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December 2023

Book Review (part III): The Evolved Nest by Dr Darcia Narvaez. News Short: Centenarian Personality. Recipe: Chocolate Chip Panettone. News Shorts: Palm Oil Replacement; Physical Activity at 10 improves brain from age 10 to 14; Brain is ‘rewired’ during pregnancy; Good Lifestyle cuts Depression; Mediterranean ‘Way of Life’; Depression and Ultra-processed Foods. Spreading the Word: Radio Interview with Martie Whittekin.


November 2023

Evolutionary Support Web: The Evolved Nest Review (II). Jungle Lore: 95% of species ran more from humans than lions. Physical Activity: Exercise Debate. Worthy Idiots: The more sunscreen the more melanoma. News Shorts: Climbing Stairs cuts CVD; Pancreatic Cancer linked to high Insulin levels; Meat Substitute ‘Mycoprotein healthier than Red Meat; Cheese – not all bad? Climate Fluctuation: Expansion of Farming in the Northern Wilderness; Improvement in Bordeaux Wines. Messages: Richard Housewright. Spreading the Word: Radio interviews with Martie Whittekin. Laughter is the best Medicine: Leo Tolstoy.


October 2023

Jungle Lore: ‘The Evolved Nest’ Review (I). Physical Activity: Hill Hiking Report. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialized World (XI). Q&A: Paleo Perfection – or ‘Good Enough’? News Shorts: Milk – labelling wars; Men don’t see Domestic Tasks like Women do. Ancestral Anthropology: The Last Hunter-gatherers. News Shorts: New Breast-milk Component discovered for Cognition; Vigorous Housework cuts CVD; Shrimp shells boost Immune System; Large Breasts inhibit Physical Activity. Spreading the Word: Radio Interview with Marty Whittekin.


September 2023

Did you know? Sea levels were higher 6,000 years ago. Coming Soon: The Evolved Nest review. Our Genetic Heritage: Mother’s Diet can Protect Grandchildren’s Brain Health; Genes mostly decide Educational Attainment. News Shorts: Sugary Soft Drinks increase liver disease; Sedentary kids risk heart damage in in young adulthood; Gluten inflames the brain; Mom’s diet in Pregnancy boosts baby’s neurodevelopment; Antioxidants Feed Tumors. Spreading the Word: Radio Interview with Martie Whittekin; Staying Healthy and Active by living the way Nature intended. Viewpoint: Organizing society for an industrialized world (X).


August 2023

Human Behavior: Ambiguities of Gender a modern Phenomenon? Question: Bone Broth Revisited. Human Behavior: Gendered Play in Forager Kids. Q&A: Controlling Cholesterol Levels; Over-hydration/Thirst Reflex. News Shorts: Napping slows brain shrinkage; More on Xylitol. Message: Centenarian Eileen. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialized World (X).


July 2023

Evolutionary Society: Managing population stress. Myth Busting: Over-hydration – yet another death. Instrumenting Paleo: Monitoring Glucose Continuously. Q&A: Organics – Eggs, Rapeseed oil. News Shorts: Dementia – lack of green leafy vegetables; Junk food diet disrupts sleep; massive cost of obesity; Grandmothers spoil daughter’s children more than son’s. Evolutionary Psyche: Garden view beats Brick wall view for surgery recovery. Research: One day in #BondPaleo, part IX. Message: Male Bonding. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialized world (part IX). Spreading the Word: Private Lectures.


June 2023

Research: One Day in #BondPaleo – VIII. Briefing: Quenching Chronic Inflammation. Evolutionary Beverages: Is Alcohol Paleo? Q&A: Are we overly medicated? Ranking of Fruits; Salt in hot weather. News Shorts: Inflammation, not Cholesterol Important in Heart Attacks. Message: James Vakos. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialised world (VIII). Spreading the Word.


May 2023

Research: One day in #BondPaleo VII. Evolutionary Behavior: What Drives Females’ Dildo Preferences? Hints: Longer Mealtimes for Kids’ Fruit & Vegetable Intake. News Short: Epilepsy/Gut Bugs/ Keto Diet link. Q&A: WHO advises against Non-sugar Sweeteners. News Shorts: Hadza Diverse Gut-bugs; Mental Health – Exercise better than Medicine; Great Apes – Mind-altering activity. Spreading the Word: Malocclusion & Poor Impulse Control. Message: Richard Housewright. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialised World VII.


April 2023

Spreading the word: 25 years of #BondBriefing. Health Heritage: Case Lesson: Bowel Cancer. Q&A: Intermittent Fasting; Validity of Hunter-Gatherer studies. Evolutionary Behavior: Male Homosexuality and place in the birth order of siblings. Research: One day in #BondPaleo – VI. News Shorts: Fasting for 24 hours could harm the immune system; Hunter-gatherers show us how to bring up happier children? Postponements: Organizing society four an industrialised world – VII. Who Report on Artificial Sweeteners.


March 2023

Paleo Research: One day in the life of #BondPaleo – V. Evolutionary Behavior: Forager Kids play Learning. Evolutionary Anthropology: Gendered Division of Labour helped Humans outlive Neanderthals. News Short: More Fish oil, less vegetable oil lessens Migraines. Q&A: Over-active Thyroid; Food Combining. News Shorts: Parkinson’s & Dry-cleaning fluid; Alcohol no Dementia risk; Excess Erythritol & Blood clots. Message: Parkinson’s at Bay. Viewpoint: Organizing Industrial Society (VI)- Merit.


February 2023 

Evolutionary Biology: Recording #BondPaleo – IV. Question: Spermidine and Ageing. News Short: Cancer & Body-clock Disruption. Q&A: Fish-farmed Salmon; Offal for Paleo. News Shorts: Witchcraft beliefs are everywhere; Remove Phones, Sleep Better. Low-starch-sugar diet reduces epileptic seizures. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialized World (V). Letter: Sally Unsworth. Spreading the Word: Private Lectures.

January 2023

Q of Month: Migraine – a lifestyle disease? Message: Prof. Darcia Narvaez. Food Ideas: Jerusalem Artichoke. News Short: Benefit of Forest Smells. Recipe: Strawberry Crispy Crumble. Q&A: Fats & Oils Intake. News Shorts: Obese men risk Osteoporosis; Bursts of Activity extend life. Evolutionary Biology: Recording #BondPaleo – III. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialised world – IV

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