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This is the first year of the Natural Eating Newsletter. Some of the ideas (and presentation) are still in embryonic form and only find their maturity in 2000. 

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May 1998

News from the battlefront: Cereals need yet more "enrichment". Feature Article: Checks and Balances at the calcium Bank - part I. He Didn't beat the Odds: Rodale


June 1998

Milk labeling; Broccoli Sprouts; Salt, Arteries; Chocolate recipe; McDonalds;  Calcium bank II; Sweeteners; Fitness folly; Supplements; Word Spreads


July 1998

“Light” oil; Oxidized fat; Obesity; Hip Fractures; Blood Pressure; Diabetes; Ratatouille; Calcium bank III ; Sleep tight; Health food stores; Snacks; French tour; Darwin’s Key lime pie.


August 1998

DDT; Sugar heart attack; Baked Zucchini; Exercise; Candida; Distilled Water; Q&A; Darwin’s Betty Crocker cake mix.


September 1998

Calcium on the Brain; Beauty and the BMI ; Walk for your Life; Vegetable Broth; Exercise II; Aspirin in Fruit; Lentil and Tomato snack; 45 lb slimmer; Q & A; Safeway Darwin food label; Spread the Word


October 1998

E-Coli Cattle; Down with cereals; Brain Food- oldsters; Turnip Greens; Exercise III; Brain Food - babes; Snack Mushrooms; Sugar Cop; Q & A: milk, pasta, frozen vegetables, melon; Darwin’s Coffee Cream


November 1998

John Glenn’s junk food; Blood Pressure down; Bacteria loaded meat; Lucky’s Darwin label; “baked beans”; First Thanksgiving menu seen through the Natural Eating lens; Exercise IV; DHEA Dangers; Salt substitutes; Know your Potatoes; Supplement madness; short sight; Event: Eisenhower Hospital.


December 1998

Memory affects Appetite; Gut relief; Darwin’s “Veggie” Stix; Newswire Digest: Cola consumption escalates, High Blood Pressure - Mental Decline, Meat increases Colon Cancer; Garlic's anti-cancer properties, obesity/pancreatic cancer connection. Recipe: Baked Apple; Olive oil fallacy; Balshazzar’s Health Diet; Butterfat; McDonald’s Hot Water; Exercise V; Q&A; Darwin Label explained.



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