Author's Review


"Back to Basics - Putting the Right Gas in the Tank.

Where does Man come from? Are we genetically programmed for a particular way
of eating? Only recently have the answers been researched in a scientific
This book describes how we know where humans beings originated, the kind of
foodstuffs available, and the actual feeding pattern that our ancestors
We now know the right feeding pattern for the human species!
Our bodies today are just the same as they were back then when their bodies
had been in harmony with their feeding environment for tens of thousands of
The book then goes on to describe how, the new foods that have arrived in the
diet since that far off time some 50,000 years ago, often disrupt our
biochemistry and our digestive system. Diseases due to dietary errors such as
cancer, CVD, osteoporosis, allergies and arthritis are explained.
Finally the strategies for emulating this ideal eating pattern in the modern
world are explained. By so doing we achieve our genetic potential for health,
vitality and long life.
Human beings, of all the creatures, think that they can deny the laws of
Nature. By so doing, they drastically undermine their evolutionary
foundations. We are on the slippery slope to self-destruction - and we are
speeded on our way by the appalling misinformation and hypocrisy in matters
of nutrition.
What kind of bequest are we leaving to future generations? Adults bedridden
with degenerative disease and a population of diabetic and obese children?
We hope not. This book is a crusade against the deteriorating health of our
populations and a route map for the way out. In broadcasting the simple truth
about our nutritional heritage, we can reverse these trends - We can learn
how to feed in harmony with the way our bodies were designed to function.