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APRIL 2023

Spreading the word: 25 years of #BondBriefing. Health Heritage: Case Lesson: Bowel Cancer. Q&A: Intermittent Fasting; Validity of Hunter-Gatherer studies. Evolutionary Behavior: Male Homosexuality and place in the birth order of siblings. Research: One day in #BondPaleo – VI. News Shorts: Fasting for 24 hours could harm the immune system; Hunter-gatherers show us how to bring up happier children? Postponements: Organizing society four an industrialised world – VII. Who Report on Artificial Sweeteners.


MARCH 2023

Paleo Research: One day in the life of #BondPaleo – V. Evolutionary Behavior: Forager Kids play Learning. Evolutionary Anthropology: Gendered Division of Labour helped Humans outlive Neanderthals. News Short: More Fish oil, less vegetable oil lessens Migraines. Q&A: Over-active Thyroid; Food Combining. News Shorts: Parkinson’s & Dry-cleaning fluid; Alcohol no Dementia risk; Excess Erythritol & Blood clots. Message: Parkinson’s at Bay. Viewpoint: Organizing Industrial Society (VI)- Merit.



Evolutionary Biology: Recording #BondPaleo – IV. Question: Spermidine and Ageing. News Short: Cancer & Body-clock Disruption. Q&A: Fish-farmed Salmon; Offal for Paleo. News Shorts: Witchcraft beliefs are everywhere; Remove Phones, Sleep Better. Low-starch-sugar diet reduces epileptic seizures. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialized World (V). Letter: Sally Unsworth. Spreading the Word: Private Lectures.



Q of Month: Migraine – a lifestyle disease? Message: Prof. Darcia Narvaez. Food Ideas: Jerusalem Artichoke. News Short: Benefit of Forest Smells. Recipe: Strawberry Crispy Crumble. Q&A: Fats & Oils Intake. News Shorts: Obese men risk Osteoporosis; Bursts of Activity extend life. Evolutionary Biology: Recording #BondPaleo – III. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialized world - IV



News Short: Toddler’s Milk Overdose. Heritage Diet: Moroccan Forager’s Rotten Teeth. News Short: Vitamin D Deficiency linked to Premature Death. Quote: Avoid Bed-ridden in old-age. Food Ideas: Quick Canapé Dish. Q&A: Chocolate Heavy Metals. News Shorts: Black Tea aids Heart Health; Children born from obese pregnant women are twice as likely to suffer from ADHD; Daily step counts & intensity improve survival. Evolutionary Biology: Recording #BondPaleo Lifestyle II. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an industrialized world (III).

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