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The Magnesium Solution
for Migraine Headaches

by Jay S Cohen MD

Square One Publishers, NY11040, USA, 2004. 92 pages, $5.95

Migraine sufferers have to put up not only with the pain of their headache, but also with the inability of conventional medicine to do much about it. Drugs are potent, only work patchily and have nasty side effects.    

This useful little book looks at one probable underlying migraine cause -- magnesium deficiency. Dr Cohen describes how up to 75% of Americans are deficient in this mineral and as a consequence are sick in many ways. Doctors are widely ignorant about magnesium and, in the pharma-culture that predominates, think of drugs as first resort rather than last.

Dr Cohen reviews many of the life­style factors that seem to provoke migraines, many of which deplete the body’s magnesium stores. Prudently, he does not claim that correcting the magnesium deficiency will cure all migraine headaches. However, he provides impressive evidence (evidence that your doctor will respect) that a high percentage of patients will get relief.

This eminently readable book has guidance on the types of magnesium available and how to find the right dose for you. Of course, from the anthropological point of view, humans were not designed to have migraines or take supplements. We would prefer people to restructure their lives, notably eating habits, so that migraines disappear. Having said that, for those migraine sufferers who cannot manage the complete program, the insights in this book could transform their lives.