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MAY 2024

Human Mentality: Psychedelics in Perspective (3). Rolling back Junk Food: Morgan “Super Size Me” Spurlock dies at 53. News Short: Urban Indoor Gardening Boosts Immune System, Words of Wisdom: Dr William Osler. Frontiers of Human Behavior: Choice of Forename can influence social success; Infants don’t restrict Mom’s foraging productivity. News Shorts: Paleo beats Med Diet for gut health; Nutrients that slow brain ageing; Menstruation starts ever earlier; Half of all cancers linked to obesity; AI rates Conservative Women as Prettier.


APRIL 2024

Human Mentality: Psychedelics in Perspective (2); Gen Z Climate Anxiety. Frontiers of Human Behavior: EHBEA Conference 2024 – Carbs reduce Facial Attractiveness. Quote: Isaac Asimov. Evolutionary Behavior: Infant Day-care poor substitute for Mom-care. News Shorts: Waist-to-Height ratio detects obesity in youngsters best; Farmed Salmon Fish-food for us; “Why are so many young people getting cancer?”; Doctor misdiagnosis in US hospitals leads to death & injury; Home Fecal Testing Caution, Quote: Red Skelton.


MARCH 2024

Human Mentality: Psychedelics in Perspective.  Recipe: Spinach Bake with pine nuts and currants. News Short: Brain Microbiome and Alzheimer’s. Evolutionary Behavior: Childcare in a state of nature. Frontiers of Human Behavior: EHBEA Conference update; (Networking, Catering, Resources). News Shorts: Forest Bathing good for teens; Resistant Starch, Weight Loss & Change in gut bugs; Did Dementia exist in ancient Greece and Rome?



Book Review V: The Evolved Nest – Dr Darcia Narvaez. Human Behavior: Enforcing Social Norms – Bystander support crucial. Our Food Supply: Egg production types. Misleading Headline Watch: “Parasitic worms ward off obesity & Diabetes. Hints: Exercise alone for best results. News Shorts: Happiness doesn’t cost much; Ancient Peru forager plant diet; Males born to obese moms have health issues as adults; Omega-3 oils slow deadly pulmonary fibrosis; Obesity deadlier than thought; Prostate cancer – Exercise helps.



Book Review (IV): The Evolved Nest. Cultural Co-evolution: Honeyguide Birds’ calls are Culture Dependent. Briefing: Ketogenic Diets Revisited. Hints: Reduce Portion Sizes! News Shorts: Emulsifier/CVD link; Keto Diet helps Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD); Diabetes at 30, early Death; Palm Oil Interferes with Memory; Chronic Constipation – Cognitive Decline; Daily Step Count and Dementia; Blueberries for Heart Health; Omega-3 fatty acids for Lung Health; Med Diet reduces Cognitive Decline in older People; Fruit & Vegetable Bacteria improve Gut Bugs.


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