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December 2022

News Short: Toddler’s Milk Overdose. Heritage Diet: Moroccan Forager’s Rotten Teeth. News Short: Vitamin D Deficiency linked to Premature Death. Quote: Avoid Bed-ridden in old-age. Food Ideas: Quick Canapé Dish. Q&A: Chocolate Heavy Metals. News Shorts: Black Tea aids Heart Health; Children born from obese pregnant women are twice as likely to suffer from HDHD; Daily step counts & intensity improve survival. Evolutionary Biology: Recording #BondPaleo Lifestyle II. Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an industrialized world (III).


November 2022

Evolutionary Biology: Recording #BondPaleo Lifestyle – I. Fad Diets: Cliff Richard & Blood Group Diet. Food Ideas: Party Nibbles. News Short: Design Hospitals for Healing. Recipe: Olive Cake. News Shorts: Paleo Tartar, Healthier Mouth Bacteria; Mental Health from birds and their song; Soccer, Basketball better than Running for bones and fitness. Constructive Paranoia: Docs Used to Promote Cigarettes. Viewpoint: Organising Society for an Industrialised World (II).


October 2022

Recipe: Red Bell Pepper Loaf. News Short: Excess Fructose Linked to Behavioral Disorders. Evolutionary Biology: Female Emissions at Orgasm. News Shorts: Vitamin D in Pregnancy lowers Eczema in Baby; Child Cancer in Cyprus one of Highest in World; A Green Banana a day keeps the Cancer at bay; Babies fall asleep faster when held; Spending time near Water boosts Mental Health; Chewing gum burns Calories. Pets Feeding Patterns: Vegan Cats and Dogs? Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialized World – part I


September 2022

Ancestral Lifespan: Queen – a forager’s death? Ancestral Family Tree: Nobel Prize for Svante Pääbo. Ancestral Society: The importance of Elders. Q&A: Reversing Day & Night; Daily Physical Activity. News Shorts: Racquet Sports best for staying alive; Women Carry Babies best on their backs; Vegetarian Women have 33% higher risk of breaking a hip; Saccharine & Sucralose (Splenda) raise blood sugar. From the Belly of the Beast: Half of Cypriot Children Obese. Spreading the Word: Margaret Pettit’s BondPaleo Website update. Letter: Paleo Baby. Postponed Viewpoint: Organizing Society for an Industrialized World.


August 2022

Ancestral Social Stress: Managing the stresses of populous communities. Ancestral Psyche: The QE II Phenomenon. Fad Diet Watch: Vegan mother guilty of death of 18-month old son. Q&A: Almond butter; Couples match up according to level of ‘Desirability’. News Shorts: Weekend Warrior exercise OK; Women can live longer & better with better diet; Childhood obesity & fitness linked to midlife cognition. Fructose & uric acid provoke hyperactive foraging response; Loss of excess weight increases men’s sperm count and quality; Lean people eat less and ‘run hotter’. Viewpoint: The transition to modern society. Letter: Steve Sellin.


July 2022

Q&A: Woman Power & Femininity. Ancestral Human Biology: Obese Pregnant Moms program their fetuses for Heart Disease. Human Behavior: Relation­ships best between those of similar desirability. News Shorts: Good diet beats depression; Alzheimer’s Lifestyle Links. Q&A: Mate attraction & success rate. News Shorts: Gut bugs, western diet, bowel cancer; omega-3s lower blood pressure; Lager, alcoholic or not helps gut bugs; Bank stools for transplant later in life; Antibiotics wreak havoc on athletic performance; Need to boost muscle strength; Resistance exercise for sleep. Book Review V: Hunter Gatherer’s Guide to the 21stC.


June 2022

Evolutionary Biology: Older people Sexually Active. Quote: Lord Byron. Q of Month: Einstein’s worries re bad genes. Evolutionary Behaviour: Children who play adventurously have better mental health; Psychopaths have odd Brains. Q&A: Cancer is not genetic. Spreading the Word: Website promoting BondPaleo. News Shorts: Eggs Boost Heart Health; Mineral Decline in UK’s Fruit & Vegetables; Higher Antioxidant levels lower Dementia risk; Diet & ADHD in Children. Book Review IV: Hunter Gatherer’s Guide to the 21stC. Letter: Dana Melton.


May 2022

Book Review III: Hunter Gather’s Guide to 21stC. Ancestral Health: Pre-industrial peoples – low Dementia Rates. Evolutionary Physical Activity: 7,000 steps per day are enough. Our Food Supply: Purple Superfood Tomato. Quote: Dr Johnson. News Shorts: Cancer is not Genetic; Fat men have bad Sperm; Strong Immune System is Attractive; Brisk Walkers live longer; Champion Walker “Il Topolino”; Guts sense difference between sugar & sweeteners. Our Food Supply: Xanthan Gum – Gut Processing; Not all Dietary Fibers are the same. Letter: Diane Lewis.


April 2022

News Shorts: Night light – CVD, Obesity & Diabetes Link. Resources: Evolutionary Warfare & Cooking. News Short: Alcohol intake Questioned. Recipe: Tomato, Onion Zucchini Gratin. News Shorts: Statins are no good for CVD; Milk makes MS Worse. Book Review III: A Hunter-gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century. Health Policy: Fighting the Mainstream Health Establishment III. Human Behavior: High-flying married mothers do yet more housework.


March 2022

Q of month: Testicular Cancer. News Shorts: Dog Owners Healthier. Did you Know? Overdosing on Protein. News Shorts: Housework is good Exercise; Vaginal Microbiome affects Baby’s Cognition; Children’s Food should be the same as Adult’s; Magnesium for Immune System & Cancer Fighting; Gut not Duped by Sugar Substitutes. Book Review II – a Hunter Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century. Spreading the Word: Macrobiotic Diet Revisited. Health Policy: Fighting the Mainstream Health Establishment – part II


February 2022

Q of Month: Gestational Diabetes. Letter: Dr Joe Thompson. News Short: Small Boys & Girls Behaviours partly due to Gut Bugs. Book Review: A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century. News Short: Plant Diet Nixes Senile Dementia. Recipe: Paleo Patisserie Flan. Reinventing the Wheel: Goji Berries nix Macular Degeneration; Mom’s Choline Boosts Child’s Attention. News Shorts: Vitamin D pills reduce Autoimmune Disease; ‘Green-Med’ Diet slows Brain Ageing; Mankai Duckweed – Superfood? Hints: Chew well to save Weight. Viewpoint: Survival – stay fully functioning. Health Policy: Fighting Health Establishment I.


January 2022

Spreading the Word: Radio Interview – HBN show. Nutrition Policy: Flawed US Dietary Guidelines. Food Policy: Food – Health Tanking Attempt. Socio-economic Policy II: Economics for Human Thriving II. Recipe: Cabbage Fritter. News Shorts: Dietary Fiber boosts Immune Cells against Melanoma; Pregnancy & Beauty Product Hormones; Omega-3 reduces Hard Arteries; Gestational Diabetes diet controlled in early Pregnancy; High Heart Rate – Dementia; Fat Children Lock in Health Problems for Life; Giving Social Support Quenches Inflammation.

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