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Courage to the Sticking Place
You will no doubt be thinking that to eat “Naturally” demands a revolution in eating habits. Well, carried to its ultimate perfection, it does. However, the good news is that it can be done by degrees, and every shift in the right direction will bring its benefits.

Every shift in the right direction will bring its benefits

In chapter 10 - The Ten Steps to Success, the ‘shifts’ to take are given in priority order. That way you can start easily and work your way up to the level that you are comfortable with.

One of the hardest things to do is to confront our own prejudices and to swim against the tide of our own cultural traditions. However, remember that it is your own health and well-being that is at stake. Remember, our eating habits today are almost entirely culture specific.

Our eating habits are mainly the result of cultural programming

The great arctic explorer Amundsen on his expeditions to the North Pole used to live on frozen raw seal - the skin, the blood, the guts - everything - just like his Eskimo mentors. He was asked “how could you do that?” Amundsen replied “People like what they are used to eating”. He had to get used to liking a different pattern of eating.

People like to eat what they are used to eating

This book is not about getting you to eat like an Eskimo - almost the opposite! But it is about getting you to like eating differently.

The following pages are an overview of the kinds of benefit that can be expected by Eating Naturally - eating in accordance with our genetic programming. In chapter 8 - The Food/Disease Connection, these maladies are looked at in greater depth. This chapter is the opportunity to remind yourself of the rewards:

Weight Control:
However much we delude ourselves, it is quite unnatural as well as unhealthy to be overweight. Indeed, the people who are the healthiest, and live the longest, have the lowest percentages of body fat.

It is true that we are genetically programmed to eat large volumes of food - but they are the low calorie-dense ones like fruit and vegetation. Today we stuff ourselves with the wrong kinds - the high calorie-dense ones like meat, fat, and bad carbohydrates!
Times Change!

Returning to the eating patterns to which our bodies are designed will ensure that our bodies will return to the shape they were intended! Without counting calories, without feeling hungry, excess fat will just slide off.

Cancer & the Immune System:
Current methods of treating cancer are rudimentary and barbaric. It is slowly being realised that it is far better to prevent cancer occurring in the first place. And the best prevention? That comes from the body itself! The immune system has developed over aeons the ability to search out and eliminate cancerous cells as they arise. Cells are going cancerous many times a minute. The immune system can cope with this load provided it is given the tools to do the job.

Too often the immune system is malnourished and operating like a mis-firing auto engine. What nourishment does it need? It needs a range of micro-nutrients like minerals ,vitamins bioflavonoids, phenols and many other substances whose presence can only be suspected. All we know is that certain kinds of foods are helpful and others are unhelpful. Eating in certain ways is helpful, others unhelpful.

Too often the immune system is undermined by tasks that should not be necessary. Tasks like sweeping up the débris from a malfunctioning gut; like the consumption of foods that depress the immune system.

Even when some cancers have established themselves, they are kept under control by an immune system that is operating at 100% efficiency. Eating Naturally ensures that the full weight of the immune system is concentrated on the battle against cancerous cells.

Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, and Atherosclerosis:
These are leading killers in the United States! and they are totally preventable. These diseases were virtually unknown until 60 years ago. The rise has been vertiginous since then. And their rise is in lockstep with the increased consumption of meat, saturated fat and bad carbohydrates. You don’t even need to go back to a Stone Age diet to be sure of never dying of these diseases. Just go back to the way your grandparents used to eat!

The good news is that Eating Naturally will not only stop the progress of these diseases in their tracks, there is a good chance that some of the damage can be undone.

Constipation, Colon Cancer and Diverticulosis:
These are all due to a state of chronic constipation brought about by an impoverished diet, low in fibre and high in foods that starve friendly bacteria. Eating naturally will banish constipation forever to a distant, unpleasant, memory. With that, these intestinal diseases will be prevented. And if they have already happened, they will be controlled and even regressed.

Strokes and Thromboses:
There is no excuse for these happening before a very advanced age. They are provoked by the abnormal production of certain hormones like thromboxane, the powerful blood clotting hormone. One way in which we cause this abnormal production of ‘bad’ hormones is by the abnormal production of another hormone, insulin. And what is at the root of abnormal insulin production? The abnormal consumption of bad carbohydrates.

Whew! This is just one tiny example of how food acts like drug – and sets in motion a complex chain of events that leads to ill health. And what are bad carbohydrates? You’ll discover those when you get to chapter 5. Just know that when you eat naturally, you don’t produce abnormal quantities of thromboxane, or indeed any of the other illness-provoking ‘bad’ hormones.

Adult onset diabetes was a rare disease until about 50 years ago. Its incidence is growing geometrically and is expected to attain nearly 20% of the American adult population in 10 years time. It is responsible for most cases of blindness, amputations and kidney disease. Diabetes multiplies up the risk of mortality from cardio-vascular disease.

Diabetes has grown from nearly zero just 50 years ago to being a significant crippling and killing disease today

Diabetes is another eminently preventable disease. One main cause is the over-consumption of bad carbohydrates, including sugar. The rise in consumption of sugar per year has risen exponentially from zero 200 years ago (see chart in chapter 4) to 130 lb./head today! This over-consumption of bad carbohydrates causes a massive insulin reaction. Over time, the pancreas’ ability to function properly is wrecked, and the fat cells fail to function properly.

Worse, the abnormal quantities of insulin floating around in the blood-stream are causing havoc. Blood clots form, arteries harden, cholesterol is produced, the immune system is depressed, the kidneys fail, and even the bones lose calcium!

Eating Naturally will ensure that you never drive yourself into a state of diabetes, or if you already have it, control it in ways that will minimise damage to the body.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:
The evidence is now conclusive that this agonising and debilitating disease is provoked by an allergic reaction to some vector affecting the body’s nerves. The nerves are tricked into falsely sending signals to cells in the joints to swell up. What could cause this? One major suspect is the release of bacteria and toxins into the bloodstream from a “leaky colon” and past a liver which is already too intoxicated to filter them out.

A second major suspect is the production of “bad” eicosonoids. Eicosonoids are super-hormones which emerge, give their instructions and disappear in a flash. “Bad” eicosanoids are simply the ones which are produced in excess due to some unbalancing factor. One of these factors is an excess of insulin caused by bad carbohydrates.

Sample Bad Fats:
butter, margarine, cereal oils (sunflower, safflower, peanut, corn), animal fat, see Chapter 5.

Sample Favourable fats:
Canola oil, walnut oil, flax oil, fish oil. See Chapter 5.
A third major suspect is the consumption of “bad” fats, particularly hydrogenated vegetable fats (present in margarine and many manufactured foods); and the absence of good fats in the diet, such as the Omega 3 series.

Whatever the trigger, rheumatoid arthritis has been found to be reduced or even miraculously cured, simply by changes to the diet. And what are those changes? Why - one which corresponds to a way of Natural Eating!

Improved circulation and complexion.
One of the most pleasing benefits of eating naturally is that the little capillaries in the face and extremities are kept flushed out and healthy. Fingers and toes remain warm and sensitive. The cheeks glow with good health.

Because osteoporosis is a disease of the bone, we have very good records of the bone condition of human beings going back tens of thousands of years. It is a condition quite unknown by our Pleistocene ancestors! No bones there looking like Gruyère cheese. No friable, chalky vertebrae collapsing under their own weight.

And yet for all the calcium tablets swallowed, for all the milk being drunk, osteoporosis is reaching epidemic proportions! What is going wrong? It is due to the refusal to look at the root causes of osteoporosis. Only a few enlightened doctors draw the obvious conclusion - that the reason our bones get to look like Swiss cheese is due to the way that we eat!

Contrary to popular myth, osteoporosis is caused by hormonal imbalances not calcium deficiency. It is a problem of our bodies not using the calcium that is given properly. This flies in the face of ‘conventional’ wisdom. Doctors exhort us to consume ever increasing quantities of calcium tablets and calcium-rich products like milk.

Yet study after study shows that taking calcium tablets is about as useful as trying to fill the bathtub with a sieve - and without the bath-plug! We need to eat in a way which puts the bath-plug in place and which closes the holes of the sieve. Eating Naturally does just that - just like it did for our Pleistocene ancestors!

Want to know how? Go to chapter 8 - The Food/Disease connection.

The consumption of over-the counter digestion remedies in the US is at an all-time high and is the highest in the world. This is due, without any equivocation, to the appalling eating habits that prevail. Restructuring your eating habits so as to eat naturally will banish for ever the debilitating stomach upsets, acidity, cramps and nauseas that so many people are martyr to.

Case Histories
Does this all sound too good to be true? Here is a sample of the many people (their names have been changed to protect privacy) who have benefited from adopting the natural eating pattern;

ONE : John

“I’ve had the first good night’s sleep in 20 years!”

John, of Phoenix, Arizona, middle aged and overweight, complained that he never got a good night’s sleep. He always woke up in the middle of the night with heartburn and digestive disorder.

He had a classical American eating pattern - that is to say, anything goes. It was suggested that he try avoiding bad food combinations.

That very evening he went to a Steak House. He started with a mixed salad. Then went on to a smaller steak than usual, accompanied by some vegetables. For dessert he had some fresh strawberries.

avoided bad carbohydrates generally ;
avoided choosing a protein or bad carbohydrate starter.
avoided choosing a dessert containing starches such as apple pie or chocolate cake.

He turned away:
the bread rolls, the French fries and the wild rice (bad carbohydrates).

Instead of his customary beer, John drank a glass of dry red wine with the meal. He also drank some water.

This meal was a well combined meal: plant food (salads and vegetables) dominate. To this vegetation is added just one protein, the steak. The quantity was modest. There were absolutely no bad carbohydrates. The dessert consisted of the one fruit that it is possible to eat ate the end of a meal, strawberries.

John called in the next morning ecstatic. He had just had the first good night’s sleep in 20 years! From then on John was careful about his combinations - and his body soon reminded him if he stepped out of line.

TWO: Levinia

“For the first time in 5 years I am free of Candida!”

Levinia,10 lb overweight and twenty something, had been battling outbreaks of Candida for many years. She suffered flare-ups of vaginal discharge with gastrointestinal upset, constipation, itching rectum, gas, cramps, and ‘fluey’ symptoms. Analysis had revealed Candida spores in her blood. If this were true, there was no time to lose. Once Candida generalizes throughout the body the outlook is grim.

Levinia’s doctor had prescribed the usual medications but they only seemed to have a temporary effect. She had heard in a Natural Eating seminar that Candida is a common consequence of Western dietary errors. Levinia wanted to ensure that her eating patterns were helping  rather than hindering her recovery.

Candida is a kind of yeast that is present in everyone’s intestine. It is a malevolent organism, but under healthy conditions it is kept at bay by:
the ‘friendly’ bacteria in the intestine which crowd out unhelpful organisms,
the immune system, which is patrolling the body gobbling up foreign bodies,

Candida growth is encouraged by:
the foods it likes, notably the undigested particles of sugars and starches,
the absence of ‘friendly’ bacteria in the intestine
a weak immune system
a porous intestine, that allows the yeast to grow and spread throughout the body,
high levels of sugar in the blood

Eating strictly ‘Naturally’ would, of itself, be all that is necessary. However, it was important that Levinia emphasise the measures that would help her particular condition. She was coached in the Natural Eating method with strict emphasis on practices that:
reinforce her immune system
starve the candida of nourishment
ensure good intestinal health
provide nourishment to ‘good’ bacteria

A while later, Levinia called, overjoyed. She had enjoyed a month without any of the horrible Candida symptoms, felt a thousand times better -- and as a bonus had lost 5 lb in weight!

THREE: Robert

“I’ve taken off 45lb in four months!”

Robert, late 60’s, dynamic businessman, had a large paunch. Measuring 5’ 11” and weighing 240lb Robert had a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 34. This put him in the ‘seriously-at-risk obese’ category. Not surprisingly, Robert’s doctor told him that if he wanted to live another twenty years, he should trim down - fast! - and as far as possible too…

Robert had tried at various times to slim down, but always to no avail. The usual story: diets hard to keep up, constantly feeling hungry, weight back on within days.

Robert heard the Natural Eating philosophy expounded and it ‘spoke to him’. Over a long week-end Robert and his wife were coached in all the subtleties of surviving in the Supermarket Jungle.

Three months later Robert called in to say that he has just been to the tailor to have 6” taken out of the waist of his pants! Robert had lost 45 lb. He had never eaten so much, had never felt hungry, and (tongue-in-cheek) had discovered the secret of the Natural Eating method - that you defecate a lot!

Robert still has a little way to go - his ideal weight is 180lb max. But Robert’s general state of health is already 100% better. Most importantly he has learned the new habits that will maintain his weight and health permanently in good shape.


“I’m over the moon! Last year I was treated for cancer. Since going on your program my immune system has been so reinforced that there is no more sign of cancerous cells. In addition my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are right down ”

Jason, business tycoon, late 60’s, tall and slim, rang in one day:

“You won’t remember me, but I came to one of your seminars about three months ago. We had heard your radio show and what you said about the immune system suppressing cancer struck a chord with me.

I had finished conventional therapies for bladder cancer about a year ago. They had cleaned it up, but the three month check-ups showed that the cancer was still lying in wait.

We listened to you speak and, after initial scepticism my wife and I were won over to your precepts. We bought your Survival Manual, had a final dinner at a smart restaurant, looked at each other, and agreed that we would go on the program the next day.

I gave your Manual to my chef and told him that from now on we were going to eat like this. My chef, whom I had plucked out of the best Swiss school of Cuisine, had a culture shock. To his credit, he used his imagination to create meals that fit in so well with your program that our guests don’t even notice!

Yesterday, my specialist doctor called with the results of the most recent tests: ‘What on earth have you been doing!’ he asked.
I replied nervously that I had only tried a new way of eating. I imagined that he had some awful news to communicate.
‘Your test results are remarkable! Your triglycerides and cholesterol are right down, and best of all, no sign of pre-cancerous cells!’”

Jason remained clear of cancer and his vital signs remained good and improving.

Jason’s wife too was pleased. Since abandoning bad carbohydrates, after three days of withdrawal, her brain had cleared ‘like a veil lifting’. An added bonus: she had trimmed down 15 lb to her ideal weight.

FIVE: Genevieve

“You have revolutionised my diet and health! When I stopped eating grains,
amazing things happened...the irritable bowel went away...after years of

Genevieve, a statuesque lady in middle age, was consuming quantities of thick fluids from flasks that she pulled out of a capacious handbag. Genevieve was not eating any solids, simply drinking juiced vegetables and fruits all day long.

She explained that she suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and that this was the only way she knew to bring it under control. But as soon as she stopped, the symptoms would flare up again.

Allergies, irritable bowel, asthma, are always difficult to track down and fix. The triggers can be manifold -- and there are often non-nutritional factors as well. Nevertheless, the first thing to do if you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging! That is to say, stop doing the things that we know for sure are a problem to the body.

Irritable bowel is often an allergic reaction to some foodstuff. Almost always it is a foodstuff to which the body is not naturally adapted. The most common allergens are grains, (particularly wheat gluten) and dairy products.

Of course the Natural Eater would not eat much, if any of these foods, but to Genevieve this was a revelation -- that it is not only acceptable but positively helpful to eliminate these unhelpful ‘novelty’ foods in the human diet.

Genevieve tried ‘Eating Naturally’ for a few weeks.

She contacted us a few weeks later to say:
“You have revolutionized my diet and health! When I stopped eating grains, amazing things happened...the irritable bowel went away...after years of suffering”


This is just a typical sample of those people who have benefited from getting their eating habits under control. They got their body bio-chemistry functioning in harmony with the way the body works.

One major theme of this book is this: you do not have to micromanage the way your body functions – indeed it is impossible! -- but if you give it the tools to do the job, then your body will do all the micro-management necessary.

Another theme of this book is that, simply by adopting Natural Eating habits, then your ability to control and develop good health will be assured right across the board. Genetically, you may have been dealt a good or a bad hand. Most people today play their hand badly! But good hand or bad hand, this book will tell you how to play that hand to best advantage.

Play your hand well, not badly
– it makes sense!

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