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The Bond Effect
The science and art of living the way nature intended

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London Antiageing Medical Conference 2009 

Geoff gave the keynote workshop and lecture

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Nutritional Anthropology's Bible:



Geoff Bond

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Healthy Harvest Information Page


Geoff Bond emphasizes a point during his Sunday lecture

Conference chairperson Heather Bird
Heather is Founder and President of HB Health Clinics of Knightsbridge, London, England. Her clinics are centers for advanced wellness and skin rejuvenation.

Conference organizer Maria Somers. Maria is Director of HB Health Clinics
Some Lecture Scenes
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Geoff Bond
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Luigi Cuozzo
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Prof Syed el Haq
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Dr Patrick Kingsley
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Geoff Bond
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Dr Richard Fuller
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Friday p.m. Speaker Panel
Geoff Bond, Dr Richard Fuller, Dr Sandra Rose
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Heather Bird listens to Geoff
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Friday p.m. Speaker Panel.
Geoff Bond, Dr Sandra Rose, Dr Richard Fuller

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Dr Sandra Rose
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Heather Bird presents a copy of Deadly Harvest to prof Syed el Haq
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Geoff Bond addresses the audience from the floor of the auditorium
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Sunday Speaker Panel. Dr Andy Pickett, Dr Bobby Prasad, Prof Syed Haq, Dr Masud Haq, Dr Giovanni Megighian, Geoff Bond
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Geoff Bond's Sunday lecture audience
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Heather Bird presents a copy of Deadly Harvest to Dr Patrick Kingsley
Scenes from Around the Conference
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Heather Bird, Geoff Bond
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Nicole Bond, Geoff Bond, Margo Woodman
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Great healthy buffets served throughout the conference
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Heather Bird, Geoff Bond, Nicole Bond
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Nicole Bond, Geoff Bond, Maria Somers
Social Scenes from the After-Event Party
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Vivienne Sharman-Lewis, Margo Woodman (hostess), Sandra Rose
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Samantha Hoogenboom, Giovanni Ulleri
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Geoff Bond, Heather Bird
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Diana Maclellan, Veronica, Margo Woodman (hostess)

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