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There are thousands of scientific articles published every year in peer-review journals. Many more appear in  symposium reports and in accredited scientific journals and magazines. This rich resource has been extensively exploited in the development of the Natural Eating precepts. It is quite impossible to mention all those that have been influential. The following list of references contains a sample selection. They are chiefly from peer-review journals. For the sake of brevity sometimes the condensed, or paraphrased version of the title has been used. Also for the sake of brevity, the names of the journals have been reduced to an acronym. The concordance is to be found at the end of the bibliography.


In a similar vein, where there are references to published books and reports, a truncated reference is given, followed by a (P). The full publishing details will likewise be found at the end of the bibliography.



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CANCER (also see Endnotes to Cancer Segments – Chapter 8)

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