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Evolutionary Physical Activity: Readers’ Efforts to stay Paleo-fit – Peter Harris. Q of Month: Dr Mosley’s “Fast 800” Program. News Shorts: Short Bursts of Exercise Improve Metabolic Health; Erectile Dysfunction & Diet. Q&A: Tooth & Gum Health. Back to our Roots: Arabian Sands IV – Privacy. News Shorts: Vegans have Fragile Bones; Pandemic – Migrate from Dense Conurbations to Small Towns. Sunshine Dearth, Covid Thrives. Exercise Boosts Cancer Fighting. Hints: Kiwi Skins for Roughage? Human Behavior: How WEIRD are you? Part II.


Topical Food Ideas: Our Yuletide Menu. Back to our Roots: Arabian Sands – part II – Law enforcement lessons. Paleo Physical Activity – Nicole. Ancestral Food Pattern: Roughage – Indigestible Fiber. Letter – II Fymat: Brain Diseases and Viruses? Seasonal Recipe: Wild Boar Ragout. The Long View: Lockdowns Improve Sleep. Letter: Natalie Morris – Over-treatment of Cancers. Health Policy: Scaling back unnecessary Medical Treatment. Human Behavior: How WEIRD are you?


Letter: From Diane Lewis – physical activity. Letter: Prof. Alain Fymat – Brain Diseases & Viruses? News Shorts: Breast Milk Tunes Baby’s Gut Flora & Immune System. Brain-made Fructose Dementia. Q&A: Water Filters; “Nose to Tail” Carnivore Diet. Back to our Roots: Arabian Sands – Thesiger II – Feeding Pattern. Breaking News: Rapeseed Protein beats Soy; Omega-3 good for Heart Health; Toe-spring bad for Feet; Sugar Changes Gut Bugs to Boost Dementia; Hints: Chlorine Washed Chicken.


Back to our Roots: Book – Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger. Recipe: Tiramisu to Die for. Our Roots in Nature: Kids Exploring Alone combats “Nature Deficit Disorder”. Quote: Leo Tolstoy. Q&A: Omega-7 Fatty Acid; What about Wakame? Breaking News: Sleep Scientists call to end Daylight Saving Time; Diabetes II – It’s Obesity, not Genes; Gut Fungus – Alzheimer Link; Excess Fructose – Fatty Liver. Fad Diet Watch: Vegan Baby gets Cerebral Palsy.


Our Evolutionary Heritage: Sunshine – Dosage for Vitamin D? Stingless Bees – Honey Benefit. Hints: Healthiest ways to Cook Fish. Breaking News: Nutritional ‘Dark Matter’. Quote: Dr Jordan Peterson. Q&A: Canola oil vs Coconut oil; Side-effects of changing Diet. Breaking News: Motherhood Overrides the Brain’s Decision-making; High Cholesterol? Eliminate Carbs not Fat; Statistics and Round Numbers; Night-time Protein – Morning Sugar Spikes; Sugar Worsens Brain Function; Getting DHA into the Brain; Youth Obesity – Alzheimer’s Risk. Spreading the Word: Ellensue Spicer’s review of Natural Eating 2nd edition .

JULY 2020

Our Evolutionary Heritage: Better office light, better sleep, better performance. Q of Month: Micro-plastic in Seafood. News Shorts: Centenarian Secrets; Strong Muscles, Strong Immune System. Q&A: Myth: Erythritol Inflammatory? Did You Know? Body Temperature has dropped. Breaking News: Titanium Nanoparticles Inflame the Colon; Sugar & Fatty Heart; More Berries & Apples Beat Alzheimer’s; Overdose on Vitamin D; Unhealthy Antioxidant Overdose; Over-dependence on four crops; Melanoma Over-diagnosed? Hookworm helps MS Patients; Balanced Protein Intake Reduces Ageing Muscle Loss.

JUNE 2020

Our Evolutionary Heritage: How Forager Children learn Life Skills. Evolutionary Biology: Gut Viruses: Breastfed vs Formula. News Shorts: Less Sex, Earlier Menopause; Hunter-gatherers have deep relationship with the animals they hunt. Quote: Carl Jung. Q&A: Vegan Baby & Calcium; Baby: What age to begin meat? The Long View: The Flood & our Forager Forebears; When the Sahara was Savanna. Breaking News: Organic Foods – less Cancer. Exercise Helps Cancer Patients; Kids’ 15-Minute Daily Mile; Virus: Immune Response; Protein Deficiency Drives Carb Over-consumption. Viewpoint: Weights & Measures (2)

MAY 2020

Food Ideas: Chocolate Avocado Cake. Letter: Caroline Grossmith. Quote: Risk and Covid-19. Forager Anthropology: RIP Frank Marlowe. Q&A: Non-organic Rapeseed Oil? How to put on Weight? Less Eating out, Less Obesity? Vegetarian: Tofu or Cheese? Viewpoint: Thoughts on Weights & Measures. Book Review: Stonewylde Novels part V. Breaking News: Toilet-paper Stockpiler Personality? Crapsules for Crohn’s Disease; Coconut oil Over-hyped.

APRIL 2020

Surviving Covid-19: Vital Role of the Sunshine Vitamin, Vitamin D. Letter: Galina Dronova. Health Policy: Obesity & Covid-19, Food Ideas: Paleo Naan Bread. Q&A: Is Allulose a Healthy Sweetener? Does High Humidity work as a Sunscreen? Fad Diets: More Keto Diet Dangers. Ancestral Physical Activity: Squatting better form of Inactivity than Sitting. Breaking News: Hot-tubbing for Heart Health; Leaky Gut in the Obese

MARCH 2020

Paleo Practice: Harris Family Update & Tips III. Letter: Metabolic Disorders Reversed. Health Policy: Covid-19 – What price Life? Spreading the  Word: Spicer ‘Deadly Harvest’ Review. Food Ideas: Asparagus and Vegetable Roast. Q&A: Mystery Debilitating Disease HPU.  Covid-19: What is a life worth? Hints: Breakfast like a King. Covid-19 Immune Defense: Physical Activity. Book Review IV: Stonewylde – Belonging. News Flashes: Keto Diet Best in Small Doses; Obese Mom’s Breast Milk/Infant Obesity; Milk Increases Breast Cancer; Low Fish oil-low male virility.


Putting Paleo into Practice: Harris Family Update & Tips II. Ancient Paleo-nutrition: Star-lily Tuber fed early humans. Improving on Nature? Some HRT reduces Breast Cancer. Cancellation: Oxford Lecture: April 1, 2020. Q&A: Covid-19 – Food Reserves; Surviving Covid-19; Childhood Obesity – Genetic? Book Review III: Stonewylde Novels. Hints: Diet – Keep the Rules Simple. News Flashes: Eggs not Linked to CVD; Soil Bacteria nix Allergens; Soybean Oil Undermines Brain. Ancestral Sleep: Sleep in Cool Bedroom. Viewpoint: Epidemics in Perspective.


Letter: Harris Family Update & Tips. Evolutionary Behavior: Menopausal Killer Whales. Low Vitamin D in Childhood – Adolescent Problems. Hints: The 80-15-5 Rule. Spreading the Word: Public Lecture, April 1, Oxford, UK. Q&A: Arrowroot – Conforming?; Palm Oil Shortening – OK? Hints: Insomniac Tip: Second Sleep; Insomniac Tip: Avoid High GI Diet. Book Review Part III – Stonewylde Novels. Ancestral Biology: Constipation – part II. News Flashes: Light Pollution bad for Body-clock. Climate Watch (it’s not all bad): Increased Crop Yields. Ancestral Sleep: Night Sleep in Two Goes. Letter: Did you see the film Idiocracy? Spreading the Word: ARTZT; Oxford.

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