Told You So: Apple Breathing, Clotting Carbs, Clogging Carbs; Fiscal Fat; Messages
March 2000
Success Stories; Chocolate Heart; Trader Joe’s virtuous peas; Cancer Gene Cop-out; Getting an Oil Change; Recipe: Minestrone; Q&A: Empty Calories, Social Situations; Sexual Inequality, Catching the Rye, USDA Comes Good on Organic; Coffin Nails; Dining Out: Blimpie, Olive Garden; Hints and Tips: On the Road, Nut Savvy, Portion Sizes, Facts and Fallacies; Quote of the Month; Large Portions=Fat Kids=Diabetes
April 2000
Toilets for the Constipated; Cro-Magnon Diet; WonderCocoa Virtue; Chicken and Green Bean Fix; Questions: Insulin Killer, Melon Alone, Calcium Cheer, Chocolate Cheer; Vegan Blindness; Soybean Oil Debased; Sugar’s Last Stand; Cancer loves Vitamin C; Mega C hardens arteries; Cocktail party tips; Starter Tip; Fat Sizes; Nutrient Rays; Breast Prevents Diabetes; Breast is Brainier
May 2000
Hominid Whale Food; Europe’s Seven Matriarchs; Virtue: Spectrum’s Mayo; Recipe: Broccoli Loaf; Questions: Middle C; Popeye’s Kidney Stones; Soy the Silent Killer; Coffee and Tea; Darwin: Buitoni’s Alfredo Sauce; Exercise: No Strain – No Gain; Nutrient Policy: Government ups RNI’s; Government Caps Supplements; Fast Food: IHOP salads; Misconception: Alcohol and Blood Sugar; Kiddy Corner: Soy Birth Pill for Babies
June 2000
Bioarchaeology: Corn Clobbers Floridians Breaking News: The Book is Here! Natural Eating Babies: Bouvet Baby Virtue label: Columbus Eggs Recipe: Spaghetti Salad Menu Test: airline breakfast Questions: Raw Eggs, Soy Perspectives, Tuna Types, High Energy; Food Fraud: Linda McCartney Sausage Kiddy Corner: Feeding Children. Misconceptions: Saturated Fats
July 2000
Breaking News: The Book Is Here! Question of the Month: FDA Pyramid Fraud; Food Fraud: Star-Kist Tuna; Recipe: Fish Bohemienne; Menu Test: Answers; Questions: Price of Health; Rating Rice; Bagged Lettuce; Event Report: Eaton House School; Food/Disease: Prostate; Osteoporosis; Alz­heim­er’s; False Fix-its: Pudgy Pilots; Food Garbage: Lakeview Cheesecake; Kiddy Corner: Feeding Todd­le­rs (2); Family News: The Georgiades; Insidious foods: Cola Crumbles Bones; Hints: Saying No
August 2000
Book Praise: This book can change your life. News Flashes: Fatter Men Limp, Sweet Revenge, Youth into Old Age, Milk for Cancer. Q. of Month: Fruit and Nut Case. Recipe: Strawberry Gratin. Food Fraud: Newman’s Italian Dressing. Questions: Hearty Breakfasts? Don’t Fast, Raw Nuts, Ancient Human Stature. Believe it or Not: Babies Operated Without Anesthetic. Updates: Soy Researchers Break Ranks, GM Labeling. N E Babies: The Moranvals. Good News, Bad News: Longevity Rises, Longevity will Drop. Hints and Tips: Managing Cravings
September 2000
Book Reviews: Dr James Melton; Virtue Label: Quorn Burgers; Q. of the Month: Racial Typing; Recipe: Bell Pepper Provençale; Q&A: Rice Pudding, Gut Reaction, Insatiable Youth, Bubbles and Bones. Good News: Heartfelt Cocoa; Updates: Fast Food Wheeze, G.M.O.’s, Homocysteine; Kiddy Corner: Book serial Part 4; Conference Reports: Amersham, Annecy; Health Monitor: Body Fat Percentage; Upcoming Events: Book Signing, Hospital Talk; Hints & Tips: Craving Control, Quality Eating Out; Resources
October 2000
Book Plaudits Dr Dan Cosgrove; Virtue Label: Westbrae Ketchup; Q. of the Month: Farmed Fish Fats; Ancient Dietaries: King Midas’ Last Supper; Recipe: Veggie Layer Bake; Reader’s Questions: Skinning Apples; Omega 6 bad; Raw Vegetables; Beans Meanz Gaz; Caffeine and Prostate; Future Q&A; Future Topics; Food/ Disease Connections: The Curse; Omega 3 and Bone Health; Hints and Tips: Craving Weaning; Thought for the Month: Forgotten Wild Plants; This America: Obesity Empathy; Idle on Parade; Obese Child Fostered; News Flashes: Cancer Red Herring; Taco Bell Tolls; Upcoming Events; Bond Effect Resources
November 2000
Hot News: Clinical Trials. Who we Are: Our Ultimate Father. Q. of the Month: Wild Meat. Recipe: Harira. Q&A: Macadamia, Grape seed, Bodybuilding, Evening Primrose, Gorillas and Ironman, Blood and Guts, Swiss Crème Budwig. Previews. Food and Disease: Tofu, Potato. Hints and Tips: Run for Pleasure. Event Report: Sheridan, Wyoming. Upcoming Events: Radio Shows, Book signings, Talks. Resources
December 2000
News: Heartfelt Cheney. Who we are: Population pressures invention. Month’s Question: Pumpernickel toxins. Future Topics. Recipe: Crab St Jacques. Q&A: Yogurt in the dock, jazzy fruit, fruit fallacies, vegan compromises, cod liver oil, spaghetti glycemia, bodybuilding (2). Tribal Lessons: Tarahumara endurance. Worst Foods: MacDonald’s deep-fried chicken head. Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Iron and vitamin C killer. Food/disease: Insulin and colon cancer. Hints & Tips: Gulp not.  Upcoming Events: Health fair, radio shows, book signings, talks.

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