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January 1999

Ice-man: Bronze age worming remedy. Saddam's Aflatoxin Warfare. Häagen Dazs Darwin Label. Recipe: Sautéed Aubergine. Shopping Raises Male Battle Hormones. Fiber Misconceptions. Sugar and your Bones. Death by Apricot. The Arthritis/food connection. Lite Beer. Sweet Carrots. Darwin revealed. Upcoming Events in southern California: Eisenhower Hospital, Desert Regional Hospital, JFK Hospital.


February 1999

Iceberg Lettuce Good for bones. Success stories: Lost weight. More Energy. Nutty Rations, Darwin Label: Kellogg's Nutri-Grain. Recipe: Collard Provençal. Dieticians' Fallacy: No calories from Low Density Food. “Vitamin O” Snake-oil. Grandmothers vital for Human survival. Q&A— misleading advertising, evening primrose oil, organic chicken. Goal-keeping - I . Feature Article II - Cardiovascular Disease. Dining out strategies - I. Kettle popcorn. Boron for Bones. Vitamin C fallacy. Nutri-Grain exposed. Event: JFK Hospital, Bermuda Dunes.


March 1999

Today's Youth have Corroded Arteries. Iron Rations. Darwin Label: Nestlé’s Carnation Cocoa Mix. Saliva Repairs Enamel. Recipes: Green Beans & Onion. Nutritionists' Mineral Fallacy. Questions: Frankenstein Foods. Sprouted Bread; Bananas For Monkeys?; Gut Wrench; Bad Fruit. Hints: Accountability Partner. Briefing: The Food/Cancer Connection. Dining out: Turn away the bread basket. Lo-Protein diet helps Kidney patients. Snake-Oil: Kellogg K-sentials. Whoopie Goldberg stoops to milk promotion. Nestlé's Cocoa Mix Exposed.


April 1999

Monsanto's Cancer Hormone Milk. Two-faced Vitamin E. Kemp’s Darwinian Crab. Recipe:Lentil Soup. Healthy Chocolate. Questions -  hot spices, flatulence, macrobiotic cake, measuring G.I., gluten-free rice pasta. Rewards for being Good. Feature IV - Diabetes. Dining out 3 - extra veggies. Chemical Lobby pressures USAID to Medicate aid food with Vitamin A. Crab Meat Label Exposed. NE hits UK.


May 1999

Albanian Austerity good for Longevity. Hard Arteries - sagging performance. Darwinian Slim-Fast. Recipe: Cauliflower cheese. Anti-cancer Cabbage. RDA of Vitamin C. Questions - Cold-pressed Oils; Jam’s Hidden Sugar; Chocolate Origins; Cold Weather Eating. Hints: Realistic Goals. Feature V - Obesity. Marks & Spencer anti-GMO policy. Lobby Fodder - Milk Mustache Campaign - Racial anti-milk Campaign. Slim-fast Label Exposed. Upcoming Events: Earthsave, Riverside.


June 1999

75% of Americans "Diseased". DDT laced Breast Milk. Healthy Low fat WWII rations. Darwin Label: Celeste Pizza. Recipe: Black Bean Salad. The Horror of Veal production. Restricted Fat Diet Best for Kids. Fitness fights plaque. Trying to fix Milk's fatal drawbacks. Britons’ Bra Sizes ballooning. Questions: Go Easy on fructose; fruit timing, famished feeding. Tips to Stay on Track: Tie Goals to Something Bigger than yourself. Dining out Tips: Beware "lean cuisine". Osteoporosis: acid/alkali Index.  GMO: Archer Daniels Midland compromises. GMO Pollen Kills Butterflies. Human "Canine tooth" Fallacy. Celeste Pizza exposed. Ketchup Marketing onslaught. Cola/Milk Wars


July 1999

Slim Teenage Girls get the most dates. Sunday Times. Half-ton Man returns to Hospital. Mother of Obese Girl Accused of Child Abuse. Pritikin’s Darwin Sauce. Recipe: Lentil Soup. French Cows Blood into Wine. Super-sizing Killer-Calories. Peanut Positives. Baker’s Dozens. WWII Low Bacon Ration. Canola Questions. Mediterranean Diet does not include Pizza or Pasta. Hint: Keep a Diet Diary. Dining out: Cut down on the dense proteins. Briefing: Osteoporosis - part II. GMO-free Sainsbury. GMO: Americans don't know. USDA pressured into refusing GMO in Organic Foods. American Authorities Refuse to require GMO foods to be so labeled. Pritikin's sauce exposed. Benecol vs Take Control margarine - a Plague on both spreads. Milk Hype: Moo Moos Madness. Book Announcement.


August 1999

It is to our regret that our archive copy (and backup) of this newsletter is corrupted. We would gratefully receive a copy or e-file from any of our subscribers who might have kept a copy. Contact us. 


September 1999

Early Man Cooked Greens. Diet linked to enlarged prostate. Darwin Label: Traverse Bay's dried fruit Travesty. Japanese Health is Degenerating with Western Lifestyle. Recipes: Leeks Provençale. MacDonald's loses Libel Trial. Eggs are exonerated: They are a great food. Breast-fed Beats Obesity. Breast-fed for High Brows. Stir Fry Hint, Unsalted Egg-plant. Autism/Food Link. Darwin Label Exposed. Remove Temptation. Feature: The Food/Digestive Disease Connection. GMO Updates: UK Labels, Pet Food, ADM Segregation, Euro-American Trade War, Willpower Contests.


October 1999

Morning Sickness: Warning against plant toxins? Centenarians Diet. Virtue Label: Paula’s Salad Dressing. Iceman Diet - included salads. Recipe: Portabella Mushrooms. Lentil Food Combining. Antibiotic Irresponsibility. Low Oil Tip: Oil-and-water method. Dining Out – Slow Down. Rallying Macbeth – Focus on Benefits. Feature Article – Food/Digestive Disease Connection (II). Terminator Genes. Paula's Dressing for Virtue. Lipton’s Big Brother – Total Control margarine.


November 1999

Neanderthals were Surprisingly Healthy. Gut Worms improve health. Darwin Label: Spam. Farm Animals: Fat and Lazy. Food Fix: Vegetable Wrap. Questions: Why Rice is not Great; Our take on Juicing Vegetables; Slimming with Alcohol; Go Easy on Cheese; Pita Hint; Clearing up the meaning of "Serving Size" . Feature Article: Candida. FDA Awakes to G.M.O.’s. French Sewage in our Steaks. Vegetation Improves Lungs and Stroke. Babies reject Sorbitol. Pima Indians Drive Themselves into Diabetes. "Functional Food" False Friend. Messages.


December 1999

Young Greasy Hearts: Heart Disease Begins in Childhood. Thin Thin Virtue. Costs to Employers of Obesity. Christmas Recipe: Chocolate Mousse. Questions: Microwave Ovens OK, Casein in Dairy, Type of Cholesterol in Shrimp is OK, What's Wrong with Potato, Goat Milk Just as Bad as that from Other Creatures, Naturally Occurring Vegetable Toxins. Hints: Wraps Again, Oily Nuts. USDA Cheese Portion: only four dice! Feature Article: Food/Malady Connection: Complexion, Libido, Cellulite, Eyesight. Virtuous Wrap appraised. FDA proposes Transfat Labels. GMO producers fight against GMO Biotech labels. Diet’s Effect On Heart Disease Called Profound.


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