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JULY 2023

Evolutionary Society: Managing population stress. Myth Busting: Over-hydration – yet another death. Instrumenting Paleo: Monitoring Glucose Continuously. Q&A: Organics – Eggs, Rapeseed oil. News Shorts: Dementia – lack of green leafy vegetables; Junk food diet disrupts sleep; massive cost of obesity; Grandmothers spoil daughter’s children more than son’s. Evolutionary Psyche: Garden view beats Brick wall view for surgery recovery. Research: One day in #BondPaleo, part IX. Message: Male Bonding. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialized world (part IX). Spreading the Word: Private Lectures.


JUNE 2023

Research: One Day in #BondPaleo – VIII. Briefing: Quenching Chronic Inflammation. Evolutionary Beverages: Is Alcohol Paleo? Q&A: Are we overly medicated? Ranking of Fruits; Salt in hot weather. News Shorts: Inflammation, not Cholesterol Important in Heart Attacks. Message: James Vakos. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialised world (VIII). Spreading the Word.


MAY 2023

Research: One day in #BondPaleo VII. Evolutionary Behavior: What Drives Females’ Dildo Preferences? Hints: Longer Mealtimes for Kids’ Fruit & Vegetable Intake. News Short: Epilepsy/Gut Bugs/ Keto Diet link. Q&A: WHO advises against Non-sugar Sweeteners. News Shorts: Hadza Diverse Gut-bugs; Mental Health – Exercise better than Medicine; Great Apes – Mind-altering activity. Spreading the Word: Malocclusion & Poor Impulse Control. Message: Richard Housewright. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialised World VII.

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